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  1. Whoa do these even show up anywhere anymore?

  2. I just start tuning out the Kaito Kid haters because they just never have anything solid to say. I don't understand why you're participating with that on a thread about the movie when you say you haven't seen it, don't hate Kid, and as someone who has seen it, I seek out this thread to discuss what happens in the movie and all I see is several posts whining about Kid. Why? DC has gone on so long that without Kid throwing in a very different flavor, it would have become SEVERELY more stale faster. Many of the movies that haven't included him had suffered the same fate as much of the series, which is extreme predictability and nothing but bombs and explosions. It's also nice to see Shinichi, even if it is Kaito pretending to be him. Wow that is an excellent point. It seems they're keeping the timeline to be the original one, but like the manga/show has been keeping up with tech. It's always amusing to me to see how much the early cases would have changed if someone just had a cell phone, and then in the latest stuff, which is suppose to be less than a year later, people have smartphones.
  3. I wish you would give a logical reason to all this Kid hate you have, Balthazar. The only logical argument against Kid I've ever heard was from Kyuu telling me he just didn't like how the focus took away from Black Org plot... (which given how little plot we have isn't entirely true, just more AO) As a former magicians assistant I know I'm a bit biased but come on. If you don't like it, why do you feel the need to constantly rain on the parade of those that do? It's nice to finally have someone show up in DC non canon who isn't taken in by stupid half truths told by Conan/Shinichi. The only bad parts of the movie are that really stupid motive of the actual thief, and the confusing and over the top collapsing building.
  4. The latest movie was great, minus the motive ಠ_ಠ

  5. Wish my friend hadn't told me the spoilers for the MK anime finale. I'm so disappointed.

    1. Akazora


      You should be thanking your friend for saving your precious time.

    2. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      Dont listen to akazora

    3. MadelineLime


      I haven't watched it yet, so I believe Akazora was correct, lol.

  6. You can say it's amazing or suburb until you're red in the face, but that will never make it true. You can like whatever you want, I fully admit to liking some things that aren't the best, but if we encourage sub par work, they will only continue to give that amount of effort. Just look at this screencap where pieces of stuff are missing and overlapping weird. I noticed this and went back to make sure I saw what I thought I saw. I cannot even describe how pissed I am at how cheap and crappy both this and SMCrystal are. And yes, you saying its soo amazing when it's not? That makes me even more angry. Don't settle for crap. They're made it incredibly easy to see how bad it is given they said it wasn't going to be a reboot, but then it was literally a reboot. You can side to side compare it to the specials and episodes. I'm offended as an artist and a fan by how bad this animation is. As for the Crystal Mother, I just skipped 4 times within the episode and knew it was the same all over again. Disappoint. :\ Next one looks like the fangirl princess? :S
  7. They redid the Crystal Mother crap. I'm so done.

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      Kid the Phantom Thief

      hullo! What are you up to?

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      Bein poor! LoL, you?

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      Kid the Phantom Thief

      ah bah, school stuff and such psh

      Although I've only six weeks left, then reading period/summer holidays.

  8. As other people have posted around the web, I'm scared for the animation, and curious as to if we are getting a third version of the Crystal Mother, lol. I really liked how they were taking the Spider thing, and it made Hakuba more interesting, so I hope that reuse or keep him in it. If it's "different," is it a reboot per se, or just that it won't be in the same timeslot? I guess nobody knows quite yet?
  9. The animation has sadly been bad for a few years now. I was just showing a friend tonight the openings, because everything from the mid 20s onward is bad. Generally you can tell the animation in DC based on the hands alone; if they're bad, the whole thing is going to be subpar. :\
  10. Are we sure Kazuha has the same voice actor? Sounds mad different.

  11. Do we know what kind of ratings MK even gets? Considering how off the manga it started going, I'm kind of surprised they haven't spinning it more off (tbh I'm more than okay with that). I also found it interesting they gave him a theme, and then never used it again.
  12. Apparently you can have strep throat for 5 months without knowing it. Whoops!

  13. Maybe she's tricked, or maybe she's holding her tongue. We really don't know, she gets so complacent sometimes, that it's hard to tell what she is thinking.
  14. A something with just the police would be great, and they could even do a Law and Order style show with the police and the lawyers that have shown up. :3 Also something with Heiji. He makes mistakes, and that makes for great character development.
  15. Capcom pulled all their overseas development. I know they lost a lot of inhouse talent, but I'm still glad.

  16. Booooo, there goes the patron saint of single ladies :\
  17. I will never understand the people who don't like Kaitou Kid. Tricksters, man

  18. lolololol scheduling an anime con and a religious retreat in the same hotel on the same weekend, what could go wrong?

