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赤井務武's rich friend is the parent of Kohji Haneda[edit]

Masumi Sera says that a rich friend of her father (務武) supports her. I think that the friend is the father or mother of Kohji Haneda. If it is true, I can solve some questions.

Preconditions of this theory[edit]

Q1: Why did the Haneda family adopt Shukichi Sera?[edit]

Shukichi respected Kohji, but I don't think that this is the reason.

The answer[edit]

Because 務武 and Mr./Mrs. Haneda were good friends.

Q2: Why does the friend support Masumi and Mary?[edit]

Even if the friend has a lot of money, I don't think that he/she spends a lot of money for a normal friend.

The answer[edit]

Because the friend's son-in-law, Shukichi, is the related-by-blood son of 務武.

Mary's full name is Mary Sera Akai[edit]

Shuukichi Father Akai family name 947.png

If this theory is true, one possibly is that Mary's full name is Mary Sera Akai (赤井 メアリー世良 Akai Mearī Sera?, Sera is the middle name and former surname).

  • Shukichi's mother's given name seems ?. In Japan, one's middle name is joined after one's given name. Also foreigners cannot have any kanji in their surnames or given names.