Kojima family

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The Kojima family currently consists of 4 people: Genji Kojima, Mrs. Kojima, Genta Kojima, and Mr. Kojima[1].


No Pic.jpg
No pic female.jpg
No Pic.jpg
Mr. Kojima
Genji Kojima.jpg
Genji Kojima
Mrs. Kojima.jpg
Mrs. Kojima
Genta Kojima.jpg
Genta Kojima

Genji Kojima[edit]

Genta Kojima's father, Mrs. Kojima's husband.

Mrs. Kojima[edit]

Genji Kojima's wife, Genta Kojima's mother. She is very strict, but also loving.


  1. ^ Volume 35, File 360 "Disappearing Mitsuhiko 3", page 18: "Hey, I'm going to see my uncle in Gifu soon..."