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  1. Wait wha~... I just saw your last message! Dunno how the hell did I miss it.

    Oke, lemme see... *starts readin'*:

    "Name... Date of death... died fro~"

    Quite interesting. Did ya write this?

  2. Is that the name of the newest GTA game?

  3. Haha, yo Ari! Happy new year, man! Everything the best to ya. How have ya been?

  4. That sounds... interesting. Mind if I take a glance through that notebook of yours?

  5. Notebook, eh. I wonder what else do ya have written in there about me.

  6. Well, "Insane" is my middle name, so... ;)

  7. thanks for the recommendations! Now I have enough of them to be able to make a choice.

  8. Well, I actually do have some of the old bookmarks that I've made before. "Tokyo Majin" is there as well. Although I haven't heard about "Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna". Will check that out. In those bookmarks I've found these anime as well:

    - Umineko no Naku Koro ni

    - Dantalian no Shoka

    You may check them, if you've got the time to. Anyway, thanks for t...

  9. Ye, could've guessed that.

    Wait, why're ya usin' Internet Explorer? By the way, I may try to find some detective-kind of anime to watch any time now. Haven't seen anything similar lately.

  10. Yo, Sera-chan! How've ya been?

    Oh, I just saw that ya'll get 18 in a bit more than a month. I suppose ya're lookin' forward to it (at least a bit).

    By the way, do I need to post my reply twice as well?

  11. Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita!

    And, happy new year! I wish you all the best.

  12. Happy Birthday to you, Suigetsu-san! Though, what an interesting day you were born onto, celebrating two days in a row!

  13. Sera-chan! I may not be able to later, so I'll write it now. I wish you a happy new year and lots of health, love and luck in it! And I hope you're doing well, counting that I haven't seen a word from you for who knows how long.

  14. Even though here, it says that your Birthday is on February 7th... Well, if that's the case, let's say that I've wrote my message in advance.

    1. Rye


      Haha...sorry for that. Thank you :)

  15. Happy Birthday, Rye-san! Best wishes from me, and I hope that you'll have a great day!

    1. Rye


      Thank you very much! :D Lan-Lan-kun :))))

  16. My brain needs a stimulation, so I've decided to write something totally random that'll keep it busy, at least for a minute. I guess a minute has passed while I was thinking on what to write, and ende up with nothing. Well, except for this.

  17. Oh, that's nice. Did ya like it?

  18. What, "yup"?

    About your detective eyes, or about the song? ;)

  19. Nothing can stay a mystery in front of your eyes, eh? Yo, Sera-chan. Thanks for visiting me once again. :3 Wazzap?

    Oh and, did ya hear the song?

    1. Linh


      I love this song!!! It was made by The Cab right???

    2. PhiBrainChild


      Ye, but this is a Nightcore version of it. The original song is way slower, and the vocal is actually a male one.

  20. Oh, what a surprise. Yo, Ari.


  21. We could try that. I'll be waiting for ya then.

  22. Oh, nice. Ya like English Class?

  23. Ya, ya, *pokes your cheek*

    Ya finally got some free time, eh? Wazzap?

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