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DCW IRL Round 14: Shibuya Infinity

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Banner art by Misaki-chan


You don't know how, but you ended up in Shibuya, a place of lively hubbub. You seem to have the necessary travel preparations, such as toilteries and clothes, cell phone and wallet (mysteriously containing Japanese yen instead of whatever country you originated from).

Though you plan to make something from this opportunity, you learn of a mysterious string of chain robberies and burglaries occurring in Shibuya. The targeted places were seemingly random, with only two similarities between all the crime scenes. One, all the crime scenes were in frequently traversed places. The criminal, mask covering his face and dressed in all black, came and took and disappeared all in a flash.

Two, all the crime scenes had a calling card left behind. Specifically, a calling card with Kaitou KID's logo. And this is where you come in. Can you track down the criminal misusing KID's name? Or rather, will you? Should you, even?

wikipedia article for Shibuya here!


All the characters have a brief description of themselves and then an interview of variable length. (EDIT: Now they also have character songs!)

Mai Aeigo
A middle schooler who is renowned in the music industry as a prodigious conductor. She has conducted several high-level bands and orchestras across the country. Prefers modest, heavier clothing. Her nervousness clashes with her musical aptitude. Medium black hair, with bangs that come over her forehead. Chris’s younger sister.

Character song: Tokiwadai Chuugakkou

Interview questions:

Age and occupation?

Uh, 13, and occupation...middle schooler? Oh, and conductor...I guess.

What do you think of your older brother, Chris?

Ummm...I think he can be cold at times. But, even if he was, you know...adopted, he is still my brother. And he’s older...so he knows more about the world than I do. Oh! H-H-He plays really well, too!

What is your favorite anime?

Detective Conan! I-I especially like Kaitou KID...I think he’s really cool!

Since you’re a conductor, I think you’d know something: What exactly does it mean to be a good conductor?

Well...you have to keep the whole group under control. A-and you have to be a leader. A strong...leader. Oh, and you have to have...musical direction.

What do you mean by musical direction?

Every note has somewhere where it wants to go. What you do is...uh, link the notes together?

You sound a little nervous. How do you deal with stage fright?

It’s weird – when I’m on stage I’m not really scared. I guess...as the conductor, it’s because I have a lot of people with me!

Final question: do you love your brother?

Huh?! O-Of course! B-b-b-but not in that way, I swear!

Chris Aeigo
A young teenager who is a prodigious violinist and plays in high-level performances. Wears almost exclusively white t-shirts and jeans when not on stage. Has an arrogant streak expected of a talent. Medium-length silver hair. Mai’s older brother.

Character song: King of Strangeness

Interview questions:

Age and occupation?

17, I’m a violin prodigy.

I know you’re a violin prodigy, but let me ask you: what is your most glaring flaw?

My most glaring flaw is that I do not HAVE any flaws, obviously.

I see. That’s an interesting hair color you got there. How do you get it that way?

I bleach it frequently.

What is your favorite anime?


And your favorite book?

Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.

Just out of curiosity, which do you think is more valuable: the real thing or a fake thing that is indistinguishable from the real thing?

It does not matter how much the fake looks like the real. Nothing can replace the genuity of the original. So obviously the real object is more valuable.

What two words describe you? Though, here’s the trick: they have to start with the same letter.

Absolute authority.

One last question: do you love your sister?

Love is just a four-letter word ~ ♪
...Oh, sorry. By a matter of course.

Lilliam Nevermore
A mysterious teenager that wears a simple brown hood that covers her entire body except for her face. While at work – she works at a fast food restaurant – she wears the standard uniform. Without her hood, her short red hair is much more visible and apparent. Her figure is on the thin side.

Character song: Rainy Devil

Interview questions:

Age and occupation?

I'm 17. I work at a fast food restaurant.

That’s...quite the interesting hair color. How did you get it that way?

It’s natural.

Who do you have an eye on?

Chris Aeigo. That famous violin player. I think he’s a real interesting person. I’d like to get to know him...better. Heh. I’d do quite a bit for his attention.

Alright...what exactly would you do for his attention?

Ka ka. I’d hold his sister as a hostage, then kill her once I get bored of the guy. But this is just as a hypothetical, keke.

*ahem* Who is your favorite anime character and why are they your favorite?

Maou Sadao. He's a really cool, developed character. We both work at fast-food restaurants and, heh. Let’s just say we’re similar in a lot of other ways, and leave it at that, shall we?

