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  1. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9652794/1/Silver-Bullets My first try with crossover fics. A oneshot.
  2. Lol. Ran may not have the wits or means to do that but the Organization sure could especially if Kudo's DNA is in the database (which I doubt since those that are put there on watch usually are the sex offenders, as Kyuu said here). Which I think is the reason why they used fingerprint analysis in the thirteenth movie instead (although even that was far fetched)
  3. The awkward moment, when you still have to consult a walkthrough to finish a game.

  4. Taylor is good although I think I love her more when she sings songs that fits her vocal range. One of which, I guess is Safe and Sound. But she's a great musician, if only a bit cliched in her compositions. (I remember the rumor that she did promise a new album soon just because some guy didn't return her wave)
  5. Obviously, I am a S<3ne. But I love Tohoshinki as well. Along with other SM artists.
  6. Laughing about the bit with Chianti but I have to admit the woman does remind me of her. Although the way she speaks somehow (the vocabulary I guess) is the most damning clue as to who she can be.
  7. I think this is the most the wiki can offer you: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Sherlock_Holmes
  8. No offence, but this is really the movie I think I'm least excited about. What is this going to be anyway? Some other version of Strategy Above The Depths? P.S: I really miss the old movies (bar the animation)
  9. I haven't known Anne Hathaway can sing well.... until Les Miserables. Very good film.

  10. Title: The Cure Author: holmesfreak1412 Fandom: Detective Conan/Case Closed Pairing: Kudo Shinichi & Miyano Shiho Genre: Angst, Drama Rating: T (for minor sexual imagery) Language: English Summary: She's the cure… The cure that makes it worse Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the Detective Conan Franchise. Rights for the characters and the plot that connected them in the first place all belong to Aoyama Gosho. This story, however is mine. And so are the cameo original characters that will appear in here. The Idea of the APAH capsule and everything else belongs to FS and her awesome fanfics "Ghost at Twilight" and "Encounter in Venice". However, the side effects and concept depicted in here has nothing to do with hers. I highly recommend those if you want to come out changed (but don't expect something as controversial as this. I mean the sex thingy.). In my case, it helped me become a more introspective writer. It wouldn't hurt much if I say now that this is a homage of her works. While this is certainly not as good, I hope she (and you) will come to appreciate my efforts. click here Do tell me what you think of it. It doesn't matter if one comments unanimously lol.
  11. 1. Detective Conan- I was first hooked with this anime when I first watched the episode where Heiji appeared. I was still in first grade at that time but I was immediately attracted. It's only three years ago however when I started to read the manga series, watched the movies, specials and OVAs. So far, it has a unique story and entertaining fillers. Aside from that, I'm a true Holmes freak just like Shin-chan so I can relate with him. It also thought me a lot of criminal jargon just like toxicology, fingerprinting and other stuff. Favorite character: Ai Haibara 2. Code Geass: Hangekyu No Lelouch- I just love the action scenes in this anime especially the thrilling Knightmare frame battles against Black Knights and Britannia. This is the only anime where I was not disappointed that the hero died (I cried though). The subsequent manga however is a little too inferior with this one. Favorite Character: C.C. 3. Death Note- I love the first part of the series when L was still alive and how the intellectual battle between Kira and him commences. His successors are equally astute enough to capture Light but the thrill (in my opinion) is lesser than when L is still present. I still love it though Favorite character: L 4. Naruto- There is nothing to say but I have been reading this since I was in third grade Favorite Character: Naruto Uzumaki 5. D. Gray-man- I like the 19th century setting and the demon (akuma) busting theme Favorite character: Tyki Mikk
  12. Arts-wise: Dancing (believe it or not) I remember him dancing Koi wa Thrill, Shock Suspense. Does it count on his dancing skills?
  13. It's cool yes but also scary. I would want to meet Ai though. That way I could hear some of her witticisms. hahaha
  14. Hey are you from the Philippines?

