Phones in Detective Conan

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Sony Xperia[edit]

LG Prada[edit]

LG Prada.


iPhone 4/4S[edit]

iPhone 3G/3GS[edit]

Samsung Galaxy S[edit]

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  1. ^ It was proven that Vermouth is/was using an iPhone in the Sherry's soliloquy released on 2011-12-09 (私もiPhoneになるのかしら?「哀」だけに・・・ I wonder if I'll have an iPhone, too? Since I'm "Ai"…) and 2011-12-17 (私の哀Phoneベルモットが持ってるじゃない!キ―――ッ!! Vermouth has my "Ai"Phone! Argh!)
  2. ^ There's a scan of the model sheet of the anime production team on page 149 of the Detective Conan Visual Book. Subaru's phone is a replica of a Samsung Galaxy SIII.