OK then, what two words that start with the same letter describe you best?

Haha, slippery slope. Of course.

Uh...OK. Ahem, here’s a question: which do you think is more valuable, the real thing or a fake that is indistinguishable from the real thing?

The fake. In its efforts to become real, it becomes more real than the actual thing it wants to be. A delicious irony, don’t you say?

Final question: What is your favorite food?

Anything meat. In particular? Pork.

C.M. Robert

An unemployed middle-aged man. He gravitates towards wearing semi-formal clothing and likes collared shirts. While out and about he wears a worn brown trenchcoat. His hair is graying at the edges, and he gives off a burdened feel.

Character song: Forebode

Interview questions:

Age and employment?

42. Currently unemployed.

Err, former employment?

I was a music teacher.

Who was your favorite student?

Mmm, I’d rather not say. Don’t want to pick one out of all of the wonderful kids I’ve had. Actually, there’s one that does stand out a bit. You see them on television these days.

What does C.M. stand for?

My full name is Clark Magnus Robert. It’s a bit long for most kids so I shorten it to C.M. Robert.

Alright, here’s a random question: what do you think is more precious, the real thing or a fake that is indistinguishable from the real thing?

I’d say both are equally precious, but for different reasons, though.

What job do you plan to get now?

Hopefully another teaching job. Teachers are... “a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.” That’s Ever Garrison.

What is the secret to being a good teacher?

Teaching kids to think, not just information. Awakening the pursuit of knowledge within students is both the role and the trademark of a good teacher.

One final question: do you believe in God?

Absolutely. It takes someone with absolute authority and a sick sense of humor to make a world like this.

Kyoko Sasaki

An amateur photographer. Her regular attire is a tight-fitting short-sleeved green shirt and brown pants with a green cap and a white fringe. She wears a necklace with a winking star on it and a pair of noise-canceling headphones around her neck. Long blond hair.

Character song: Afterlife

Interview questions:

Age and occupation?

I’m an amateur photographer. And my age...eternally 21. *yawn* Oh yeah, I also do some journalism at times.

What’s your favorite food?

Potatoes. Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes. Anything *yawn* with potatoes works with me.

Favorite anime?

The Monogatari series, yeah?

Here’s a question: which is more precious, the real thing or a fake that is indistinguishable from the real?

Doesn’ matter a bit to me. *yawn* Oh yeah, I ask that question all the time to strangers as well. It’s a pretty good question that gives a look inside that person. Good for journalism, yeah?

What kind of music do you like?

I really don’t like music. I don’t like most kinds of people noise, yeah? *yawn* I like natural noises. Yeah...thinking now I guess living in a city wasn’t the smartest choice.

Final question here: what is the phrase you say the most?

“What a bore, this world is.” Now can I end this already? I’m tired.


There is no limit to the number of role-players I will allow in this round. In other words, anyone can sign up.

Also, there is no special signup process. All you have to do is signup by posting in this topic. Your first post should contain a character bio of some sort. Because this is a special round, I request your character be reasonably close to your actual self.

I intend to cut off signups on June 15, 2014, 12:00 AM Mountain Time. This is around a week's time. No events will occur until this time, so the time between now and then should be used to acquaintance yourself with your fellow role-players inside the round context. In other words, meet up and hang out. Do stuff, speculate on whatever you'd like, but remember that no plot-related activity can or will occur until the round actually begins.

EDIT: All signups are now closed. If you really still want to join, send me a PM telling me why you should be allowed to join. If your case is particularly pressing, then I will oblige.

All standard DCW IRL rules apply.


- Nara-chan
- Misaki-chan
- Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief
- Leiyu Magmatic Skyterror
- Ren-kun
- Rukia Kurosaki
- Henry Gordan
- Bain
- Tsukiko
- Rye

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"Two people are noisier than one." - Kyoko Sasaki


Song of choice: Underground - TWEWY OST

> These songs of choice are meant to convey a sense of mood. Feel free to have it running in the background while you post. The link itself leads to ListenOnRepeat, which repeats Youtube videos.


Round signups have officially began! To join this round, just post a character bio and perhaps an introduction post below before the time is up!

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Thought you'd never ask! :D

Name: ????
Alias: "Mari"
Age: ????
Appearance: She has short, black hair that reaches up to her shoulders and is often messed up and glasses that are always sliding down her nosebridge. Usually wears jeans.
Personality: Secretive to the point of hiding her own name and age. She is very silent, and when asked, will either not respond or respond with short answers like "Yes", "No" and "I think so"; unless it's something that interests her. She always tries to make a good impression, and also strives for knowledge. "Mari" is an avid bookworm, and does very well in Math.

