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Why is Heiji so cute...

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  1. Interesting name. Kinda long though~ xDD

    I'll just call you Kazuha-chan~ ^^

  2. heyy WiHsc i like ur username !!!

    it's kinda cool ^_^

  3. The girl is only here for the ending. She isn't a character of Detective Conan.
  4. I just watched the new opening of Detective conan! I think that it's quite good. Sera,Amuro,Kaito and Aoko(and co..) are even present! (But not Heiji and Kazuha :/ ) I don't know why some people dislike it op,though...
  5. Hello everybody,i've recently found an amv on Youtube. This is was the first time that I saw this kind of thing with lots of animes to watch. It is especially romance! (There is even Detective Conan!) You will found some new animes (for example Acchi Kocchi)and famous animes (Maid-sama)! You've got a lot of choice!! And what did you think of Acchi Kocchi? Great,wasn't it?! And all the animes presented? I've watched half of the animes there and I wasn't disappointed!
  6. HI!!! Thanks for the add.. or did I add you?

    Anyway, welcome and nice to meet you!!

  7. Yukiko Kudo!! Someone who does Kendo and in love with his childhood friend!
  8. Miss Kobayashi? A boy who eats a lot of food and is a BIT fat
  9. Amuro Tooru? A new Detective who does taïkwendo
  10. Rena? Somebody who can do Aïkido and in love with her childhood friend...
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