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OVA 11: Subaru Okiya -Spoilers

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Hey everyone
I was watching the Secret Order from London OVA and I realized at the very end when Subaru-san answers Pofessor Agasa's phone call when Haibara and the others are there, he is using his right hand, instead of his left. Few seconds before, he was also chopping the bread with his right hand (this is a task that left-handed people can never do).
Has anyone noticed this? and if so, I would like to hear your theories regarding it. He is supposed to be Left-handed and we were led to believe he is actually Akai in disguise... so what happened now?



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Not to mention, OVAs aren't canon, so anything that happens in them don't really have much bearing on the plot.


Left-handed people don't always do everything with their dominant hands.  I myself was born a southpaw but grew up right-handed, hence why I grip my pencil weird when I write and I can beat any true righty at arm wrestling with my left hand.  Handedness is kind of an anomalous thing, even of there are generalizations.  Everyone has their tendencies.

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