"I'm in otaku heaven right now..." she muttered to herself. From a pamphlet she picked up, she was in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

It was always her dream since becoming an otaku to go to Japan. The nearest she had ever come to Japan was when she went to South Korea (she was silently grumbling about Japan just being some landmass and A SEA away from where she was), but now she was in the very CAPITAL of it.

She was about to start jumping up and down and shouting random Japanese phrases, but stopped because...well, duh! Who wants to be stared at in a very awkward way? A quick peek at her bag revealed neatly rolled clothes, a Haruhi Suzumiya light novel (how appropriate), and a fat wallet full of Japanese yen. Huh, I wonder who's the generous soul who gave a depressed otaku girl a chance to enjoy herself in Japan?, she silently thought.

She found a bench to sit down on, and rested her unusually weary legs. Several computers were hooked up near her, and she took a quick peek (Internet withdrawal symptoms...) To her surprise, it was in English (she expected a kanji explosion), so she read the article.

"People now use Kaito KID as a name? That person is one full-blown otaku. Well, if there's a KID around, there should be a Conan around to counter that! Or a Hakuba. Whatever!"

She returned to her seat, and began smiling. Perhaps her trip to Japan will have a Detective Conan vs. Kaito KID aura around it!
Good thing I didn't follow my mom's order to sleep early :VVVVVV

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Name: Misaki Mimori

Age: 18

Appearance: Bobbed black hair, white lacy tank top, dark blue capris, tall, dark brown eyes

Background: Misaki is a singer who lives in Japan. She is not that famous, but still well known within the musical circles for her potential and talent. She's understands people and how they tick, so for her it's easy to get along with others.


Misaki walked through the heart of Shibya-ku, glad to be back in Tokyo after a month tour around southern Japan. She had missed the engulfing crowds that gave her a sense of anonymity and the melody they produced, from the beeping horns to the chatter about boyfriends, work, thieves, idols, scho- Wait, thieves?


She drifted closer to the teenage girls talking about thieves. "Hey, did you hear?" one of them said. "Someone's impersonating Kaito KID and stealing a bunch of stuff!"


Kaito KID impersonator? Wow. Someone's taking their manga a little too seriously. 

"No way!" the other one gasped. "Do you think he's hot?"


"Oh my god Gumi, of course you would ask that!" the not-Gumi girl laughed.


As the two girls turned the corner, the singer kept going straight until she hit an internet cafe. She paid for an hour, ordered a cup of tea and quickly googled "Kaito KID impersonator burgularies". Clicking on a few links, she began to skim the articles. Well, it wouldn't hurt to catch up on the news. It's not like I care or anything. After all, it's the police's problem, not mine.

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Awwww I was thinking of using a guy chara :V

I'll be posting the rest later. :V


Name: Amber



roughly 1.6 metres with a ponytail tied in blue ribbon, dressed in long sleeved dark blue jacket with white shirt and ribbon and with a plaited dark blue skirt (those typical school uniform fashion). Carries a tiny sling "keyboard" bag, always dangles a "Chopper" (one piece) pouch on her left hand, and a "Chopper" skin handphone with lots of dangling accessories on her right.


From a country near Japan. Flew over for some visiting and shopping and replenishing of goods :3

Amber strolled through the rather empty streets of Shibuya in the early mornings before the shops opened. Although she comes to Shibuya pretty often, she had never seen it this empty before. It could be that she came a little too early or it could be because it was a school day. She walked past Shibuya 109 women and remembered how disastrously chaotic it was when she came here for the end of year clearance sale, now it's just a few souls strolling around.

Amber had woken up too early today and she thought of coming to Shibuya for a walk before heading to Harajuku for her goods shopping. The stuff at Shibuya are one of the "awesomest" for girls like her but the spare cash cannot even afford her even one dress from the first level.

Amber sighs as she continued to stroll down the streets of Shibuya, hoping the shops would open before she reaches Harajuku.

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  She left the place, and walked in no particular direction. She was now itching to touch a computer again, so she looked for a computer shop, dragged out her wallet, and paid the appropriate fee for 20 minutes of internet time. The Japanese person behind the counter looked at her in a strange way, but gave her her change anyway.


