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  1. ..will recieve a rep.

    Hope this helps!

  2. >///////< Thank you!!!

    To earn reps (reputation) you either post a drawing/story/AMV and depending on if the members like it or not, you'll earn a rep because your drawing/story/AMV was just SO awesome.

    To give a rep, you find the very end of one member's post, and you'll see a green plus button in the bottom right corner. Click that, and the member wil...

  3. hello! :) how to get a high reputation ? :D i adore you! :) :>

  4. OH hey!! :) Im good! thanks for asking! :D BE happy always! :D

  5. Prepare for a Beautiful 2012 everyone! :)) Stay wonderful! Love life! :*

  6. Oh that you so much! :) Merry Christmas! Advance Happy New year!!! :))

  7. Hi! How are you?

    :o happy belated birthday!!!

  8. oh!! haha.. yeah! thanks! :) LOL

  9. really .. that's interesting ... sorry i didn't know but HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! my friend :) we are in the best period in our lives :D

  10. Do you guys know the Episode where Heiji tells Conan why he always gets so upset if Kazuha is hugging some guy?

  11. Love you too~ <3 I'm glad it was fun! ^^

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