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  1. What a coincidence ! *** 10 years ago Internet came to our country around 1997-1998, when I was in middle school and knew nothing about it - Yahoo Messenger era :). I remember that it was hard to get internet at home; we had to go to "internet shop". Do get it wrong with the cyber cafe which is totally different - no wifi at that time. (it was like a small business which the owner bought the internet package from the provider with high speed and then shared to their many PCs. Then, you went there if you wanted to use internet and pay for the owner with a fixed price per hour). Now, I am placing a laptop on the top of my lap and using my wifi. Wow, life has changed significantly. I got to know this website when I was in Uni, I suppose. I remember how excited I was when I knew that there was a forum for Conan-addictors and it was in English. It was so coooool coz I wanted to have more friends with same hobby as well as I could practice my English. I remember spending hours and hours reading through threads and posts, checking the site everyday and got so happy when someone said something on my home-page or message. I came to Conan paper-based coincidently when my dad brought home 2 which his boss tool from one of his colleagues who was almost 30 at that time. I remember my dad said "X is over 20 and got so addicted to these comic. IDK what is inside these stuff and he forgot his meals so as to finish them". I tried them (that was Conan chapter 5 and 6) and what happened, you can guess, I think. Due to my near-sighted eyes, my parents did not want me to read Comics or other kinds of non-related subjects at school. "Fortunately", my parents were busy to cook breakfast for me, they gave me money to every morning to eat and go to school. I skipped the breakfast and saved money for Conan. Then I had many matters with my stomach afterwards. Things flood back in our mind which just happened yesterday. When I was here for quite long, although I did not talk much, I often watch people silently. I noticed that some went in and went out which I felt sad. It was like you lost a friend. That is always a drawback of internet in which we did not know and keep contact with somebody forever. Along with some other reasons, I gradually forgot this place. Also, I changed my email address because I needed to apply for job after graduation. Somehow, I totally forgot about this, Conan and many things. Today (2018), 8 years later, I jumped back to my old email for password recover which I accidentally saw some emails from many many years ago and some came from this place. I signed in again. I used to think/ imagine in the past that "What will I do 10 years later ?" "Who will be my husband ?" "Who am I going to be". Some of them I have the answers and some which I am going to achieve what I want. Time is a thing that can never roll back but move forward. Failures and successes are both to be with you on the way of growing. What you have learnt that really matters. Just live and fulfill your dreams. Might be 10 years later, you would come back here and see your posts of 10-year-younger you. You see how much changes happened to your life and yourself but this place definitely retains a part of your valued memories. I am so joyful to be here again today. I don't know you. You don't know me either. However, I wish you happiness and strong determinations to overcome any obstacles you have. I am grateful to Management Board of this site to have done such nice efforts to remain it up to now. A part of my childhood memories left here. Jasmine 282
  2. There are times I went back here, and tried to look for old people. They left. Maybe, they are just like me, some time in and out. Their posts are still sticked there. Their names are convers still there. I know that the more we grow up, the more we are busy. Spending hours on internet, chatting endlessly with strangers .. those days were so fun. Come and go .. Is it life ? I know but still feel sad and lost.

    1. nis-aihara


      Well, everyone has their times...

      But that's life is all about, having good times and have fun, having bad times and fight it. I know how you feel.

      Life is mysterious itself isn't it? :\

  3. Happy Birthday :D

  4. Wow, havent been here since Oct .. Come back and go and then come back .. That's like a circle of life .

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      hi! welcome back! :)

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      Masumi Z

      welcome back dude!!

    3. Masumi Z

      Masumi Z

      welcome back dude!!


  6. Sorry for the late reply. I havent been here for awhile.

    Yes, my pic from up xD. I love cartoon and often watch it when I have free time :P.

  7. Done with finals ^^ Yeahhhhhh ..

  8. i luv this picture it is from ( up ) isn't it ?? :D

  9. Hi ... :) Thanks 4 the add :D

  10. Lotus flowers for my mom :)

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