  Setting down her bag, she multiplied the tabs, and typed down the links for Google Maps, Wikipedia, Yahoo News and DCW. She planned to print out a map for Shibuya, and maybe some lodging places with Google Maps; look at the Wikipedia article for Shibuya; DCW because she always does; and Yahoo News for news from her country, and maybe....


 Nonononononononono why should I? Knowing that KID's name is being misused does not really mean I have to poke my nose into police business!, she said in her mind. Nevertheless, she searched for news in the locality. There was the KID impostor heists, some violinist (she was reminded of her violin lessons, albeit they didn't last very long) and the opening of a new manga store in the Ebisu area, but nothing really interesting. Or that was what she forced herself to think.


 She continued looking at the Wikipedia article, alongside the pamphlet she picked up (she just remembered that she stuffed it in her bag, so she closed Google Maps), her blank face masking the hype that she was now feeling.


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Looking around, Amber realizes that some basement side shops have opened and she went closer to take a closer look. They were selling some handphone accessories and also some small souvenirs for the travellers to buy. Most of them are One Piece merchandise and some Meitantei Conan merchandise. Amber spotted a Chopper an sky tree strap and a Conan strap holding something like a bun. They looked cute, so Amber bought both of them. She hung one on her phone and one on her bag before leaving the store.

Finally, there seemed to be more people wandering around, though most if them are either foreigners or cleaners and workers. Harajuku's streets will not start up any time soon, so Amber thought perhaps she could do some net surfing for a while. She chose a nice bench beside an ICECREAM shop and pulled out her phone and connected to the Internet. It was lucky she had rented a mobile wifi device before hand. It had saved her the trouble of trying to search through the complex train maps to get to where she was.


Amber muttered as she typed into the browser. On enter, she was brought to the all familiar site which she had always been. Logging in, she was flooded with quite a lot of notifications. "What's happening?" She wondered as she tapped on the tab on the top right corner.

"...statuses huh?"

She clicked on one of them and it brought her to a profile page.

"Let's see... " Amber read one of them. 'Guess what!? I'm in Shibuya now! I'm actually in an Internet cafe surfing the net! There's also rumours going around about some thief imitating Kaitou Kid too! Isn't this exciting!?'

"Shibuya huh... Wait... Isn't that where I am now?!" Amber exclaimed as she frantically looked around. "Nooooooooooooo! I can't let them know I'm here! It'll be so embarassing.,, what should I do!?"

Amber fumbled around her jacket and pulled the hood over her head. "Hope that does it..." She mumbled as she tiptoed away from the bench. "Speaking of which... The kaitou kid incident interest me... Probably going to get the papers..." Amber nodded as she searched for any 7-11 or Lawson around her vicinity.

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 In her hype, she, as Nara-chan, had made a status update.


 Since a certain point in time, she had shut down her profile. She didn't allow anybody to post on her wall (and she didn't post on others' wall, too), she removed all her friends and she didn't make status updates. Only recently did she start posting on other people's walls and adding friends again, but she still didn't make status updates. She wasn't planning on changing that!


 Deletedeletedelete! she thought as she moved the arrow to the delete button, and clicked. When she confirmed, the status update was gone. She hoped no one had seen it.


 She lurked and stalked other members for a while before exiting DCW. She then stared at the remaining tabs: Wikipedia and Yahoo! News. She decided to close Yahoo! News (although she really REALLY wanted to learn more about the thefts) and launched a new tab in its place: Google. She typed "basic Japanese phrases" in the box (she knew a little, but not stuff like, "Where's ____?"), and quickly clicked on the first result, as she had only 7 minutes left. "Please please please let there be a pen...", she muttered as she reached down into her duffel bag.


(7 minutes later)

 The logo of the computer shop appeared on the screen, signaling the end of her 20 minutes. She didn't find a pen, but used the "Notes" portion of her cellphone (which she thought wasn't with her) to type some of the stuff she found in the website. "Now I can survive here...." she muttered.She walked out of the  She stared at the pavement, and chanted a mantra in her head: I will not look lost! I will not talk to strangers! I will-




 When she was walking with her head bowed down, she had bumped into someone.


 "A-a-ah! Sumimasen!" she said, while awkwardly bowing. 


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Amber just got out of the convenience store when she bumped into someone. A girl.

 "A-a-ah! Sumimasen!" the girl said, while awkwardly bowing. 

