Kozo Tokuyoshi

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Kozo Tokuyoshi

Kozo Tokuyoshi Profile.png

Japanese name: 徳吉 耕三
(Tokuyoshi Kōzō)
Age: 55
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Occupation: Horse owner
Status: Arrested
First appearance: Anime: Episode 933
Appearances: Episodes: 2
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Hiroaki Ishikawa

Kozo Tokuyoshi (徳吉 耕三 Tokuyoshi Kōzō?) is a character in the anime franchise Detective Conan.


Kozo Tokuyoshi used to be a horse owner who owned many ranches in Tokyo and the surrounding areas but after a scam of his was revealed, he was arrested and his estate was probably expropriated. He used to own the famous race horse White Spirits whom he wanted to kill in order to get the insurance money. He meets Kogoro and Conan at his stables in Okuho and uses the opportunity to hatch a plan using Kogoro. He also planned to frame four of his employees for the crime but was luckily arrested.


Kozo easily hides his personality to others since at first, he seems to be rather jolly and cheerful while he is in fact a rather greedy person.


He is rather fat and of average height and has slicked black hair. He has small eyebrows which stick out because of their triangle shape and wears clothes fitted to an american ranch owner. He dresses in expensive clothes.


Plot overview[edit]

Thoroughbred Kidnapping Case (Anime: 933-934)[edit]

Kogoro and Conan receive visits from three mysterious masked people who ask him a request about White Spirits, the famed race horse. As they head to the stables where he is staying, they meet Tokuyoshi who also requests their service, although maliciously hiding his own plan of overturning the three's original plan. He makes the horse disappear and pretend to be going to a ransom location where he drops the money, which is revealed to be books. While investigating, Conan figures out the truth and spills it out in front of the suspects and Tokuyoshi is arrested.

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