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  1. im going to leave DCW. im sorry.

    1. Kid the Phantom Thief
    2. Nara-chan


      We're on the same boat! :D. But not now. Soon.

    3. Nara-chan


      Ay, pinoy ka pala!

  2. is it too late to greet you all? oh well, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  3. it's been months!! hahaha XD

  4. oh my!! i'm graduating this day.. :) good bye college life ^^

  5. bicoy? hello. c ate berlyn toh :) kumusta kna? ngaun ko lang nabasa yung message mo na last November mo pa pala naSend. hehe. pagpaxensyahan. malapit na kasi ang march. alam mo na, graduating ehh.. mejo busy.. ayun.. napataas na ng sobra ang "maikli" ko sanang message. hehe.

    happy new year sau!!! :))

    1. happy kid

      happy kid

      hi po ate!! okay lang naman po ako.. sorry din ha ngayon lang ulit ako naka online. :)

    2. happy kid

      happy kid

      btw, ang cute po ng pic mo ah :))

  6. hi all! this my first time to post here. im a berlyn and a proud filipina :grin: looking forward to be friends with you all.. mahal ko kayo! <33
  7. Yey! thanks all for welcoming me back! i highly appreciate it. =) :grin:
  8. hello everyone! im Berlyn. From Philippines. im not new here but i still don't have lots of friends. because usually im not active. busy because of school. im in college now, and a 4th year. that's tough. lots of things to do. so im really sorry for not being so active. of all characters in the anime world, only Conan has my heart. haha. yep. it's true. he's my first ever crush.. since i was like 9 because he is so smart, cute and protective to those people who are close to him. by the way, im 20 but still love to watch animes especially case closed/detective conan. im young at heart. haha.. let's be friends, okay? i don't bite and i promise, from now on, i will be active because it is semsestral break!! wu-hoo!! take care all. love lots, berlyn :-D
  9. active again. =)

    1. Kid the Phantom Thief
    2. TheBlackTac
    3. midori8


      @kid - yes. it's nice to be back. xD

      @theblacktac - weeeh. :D

  10. Happy Birthday!!

  11. follow me guys and i'll follow you back. :* https://twitter.com/iAmBerlynB

  12. who has twitter?? :))

  13. im back!!!!!!

    1. harrieth.dc


      and you're back! Welcome back! :)))

    2. midori8


      thanks for welcoming. :))

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