"A-a-ah! Kochirakoso sumimasen!" Amber bowed too hoping she didn't use her Japanese wrongly. The girl didn't seem Japanese though but she spoke the language so she should be one. Amber nodded her head in apology before turning to leave. Strangely, she sensed affinity between herself and the girl. Perhaps because both of them chose to visit this place at the same place at the same time and happened to bump into each other. Amber continued to read her paper as she turned away.

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Name: Lawrence 

Age: 15 (on ID card) 

Appearance: Untidy wavy hair, brown eyes, tanned skin. Normal physique, nothing special. Wearing a blue polo-shirt and six pocket blue pants. Black soccer shoes. A greyish blue shoulder bag.

Inventory: A Beretta with two magazines, a change of clothes, a toothbrush and duel master cards :V


The boy woke up feeling like crap. He was slumped against a wall in some random alley, his eyes quickly adjusting to the darkness. So he had run away from home, landing in another country and what if he had been beaten by a bunch of gangsters for defending some poor sod who clearly didn't stick around, he'd found a gun holster with ammunition (now stuffed in his bag which looked really harmless, if not a bit heavy).


He had really unbelievable luck, just like how he had evaded any injury by climbing the roof of the hotel he was staying in before his flight as a bomb went off on the floor his room was located. Sure he left after that without checking out in order not to be detained and slept at the airport and oh the police might be after him by now.


He got out of the suspicious alley, his bones cracking (since when did they not with his insane, almost mental impulsive physical actions) from having slept against a wall. It was dawn, it was cold, he was hungry. 'Screw it, I'm Aster Lawrence. I'm invincible. Unless dead of course.' he though for solace. There was only a 1000-yen note in his wallet and the shops hadn't opened yet. 


"Warren Buffet and Leo Tolstoy." He muttered in English. A newspaper flew across the haunted looking street and struck his arm. Lawrence looked at it intently. Yes, he was not mistaken. That was a KID card, placed somewhere. Somewhere that....


"LIKE HELL I KNOW  I CAN'T READ JAPANESE!" He yelled to the heavens, causing a few stray cats to scamper away from nowhere near him to somewhere far from him. 




Yea the bold parts are English

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[[success! XD]]


Name: Warren

Age: 19

Appearance: Fairly tall, able-bodied boy with pale skin. Has an almost perfectly round face further accentuated by large, imploring brown eyes. Face-wise, probably looks like someone's little brother despite his height. Wears a black oversized wool sweater paired with white shorts that go just past his knee. Atop his head is a black baseball cap with a wing pattern smack dab in the center. He has a standard white backpack bursting at the seams with at least a week's worth of clothing and toiletries. Wears large round glasses as well.

Background / Personality: A new trainee from a known entertainment company in South Korea but is originally from the Philppines, Warren sneaked off to Japan to satiate his secret otaku-related hunger, ignoring the flat-out refusal of his manager to give him permission to go. He is naive, overly trusting and slightly absent-minded, often being a ripe target for scam artists and their kin. On the flipside, he's highly perceptive of people's emotions and is more tolerant of what most people would consider to be unpleasant personalities. Still, he could be misconstrued to be fake at times.


"And... I'm lost." Warren heaved a defeated sigh, the strap of his overstuffed backpack slipping off his shoulder as rubbed his temple furiously. The pamphlet he previously held onto for dear life was now lying on the slightly wet concrete he stood on, deeming it useless. For a good few seconds, he almost contemplated cursing. Managing to go from a busy street to an abandoned alleyway in just roughly ten steps and not being able to retrace the way back was a feat only he could do. 


It was the cherry on top of the horrible day he had, or rather the roe on top of the spoiled sushi. After having the contents of his bags spill all over the street as soon as he stepped of the inn and being almost arrested for jaywalking, he should have expected that being hopelessly lost was just around the corner. Left without much of a choice, Warren inched closer to the unlit alley, starting to hear a high-pitched yet scratchy voice that undoubtedly belonged to something malevolent and pure evil.




His adrenaline went on overdrive and his body involuntarily took on a sloppy fighting stance, making him resemble a monkey who had a little too much fruit for dinner. He was literally shaking. He was only supposed to break his arms from carrying all the Dangan Ronpa merchandise he could find and irresponsibly spend all his money on. How did it come to the worst kind of situation he could imagine? His lips quivered as one of the cats bared its teeth at him and he could almost swear that it it hissed. That was the true face of death.


"LIKE HELL I KNOW  I CAN'T READ JAPANESE!" The quite passionate yell caused the cats and him to scurry off, him to the right and the spawns of evil to the left. The voice sounded like it could be distant but reachable. Realizing that he was basically running away from who could potentially help him, let alone someone who speaks English, Warren stopped in his tracks.