  19. The police force aren't trained to "fight", they're trained to take someone down, and do it as quickly as possible with minimal casualties. None of the kids have been trained like that for 10+ years.
  20. It's over 200k signatures, now. :3 What I don't understand is how can those POS not get arrested, and yet Occupy gets raided every damn time for not even bothering anyone?
  21. I can say I have taken scenes, tiny images of pokemon, or other various art and recreated them with a different medium altogether, (frequently a process in art school to teach color theory), and made large paintings of them. The problem online is more of a taking someone's artwork, editing colors or cropping it differently, and posting that instead. Sometimes they don't even link to the original! As long as you aren't pretending the entire thing was your idea, so to speak? It's not something that would be hugely frowned on in this week thing. Redrawing something is a great process to learn how someone else draws. I know I unconsciously trace lines in my head when reading comics and manga, and when I watch cartoons and anime. I even do it with live actors! I think it might depend on the circumstances, to be honest. If you say, take something and change it a bit, especially if you redraw it larger or whatever, that's one thing. If you do what some people do which is take a well known photograph and make it into a painting, and then sell prints, that's a copyright violation of the photographer's work and you can be sent a cease and desist (and then sued if you ignore it!) in the USA. Does that help? I feel like I ran in circles a little bit with that.
  22. From here: deidiva.tumblr.com I have noticed this pops up in Detective Conan fandom, so it can't be stressed enough. Also redrawing someone else's work, even official artwork, is just as bad. If you need to practice by recreating, that's fine, but that doesn't make it yours. Don't post it online, it is PRACTICE. > > > STOP ART-EDITORS WEEK < < < [september 30th - october 6th] The beginning week of October will be dedicated to raising awareness about art editing and the results it has on artists and the artist community. <———————————————————————————————-> WHY ART EDITING IS BAD: To give a brief definition, editing art is taking another person’s hard work and tweaking it to please the editor, to make it ‘more interesting’. Artists spend SO much time on their work, making it exactly fit their artistic vision, and when they’re ready to share their work with the world, people think it’s okay to take their hard work, spend two minutes ‘fixing’ it up in photoshop and get credit for it. Because that’s what art editing is— editing another person’s artwork and recieving credit and praise for it. Think about the real artist’s feelings before you even think about editing. Most editors get their work from pivix, a japanese art website. So with the obvious language difference, editors are unable to ask permission to edit work in the first place. So if you don’t have permission, nor are you able to ask for it, why would you think it’s okay to edit and post another persons art? Another point is that pixiv artists aren’t dumb. A lot of them know what tumblr is. Hell, even some of them have tumblr blogs. They don’t miss what you’re doing to their work, and that is why a lot of them take down their work and some of them never post their art again, which is a shame to lose great artists over something so stupid. Think of it like this— say I went downtown to New Orleans, down to the French Quarter where many artists line up on the street to display their art. Now an art editor comes around and takes a painting from one of the vendors and pulls it aside, whipping out their paintbrush and adding their own little details. The vendor watches in horror as the editor places it back, shrugging off the vendor. “It looks better doesn’t it?” Don’t say it’s not the same thing because it is. Art you find on the internet does not belong to you. Unless you are the original poster, you have no right to take and edit another person’s work. It does NOT and will NEVER belong to you. Just because it is easier to access on the computer does not mean it is not as valuable as tangible art. What this all boils down to is respect. <———————————————————————————————-> SOME COMMON EXCUSES: ‘I can’t draw, this is my way of expressing myself artistically!’ Learn how to draw! Drawing takes time, hard work and practice. And if you’re still not finding that drawing is your thing, and hey, maybe you enjoy editing images! If you really want to edit, try editing official work. This art is made to be mass produced, and the artists are aware of this. Another alternative is stock photos— deviantART, for example, has plenty of stock photos for you to use! That’s what they’re there for! ‘We’re celebrating the artist by making tributes to their work!’ No. You’re butchering their hard work and effort by cropping, adding saturation and uneccesary textures. Ask permission, and if they say yes ( which is very rare ), then you have the green light to do so! Permission is key here. ’But we provide sources!’ That’s not the point. The point is that editing art without permission is wrong and dumb, and it goes against most artist wishes. Crediting them does not suddenly make it a-ok for you to edit their work. <———————————————————————————————-> SOURCING ART: ZEROCHAN IS NEVER A SOURCE. NEITHER IS WEHEARTIT. NEITHER IS PHOTOBUCKET. Stop linking art there. The internet is really handy for these kinds of things, and thats what reverse google image search and websites like SAUCENAO are for! When in doubt, keep it out. <———————————————————————————————-> Don’t let editors think that what they are doing is acceptable. Here’s what you can do to help stop this: 1) DON’T REBLOG EDITS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LITERALLY CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. If you like the picture, repost it as original with source to actual ARTIST. We need to stop supporting editors. 2) If you know someone who edits, kindly inform them or link them to this post. Speaking up about this is essential. If you don’t let them know what they are doing is terrible, they will NOT stop. <———————————————————————————————-> THANK YOU FOR READING and reblog to spread the word!
  23. 10 minutes into Eleventh Striker... ughggh so bland, had to stop watching.

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      Kyuu Nye

      oh looks like I'm going to have fun giving my review!

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      hehehehehe yes you will

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