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  1. so what would you recommend for Robert Downey for me to watch this week-end ???

  2. well.. nice to meet you :) and see you soon

  3. so what else have you watched for Robert Downey ???

    Iron man ? Gothika ??

  4. sorry for the late reply ... I'm fine thanks .. what about you ??

  5. yeah i'm definitely Egyptian .. Nice to meet you :) :)

  6. MKudo

    me too sorry for the late reply there has been some problems with my network connection .. and yes i'm fine protests aren't that trouble as you think we're all gonna b fine i trust Egyptians even if they miss things up sometimes.. anyway thanks for your concern :) it's very thoughtful of you

  7. Yeah... RIGHT!! *lying* i kinda figured out :):D:P

  8. well .. i'll go now ... have a movie to watch :) see you the next week :) :)

  9. well.. :) i like your judgement :) wise !! :)

  10. well .. i think i agree with you :) What is it that you like about Watson and you think Holmes doesn't have ??? *starting to get excited and annoying at the same time*

  11. Okay then ... here is the tough question ... what's the most irritating thing and the most interesting thing that you find in Holmes' Character ??? and do you think you have one of them ??? :)

  12. That's cheating !! :P you have to choose only ONE :P :P :D

  13. hi guys !!! i didn't find any discussion about this so why not talk about it ??? So here is my Question ... suppose the director of the movie asked you to join in ... which character would you act as ???? ( with voice only of course ) well the interesting thing is the one who solves the cases in the cast is that who act as Mouri ... so what is your choice ??? :roll: :cool:
  14. it just hit my mind ... do you like Watson more than Holmes ???? in the movie ??? O.O

  15. i luv this picture it is from ( up ) isn't it ?? :D

  16. Hi ... :) Thanks 4 the add :D

  17. Hi ... Rooose i luvv your new pic :) :) i dont want t o over react but it's adorable <3

  18. i miss DCW the way i've seen it once i was in ... if only studying doesn't take the time that easy .... :) anyway i'll see u around sooner or later :):D

  19. MKudo

    Hi aika ... i know you wont be available soon but i just wanted to say Hi ... till we talk again :) school doesn't give me the opportunity to sign in a lot either but : c'est la vie as they say :) good luck , with my best wishes :):D ... Oh and .. study well :):P

  20. yeah :) we all hope so ... i wonder what's your nationality?? ... :):D

  21. MKudo

    fine thanks ... :) :)

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