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  1. I really like this song, I've been listening to it over and over in the past few days, probably because I can relate to the feelings of the song. The chorus really nailed it, even though its lyrics are more simple than the other parts. Though if you don't mind, do you happen to have the original audio version? I'd like to put this song in my music player at the highest quality possible, unless you're using it for commercial purposes of course
  2. Well, before this guy I also had a special feeling for someone else (also a guy, of course), but at the time I was still in denial because my mind didn't want to think of it as genuine romantic affection rather than a brotherly kind of love, even though thinking back now it obviously was romantic love (but only a one-sided one on my part). The reason I was being in denial wasn't because I thought being homo was wrong, but before that I hadn't been able to genuinely fall for anyone so I didn't really trust my feelings at the time. Obviously this person must have had a very great impact on my life for such a change to happen. Also don't laugh if I sounded like a whiney baby, that was ages ago, I'm much more mature emotionally now... My current "target", well, let's just say that it's also a one-sided feeling, because 1. he's a straight and 2. he already had a girlfriend. I haven't told him of my feelings and don't have any intention to do that either, for obvious reasons. Even so, I can't seem to be able to remove his image from my head. I tried not to follow his Facebook for days but that didn't work because I can't stop thinking about him. It's like an unhealthy obsession, so to speak. (Not that I mind though, but it can be distracting at times.) It doesn't help that eventually I'll have to meet him soon because we have some projects to do together; I also always have this inferiority complex towards him (he is objectively better than me in many aspects), that's probably why I fell for him in the first place. But as things stand now, I won't make any move and just let things be. I don't want to end up being "the selfish third person" ruining someone's happiness for no good reason, especially when that's someone I care deeply about. I'm satisfied with the current situation. For many, love is when you have to take "ownership" of a person, both body and soul. But that is not my love. If the person I care for is feeling happy with whoever he chose, then that also makes me happy. After all, my view of true love is when you put someone's happiness above your own. And life has taught me that there are so many ways to take care of someone, without having to be in a relationship with them. So I want to express my love for him in my own way, without him knowing and without ruining the status quo. I don't care if I can't ever move on, I want to live with these feelings because they make me feel warm in tough times. Personal love is not wrong, only undermining someone's relationship is. As for being more open, I probably won't tell anyone anytime soon, at least not until I have a more stable relationship. So far, none of mine are mutual so there's just no point. I also don't think it's really necessary ATM. After all, having a love life is not the top priority of my life. I don't really mind if I can't ever find someone "right" for me. P/S: Wow, this ends up much longer than I thought. Sorry for the rambling
  3. Didn't notice that this poll has changed, and it seems that my personal orientations have also changed over time, so time to edit my votes. - Sexual orientation: Still picked Asexual because I'm still not into sexual relationship of any kind, regardless of genders, and don't plan to either. Nor do I feel sexually attracted to anyone even if I may have romantic feelings for them. - Romantic orientation: Asexual -> Homosexual. After many years without being able to love anyone (literally), I recently have romantic affection/obsession towards a guy I know IRL. And this is probably the only place where I can openly admit this lol.
  4. I can't change your name for you but perhaps Maurice can when he comes by.
  5. While not at all a new feature, this option may not be known to every wiki editor. It is also available at DCW Wiki, and may prove helpful if you're tired of seeing other users' minor or trivial edits in a large amount (thus cannot keep track of what has changed effectively). What this option do is, instead of listing every single edit of every article in chronological order, it group edits by different articles in one day and allow you to view all the accumulated changes made to one article (on that day) just by a single click. However, at the same time, you can also view each separate edit normally just like the "regular mode". While not listed in exact chronological order, the last edited article will still be placed on top, and so on. For someone who has to monitor users' edits on the Wiki, it helped me reduce a lot of physical and mental pain Of course, it's entirely up to your preference if you want to use it! What it looks like? As you can see, each individual edit has been hidden and you can see the accumulated changes by clicking at the "x changes" buttons. (x = number of changes) However, if you want to see the separate edits made to that article, you can unhide them by clicking at the blue triangle on the left side. To view the edit you want, click "prev". How to enable? >Go to the Wiki. >Click "Preferences" on the top right corner. >Go to "Recent changes" and check "Group changes by page in recent changes and watchlist". Note ​Your browser must have JavaScript enabled for this to work.
  6. For some reasons, not!Rum's eyes don't seem to have heterochromia in this scene (or at least both eyes are drawn in the same "style"):
  7. The trailer looks good, but then again, so are all trailers
  8. So far the Rum arc seems more interesting and promising than the Bourbon arc (except for the whole Akai family shenanigans).
  9. Aren't those just old news reports though? But yeah, they must have some kind of special reason for doing that.
  10. There is. But by the dialogue alone, it's unclear which room's water was left on, as Conan didn't give us a name. Haibara's previous line right before that was mentioning Amanda's room though. Speaking of which, we still don't have the answer for the person who shared all these information about Kohji's case on the Internet in the first place.
  11. Hi guys! I am soooooo sorry for having disappeared in ages! I hope I can stick around longer this time!

  12. Normally I'd just outright delete this, but I figure this is a perfect example of what NOT to post as a response in a discussion, or on any forum in general. Drop this attitude. Don't comment if you don't have anything constructive to add other than flamebaits and personal attacks. We don't need this crap.
  13. I would take the "summer" with a grain of salt, as should all of you
  14. Sure, I've added Sonoko to the other poll.
  15. I think I like this idea, with a different color row and the "Remastered" subtitle. Though I don't think we necessarily must have some sort of numbering, I personally don't mind if it's left empty or filled with a "-" or something.
  16. Some gameplay footages in case someone is interested (needless to say, a lot of spoilers in there): DGS stage show, with jury trial gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dzTFrGstus (Gameplay starts at 17:40) Gameplay and Q&A with Takumi, Kojima, and Eshiro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vfy_X1lA8Fc (Gameplay starts at 10:38) According to information from court-records.net, in the first case, two new characters are revealed, the identity of the second person is major spoiler, so beware:
  17. I think I've figured out my problem: http://www.reddit.com/r/China/comments/33wpk3/anyone_else_almost_all_websites_in_both_chrome I've just black-listed these websites in my ad-blocker and it's working for now, without having to disable JavaScript (blocking the .js files doesn't seem to work, so I just blocked the whole domain). Currently scanning my computer to check for additional threats. Thanks for the replies, anyway!
  18. Sorry, but we cannot provide you such resources because it's against our policy.
  19. Hmm, looks like this will only happen if I use Chrome (both for Windows and iOS). Other browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari are fine. Weird... Actually, it's happening with other browsers as well, albeit the target website is different. The only way for me to avoid this is to either disable JavaScript or enter mobile mode.
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