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What are the worst moments of your life?

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That's terrible! So sorry...Did I create this thread just to make me sad or something?! *hugs*

That is so sad *hugs*

No no it's okay,this happened in 2006 ... I'm okay ;) *HUUUUUUGS* you're creative.

I get the feeling this thread might get even more sad so:


@Moon Kid @Hikari chan

I'm so sorry ;;

It's okay :3 *HUUUUUUUUUUGS too*

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I'm really late to this, but wow... For as much as it's worth, I'm extremely sorry to Hikari's and Moon's loss.


Personally, I think this is a rather depressing topic. I'ma leaving now.

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Worst moment was ... When I was innocent with 9 years old fighting with my cousin.

And see my mother dead near me. It was the worst.


:o:( :( :( T^T

My worst moment was when my elder sister met with a fatal accident. A police van drove over her and there was no driver in that car.It was a slope area and the driver left his car without pulling his hand break.The car automatically started moving.


Whenever I think of that incident,it always bring tears in my eyes. 





I can never imagine such pain....


when i confess my feeling, looking so pathetic towards him. :mellow:

NO, YOU'RE NOT PATHETIC. Confessing your feeling is a courageous thing! Be proud of it!!!!!!!!! No matter how stupid it seemed, you did it!


About me...


Well, haizzz, since some people who I think she and he are close to me here said theirs, I think it would be impolite not to tell...

I was molested once... It was very scary. By a stranger... Ahhh, I don't want to remember it... I was quite young neh and it was not very serious but it's still :/ nah... If that young defenseless girl were me, I would have sue that man!!!!! >.<

That's why I don't like hugging and touching in general...

And since that when I remember about that (and other things), I find myself such an ugly girl and I go shopping haha... It's a good cure though I think...

I never tell this to anyone cuz I'm afraid my parents may know and send me to some kind of psychiatrist... :P

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