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  1. I've managed to cut my thumb on a can.

    1. Rukia Kurosaki

      Rukia Kurosaki

      I've cut myself on a plastic knife and the 4 pack pudding box~


    2. PhiBrainChild


      Let's throw a party in that name!

  2. Yeah, you can say I'm an Anime Freak.

    But I call myself: the Anime Master ™

  3. I think that the genres of that anime are comedy/historical, if I saw right. Well, those aren't the genres that I usually choose so no wonder I haven't watched it. While we're at it, if you're interested, feel free to check my anime list. Maybe you'll find something interesting for yourself there, tho I didn't rate any of the anime I've watched.


  4. Never heard. But I've just checked on Google and some manga/anime turned up. Could you be talking about that?

  5. Yes, I'm a born Serbian. Actually my first encounter with this forum was actually the Serbian Language thread, if I remember right. I was honestly surprised that people are getting interested in Serbian language, so that would be one more reason for joining here.

  6. No worries. Thanks to you, my profile page looks a bit more fulfilled. ;)

    Anyway thanks again for the welcoming.

    I'm currently going through the forum, jumping in where I can.

  7. The tomorrow we're trying to grab for ourselves is not the tomorrow you set up for us; its the tomorrow that we chose for ourselves, a tomorrow that we chose out of all the infinite universes.

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