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  1. aika

    Hiya! Tohsaka is one of my fav,Nice to meet you. ~Aika

  2. Four Months inactive certainly DCW seems all new O_O;;

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    2. aika


      Well Good to be back.see you later then :) bye for now. Got lots of work T_T

    3. Lovestruck
    4. akaisera
  3. aika

    well any way gotta go to sentou gakuen see you later.

  4. aika

    Coz of cricket matches almost everyday I never get to watch TV Or News thats the main reason and other is they never stop those matches dammit it's like one after other ongoing I am tired of cricket.

  5. aika

    option no 2) goes to tennis

    3) to hockey

    4) to basket ball

    no option for cricket.

  6. aika

    cricket maybe most popular sport in my country I hate it from bottom of my heart. since you say near it means either bangladesh or pakistan or china , sri lanka

  7. aika

    Are you sure you are not mistaking anything here??

  8. Hi^^ How are ya ?

    BTW did you watch yesterday's england vs nedherland friendly man robben made stunning last minute goal .

  9. aika

    ok ok I understand it's romanized hindi alright.

  10. Finally I rewatched throne of blood by akira kurosawa He really is awesome

  11. aika

    Ye kaisa sawal tha? Off course Mujhe hindi ati hai. aur kya aap india se ho ?

  12. yo usagi-chan is back*

  13. ya my projects are over pretty much.

  14. Well you really are Lucky in that aspect .

    gotta go now see you later then and Tell me the results of the match later.

  15. RANDOM!!!! you know she is one of the most amazing characters in anime world.

  16. Ok Well one thing bothering me isn't that haruhi suzumiya as you avatar.

  17. Ah I may not be seeing the match but tell me the results of newcastle match later.

  18. Nah I Have done it several times I got timing wrong on this one though.

  19. well I was playing with my college mates and believe it or not I idiotically tried to do a scissors kick and landed badly and my ankle is swoolen like hell .

  20. well I am not in mood for soccer

    If I watch I will get jealous of them since I hurt my damn foot while playing.

  21. I am Reading Detective Conan manga eight from the start once more.

  22. Kind of in detective mode going through DC manga whole.

  23. Hi ^^ It seem I just went off yesterday before you came on.

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