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  1. I was lurking the DCW wiki today and when I when I clicked on the "akai shuichi" page I saw a rather distasteful message which definetly was not there earlier today. Can somebody fix it? http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Shuichi_Akai Thanks to whoever can change it back (I sure can't)! I think this is actually supposed to go under the wiki discussion section...sorry for the mishap if that's the case!
  2. This movie's premise is quite interesting, but it would take a lot of skill to pull off and not let down the fans. Judging from the past few movies, things are not looking too bright...but maybe a miracle will happen! (I hope...)
  3. good things grow in ontario

  4. I know: english, sort of french, sort of japanese, and half of Chinese (I can read, speak, and type, but I can't write it)
  5. You should post more, like once a month. That's what I do

  6. I can translate chinese pretty well, so if that helps...
  7. hi! I saw your post in my profile ^^

  8. Well, Gosho is one heck of a foreshadower, like in the beginning of the london arc, when Ran dropped her cream covered strawberry and the arc was about Wimbledon... That was very subtle, but it was already hinting towards the plot of the arc that was about to come. I think it could be the case here... but it may come very slowly... or I could just be wrong
  9. Same! I really Arashi's songs because their so upbeat!
  10. This is really random, but I had a dream about detective conan yesterday night and in my dream Okiya was Akai. Hehehe, just wanted to put that out there...
  11. hehe exams are done! not that it really concerns me cuz I only did one :P

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