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  1. ohh so thats the name of province?

  2. sure :) im new here so lets make friend~:D

  3. thanks for the Add!!!

  4. i'm newbie~ lets make friend :)

    1. Ren-kun
    2. Wicky


      Heydere noob! :D Can you be my frriiieeennnndd?~

  5. lemme see, is that in java?

  6. Ah maybe it wasnt about your connection. I have to approve your comment first before its added :) I live in East Java. You? ^^

  7. nice to know you cin-chan~;)

  8. Um ... anything's fine, I guess. ^.^

    Some people call me Cindy, or Cin-chan~

  9. So do I~ where r u from btw?

  10. *melts* WHAT A CUTE NAME! Sassy-chan = ACCEPTED!

  11. So Ill call u fifii-can from now on :) xD u may call me saskiachan, saskia, or whatever u like~

  12. Fia? Well Id like to call u fifiii~ how about that one? Sounds cute right <33

  13. sure!~:D nice to know you:D what should I call u?

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