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Age: 15
Gender: Male
Occupation: Dub nerd and weeb
Status: Alive
Nicknames: "That Conan nerd"
First appearance:

Hi, I can't sign into my other account, so here I am.

I like dubbing and stuff.


Heiji Hattori Profile.png This user is Male.
Conan Edogawa Profile.jpg This user Watches the Detective Conan Anime.
Volume 1.jpg This user read the Detective Conan Manga.
Globe.jpg This user comes from United States.
Conan.jpg This user's Favourite Character is Conan.
Op-03-5.jpg This user's favourite opening is Nazo (OP 3).
Op37-13.JPG This user's favourite opening is Butterfly Core (OP 37).
Ed49-5.JPG This user's favourite closing is Kimi e no Uso (ED 49).

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