  15. Is that so? Lol. I just remember that the password for the APTX FILE is "Shelling Ford". Haha. That's a nice of tidbit of info. Thanks Isn't it? I thought I saw it mentioned back in episode 176??? Mod note: Please edit your previous post using the the edit button or use the multipost feature to reply to several people at once instead of double posting.
  16. omigosh.. I overlooked it. How can I transfer this to the earlier topic? (I'm a novice)
  17. I guess some of thew murderers and their motives but my favorites in due order are... 1. The Phantom at Baker Street 2. Countdown to Heaven 3. The Last Wizard of the Century 4. Magician of the Silver Sky 5. The Fourteenth Target 6. Quarter of Silence 7. Captured in Her Eyes 8. The Time-Bombed Skyscraper 9. The Lost Ship in The Sky 10. The Private Eyes' Requiem 11. The Raven Chaser 12. Full Score of Fear 13. Strategy Above the Depths 14. Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure 15. Crossroads at the Ancient Capital
  18. The reason that they're the ones closely involved with Shinichi is the most common one isn't it? I mean ShinRan and AiCon Shippers don't seem to get along and that resulted mostly on ShinRan shippers hating Ai and AiCon shippers hating Ran. I myself is an AiCon shipper but I love Ran. Despite the thing on her head (which everyone seems to think is a reason to despise her and I don't), I like her delicateness: the very image of every teenage girl. I love Ai for her uniqueness. Sure there's a lot of other cold anime characters but we like her for her crazy feedbacks. And come one, Ai likes Ran too. Why else should she be interested on protecting her? And some people seems to think that Ran's biggest mistake is saving Ai from Vermouth. Don't they realize that if Ai dies, there would be no more chance for Shinichi to return? Why don't we just stop hating them? P.S. I don't mean to bash. If anything, I want peace.
  19. Apotoxin is a derivative for "Apoptosis" or the program for cell death which is then one of the most common effects of the drug besides shrinking. As for 4869, it's Gin's plate number so it's rather speculative that Ai and Gin have some sort of relationship (maybe romantic). If not, why should she name her drug that way? The other thing is that Gina could have named it. Whatever, I just wish they turn back to their older selves
  20. Hi I'm Aerika, a 16 year-old Filipino mystery geek who loves anime, K-pop and of course mystery. I'm in love with Sherlock Holmes and so you might find me an interesting chap if you know him and his cases. I am as old as the anime Detective Conan and started to be a fan since I was in grade one: a weird thing for a first grader. I am new here though since I just started to read the manga updates last year and is therefore a novice in the Detective Conan World. I'm friendly if you first approach me. I'm the sort of woman who doesn't make her moves first. If you befriend me first then rest assured we will be. So here is a little allusion to give you a vast idea about me. Like Conan, I like mystery novels Like Ran, I like cooking Like Kogoro, I'm pretty lazy at times LIke Shinichi, I enjoy watching soccer Like Ai Haibara, I'm a scientist (amateur) and a dog and cat lover Like Ayumi, I'm a happy-go-lucky girl Like Mitsuhiko, I'm a bookworm Like Genta, I'm gluttonous Like Sonoko, I value friends Like Heiji, I'm dark-skinned Like Kazuha, I'm pretty possessive Unlike Kogoro, I dont smoke Unlike Ai, I'm optimistic Unlike Gin, I'm not a bad person So that's all....
  21. So we have this Magic Kaito 5th Special reveal another member of the organization (Black Organization?): an illusionist known as Spider. Well, I have this idea that Spider is actually Toichi who infiltrated the organization after his "death". Would Toichi die easily on such an "accidental" explosion when he have escaped more dubious ones? I mean duh! He's Kaitou Kid: the first one and possibly even more superior to his son (of course!). He can escape the clutches of dubious policemen and he can't escape or see through the obvious ruse? I don't think so. And besides, illusionists are also magicians so the supposition that Toichi is Spider is certainly plausible. he might be on some clever disguise. I don't know whether they have found his body after the explosion or if they did, had confirmed his identity. I don't think it's completely impossible that Chikage Kuroba might know that her husband is still alive and is on the chase of the formidable organization behind it, even if it means conspiracy on his death. So what do you think?
  22. Wow.. that's a lot. Well at any rate, I'm a better poet too. I'm also confident that I have a superiority on him in singing, perhaps dancing and some field on science. And i guess everyone would agree to this-- Our English accent is better!!!
  23. Conan-kun/Shinichi-niichan (forgive the appellation) seems to be good at almost everything (except music?). So if you are better in one field than Conan is, what is it?
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