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  1. Kuro-kun, you know Rye-chan?

  2. Uh. sure. Do you know that my username means "The Black Cat"? I just wrote the "Cat" reversed which gave me "Tac". Anyways, sure. I don't mind. (=

  3. Well...since Black = Kuro.

  4. Hmm...Can I call you Kuro-kun?

  5. I'm doing pretty fine. Just inactive lately, though.

  6. Hmm..I regret telling you my fave color. JK. Yours is...2? Mine: 1.) I don't like eating frozen yogurt. 2.) I was tricked into pressing a shockpen once. 3.) I'm nocturnal.
  7. Number 3? Mine: 1.) I hate nuts. 2.) I love Math. 3.) My favorite color is green.
  8. So I have to quote it for you? :V

  9. No~

    It's nothing...

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