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  1. "Behind every tear drop, i believe something good will happen" :mrgreen:
  2. yes ... I was just disappointed with the way of Indonesia thought. Take a negative thing but does not utilize the positive side .. but, yaa ... never mind :-P haha
  3. oh.. Okayy.. thanks for your suggestion, and.. by the way, where are u from?

  4. yaa.. My English isn't very good.. and I feel bored when there wasn't anyperson that speak the same languange as me. haha

  5. yaa.. I hope Catching Fire movie will be released soon{}

  6. Catching Fire. I haven't read the the Mocking Jay

  7. do you've read the second book? "Catching Fire"

  8. urwell^^ you tooo :)))

  9. I'm very glad joining DCW.. but.. sometimes i feel bore :(

  10. Do you liked hunger games too? ohh same! XD

  11. ummm exactly ... so many songs that i like. but.. i liked taylor swift's songs.

  12. Yaaaa... thank youuu {}

  13. ohaha.. thanks for your explains
  14. yaa X( so boring~

  15. yaaa, me too. just stay at home almost everyday -_-

  16. urwell^^ thanks for your welcome ;)

  17. Hope the best for my graduation O:)

    1. conankoibito



    2. Denaya Kudo

      Denaya Kudo

      ah, the announcement is @2pm. So, I still don't know how's my score.

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