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Artist pages[edit]

Total: 29

Not done yet[edit]

Total: 26

  • Miho Komatsu
  • ZARD
  • Rina Aiuchi
  • Miki Matsuhashi
  • U-ka saegusa IN db
  • Naifu
  • Ziggy
  • heath
  • Keiko Utoko
  • DEEN
  • rumania montevideo
  • WAG
  • Azumi Uehara
  • Koshi Inaba
  • Shiori Takei
  • Sayuri Iwata
  • Aya Kamiki
  • Yumi Shizukusa
  • Hundred Percent Free
  • Kyoko
  • Iori
  • Special: Minami Takayama (Talk about her singing career more in details + the insert song Boku ga iru for which she sang solo)


Total: 3 (10.3%)

Regarding Takayama[edit]

Wouldn't her singing career be covered on the TWO-MIX page? NakagawaRyou 06:23, 24 December 2009 (UTC)

Makes sense. But I guess it would be good to talk about Boku ga iru which she did solo for Detective Conan. So maybe extend on her solo career if it's substantial enough? --Maurice 06:29, 24 December 2009 (UTC)
Yeah, that could work, too. She has sung in a lot of the anime she appeared in, even forming a group with with her female costars from Ranma 1/2 called DOCO. NakagawaRyou 07:08, 24 December 2009 (UTC)

International Opening Themes[edit]

Was wondering if there should be information added on the other openings in other countries, mainly the ones that stand out, such as the korean openings, as most are original(other than the songs) and very different. Here's a table of what info that I managed gather on them, copying the structure of the original music table on the music page(though info is missing at the moment)

# Episodes Song name Artist Release date Oricon chart peak
1 1-78 빛이 될거야
2 79-128 Puzzle JEWELRY
3 129-180 Towards a Dream
4 181-232 Love is Thrill, Shock, Suspense
5 233-284 Lalala of the Wind ~Our Precious Time~
6 285-336 Growing of My Heart
7 337-388 Love For You
8 389-440 빛 (Light)
9 441- Tomorrow is the Last Time

C.H. 16:03, 14 July 2011 (UTC)