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  1. it is for santa chef is it for a Christmas cake ??? i wonder
  2. MKudo

    OH me too i had a problem with my connections for almost two weeks :( i hope you are having a good time though :)

  3. MKudo

    Fine thank god :) merry Christmas to you too :) what about you ???

  4. Hello! how do you do???

  5. MKudo

    Thanks aika .. but believe me protests aren't that much trouble in Egypt you don't have to worry about being secure .. the worries are all about Egypt's Future and those who had been the head of corrupt and are still ruining our lives ...i don't want to annoy you with so much details. :) ANYWAY , it is thoughtful of you to ask .. Thanks :))

  6. really .. that's interesting ... sorry i didn't know but HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! my friend :) we are in the best period in our lives :D

  7. too late !!! but i think it's fine ...

  8. lucky me .... now i have fulfilled my promise which i don't even admit and it's your fault

    PS : i have just sent it 5 minutes ago

  9. i mean check it :@ ( your messages )

  10. by the way .. open your messenger :)

  11. Hi :)

    i was just about to tell you that Sherlock Holmes 2 is released here but unfortunately i cant watch it before at least a week

  12. well he is my fav character too :) Isn't he the nicest.. i'm totally obsessed about him, my friends hate me for that :):D but who cares right???

  13. oh how stupid i am .. it is very obvious ... Shinichi Right ??

  14. Haha :) w allekom el slam w rhmt allah w brkato >>>>> u r nice :) so what is your most favorite character in Conan ??

  15. well it is nice to meet you .. so since you live i UAE i guess you can speak Arabic ... Can you ??

  16. Fine :) how old are you ???

  17. so you are a girl ??

  18. thanks .. and u r from India right ???

  19. when did i exactly promise you ??? remind me.. anyway thanks 4 the help :):D

  20. Rohit!!! What difference it'll make to you anyway i can give you any fake name ????

  21. Nope .. tell me more ... plz :)

  22. Oh you are newbie !! well .. welcome ! i hope you enjoy it here :):D

  23. i told you ... it is not released yet :@ :( besides, i need something old to download .. oh and there is this movie ( only you ) i have benn trying to download it but in vain .. do you know a good site for that ??

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