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Aww... This is where I spend my spare time... Can I come up with a list? :3 This thread seems abandoned T^T

Okay, I'll start~

Based on the official poll results of the 15th Movie Character Popularity Poll:


The top 6 is:

Conan Edogawa/ Shinichi Kudo- 10

Kaito Kuroba/ KID- 10

Heiji Hattori- 10

Ai Haibara- 10

Ran Mouri- 10

Vermouth- 10

Let's see if our votes end up the same as the official poll, DCWers~

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Conan Edogawa/Shinichi Kudo: 8

Kaito Kuroba/KID: 11

Heiji Hattori: 14

Ai Haibara: 22

Vermouth: 5

Shahooda, you don't like the main character?

Um no...I don't hate conan....its not like that... its just that I don't know who to take points from....and there was he, no one supporting him and no one attacking him.. so I said a couple of points won't hurt....>.<

Don't make it sound like I hate him ... I actually think he is cool... but today is not his day because I decided to support hibara since the beginning. :/

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