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  1. Kim-Chan

    Conan x Ayumi

    No, just no. That'd be a nightmare. At least with Ayumi x Genta they are in the same age group and good friends. Ran x Genta ? To be blunt, the idea is completely impossible. That's about as good as pairing Yukiko with Heiji. ;l
  2. Kim-Chan

    Conan x Ayumi

    Haven't been on for quite a while . But I'm back . For now. Not that I could ever see that happening since I'm all for ShinRan &Shinichi's love for Ran burns like there's no tomorrow. But, I would say when Ayumi is in Highschool at the very least. Conan has the brain and mentality of Shinichi, so I doubt he can find affection towards Ayumi at the age of an Elementary student. That's pedophilia . That's the only way I can really come up with. Conan having to re-grow up because there isn't an antidote. And Ai not wanting him for herself because she doesn't want to betray Ayumi. So even if such happens there needs to be a lot of circumstances. Anyway, since I already brought it up. What if Ai took Conan for herself despite Ayumi's feelings? (In my opinion Ai does a one sided love for Conan whereas Conan sorta respects&trust her but not fully returning her feelings. )Would Ayumi hate her? Why or why not?
  3. Oh no, I'm the reason he's been getting dizzy :[ I feel sorta guilty now ..

  4. This is just beautiful :'D Awesome work as always jovan ^____^ +1 I wish I had your skill, I can't copy pictures very well, I'm okay with free hand though
  5. What are you talking about jovan ? They were OBVIOUSLY referring to me
  6. I usually relax, sometimes go shopping or somewhere nice with my parents. Anyway I'm getting tired now, need sleep. Good Morning/Afternoon/Night to you. (:

  7. Hehe...yeah.

    And you? Are you still on break ?

  8. 11:5O.

    I stayed up until 3:OO yesterday XP. I'm going to be doomed when break is over x___x

  9. I know .. Vietnamese : First language, I don't really have a large vocabulary, but enough to communicate. English: Second language, speaking it since I started school, I'm fluent, no accent either. Spanish: Required to learn in school. Not too shabby in it. French: Also required, currently learning. I don't like spelling in this language, hard stuff. Japanese: Mostly just a few words. Learned through anime/manga and such.
  10. XD

    I'm well, secretly using the internet on my 3DS again since I can't really sleep. How about you ?

  11. I like projects, more fun in my opinion :P

  12. Hehe..

    I don't like homework either ;P

  13. Ello'. DING DING DING ! We have a winner ;D
  14. Well ^^ And you ? (: Not anymore ;D
  15. Well you said that you didn't have any homework until the near end of January .. ? ^^;

  16. Hmm, I'll go with Yukiko. Talking to you is a breeze and you seem like a happy person. If the next person says I'm Ran or Ayumi I might flip because I've heard that just one too many times now -____- ;
  17. Ohh, that's pretty good I guess.

  18. Yes! How could I not when he says he's Batman and I should be Batgirl :'D
  19. Thank you :]

    So what about you? Busy lately?

  20. Kim-Chan

    Conan x Ayumi

    Well, I think he'd feel pretty bad about just leaving the DB, they've grown on him. Like in the Desparate Revival Arc, he said hi to them in Kudo form and said he remembered being apart of them with a melancholic smile. But honestly, 'Conan Edogawa' was not suppose to exist in the first place, and his main objective IS to take down the Black Organization. I'd think he'd swallow that antidote in a heartbeat. Shinichi tends to think about the conscequences AFTER he takes antidotes -____- ; . He mostly likely will go back to Teitan High and be with the people he was suppose to originally be with. I'm going to feel so bad for Ayumi-chan if/when [?] that happens because she didn't know any better. But at this rate she'll probably end up with Genta :V [Mitsuhiko MUST end up with Ai-chan >;D] . Corse' that's all my opinion through what I've observed. Gosho can be such a troll anything could happen which kind of scares me in terms of what pairings end up, because people are always like, "Of course Gosho will end it with ShinRan, it's obvious.". The more I hear that the most I think Gosho is going to troll us and we'll ALL just by staring at our screens with that 'Is this for real WTF' look on our faces. Ok enough of me blabbling, I need sleep. It's 1:02 in the morning. Side note, NEVER TYPE RANTS USING A 3DS BECAUSR YOUR HAND WITH ACHE AFTERWARD D:
  21. Yeah, school has been keeping me REAL busy. I've also been exploring other fandoms besides DC so thats why I wasn't post for a period of time. But now I'm back ;P

  22. Kim-Chan

    Conan x Ayumi

    Clones? There'd be chaos in the DC fanbase XD Besides, I'd really hate for Gosho to take that route, it's not a very smart idea, I expect more from him than clones or Shinichi/Conan splitting apart. Also, if they were to split apart would their love interest actually change? I mean, they still have the same heart and brain
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