He started to estimate the origin of the scream, deciding to veer off to the first right turn he could find. God help him.


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Kekekeke, more rp? Hells yeah.

Name: Lauren


Nickname/Preferred Name: L
Age: 19

Appearance: L is short/Petite with slight muscle. Her hair is kept quite short, and it's naturally curly and messier than it looks. It's dyed cherry red with reddish brown roots. Her bangs are sometimes in her eyes, which are a confusing blue-green-grey. She wears no makeup. She has light freckles on her cheeks shoulders and arms, and slightly pale skin with a farmer's tan. Currently she wears a short-sleeved men's flannel shirt, brown white and yellow, unbuttoned over a black tanktop, black and red pants, not quite knee-high black boots with zippers, and a necklace with a 'ring of power' replica on it. Her belongings are in a black and red plaid messenger bag. Her cell phone is a plain black sliding keyboard model with a green 'L' sticker on the back, which she keeps in either front pocket of her pants.

Etc/For the heck of it: She walks 'duck-footed' with the left foot turned inward, has injured toes and is careful about her feet but tends to ram them into things anyway. Her sense of smell is strong, and she hates any kind of body odor or large crowd scents. Though petite she's stronger than she looks.

Personalityish: Her favorite color is red. She's an apathetic, often sarcastic tomboy who despises boredom more than anything. Because of far too long spent reading/writing/watching mysteries and mystery comedies, she's a quick thinker who can often figure out things like book endings and twists, secrets, guessing games, hints and logic puzzles. She hates being told what to do when she knows what's right and doesn't work well in large groups. A self-proclaimed writer from the US, L is a stickler for proper grammar but loves the written language and will sometimes stop what she's doing to type a sentence that comes to her for a story into her phone. She has a very short attention span and likes to do several things at once. She also loves music, and if she hears a song and likes it will play it on a loop until she tires of it. Her little sister is her favorite person, and she tends to dote on her. She's a bit of a hipster when it comes to tech, hates smartphones and general social media, and spends too much of her time rp'ing online


-I'll post later, multi-tasking calls-

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"...whispering words of wisdom, let it be~..." Aster hummed. He was thinking of lying down on the footpath with using his bag as the pillow but he became aware of another presence. The footsteps were heavy and laboured. Back to the wall of whatever shop was behind him, Aster moved cautiously until he reached the edge, perpendicular to the other side of the street. The sun still hadn't come up yet but the sky was turning greyer, illuminating by the second.


His eyes were weary and he was sweaty and sticky; his clothes clung to his skin and the wind sent chills as it blew past his exposed neck, covered in perspiration. '3...2...1!'


Aster dropped his back and spun around the edge, using the momentum from his rotation to land his left foot on the wall, striking it to start another simultaneous spin and increasing his height from the ground, landing a swift kick with the outside of his right foot  on whoever-the-hell-it-could-be-a-shinigami. He landed dramatically after having spun full 360 degrees, right leg straight while the left knee bent at an ankle, right hand gripping his waist while the left near his face, clenched into a fist.


The kid on the ground on groaned, grabbing his stomach. He was crushed beneath his bag that contained enough provisions for migration and his cap had fallen off. He looked Asian and very young, with a round face despite his startling growth. Maybe a kid running from home, just like Aster? He bent down, feeling sad. 


"Daijoubou, gaki?" (You all right, brat?)

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"Aaaah! Kochirakoso sumimasen!"

That was the reply of the girl who she had bumped into. She didn't look weirded out or anything, so she felt relieved. The girl continues walking in the opposite direction, and so did she.

"Now all I need is a snack or something." She brought out her fat wallet, and did some calculations. The sum was incredible (she really wanted to go to the generous soul that gave her this chance and offer to be a slave or something), but she decided to budget it. Of course, anime/manga merchandise got a high priority on the budget list.

Ughhhh, I need someone who actually speaks English here! she mentally groaned. She felt something fuzzy near her sneakers. It was a cat! But there wasn't just one cat, the street was filled with them! Okay, that was exaggeration, but it was unnatural for cats to suddenly pop out of nowhere in a city.

On the opposite side of the street, instead of felines, people were gathered, albeit not as many as the cats. "Could it be a KID impostor heist?" she wondered, and crossed the street and peeked at the commotion.


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Cherry-red curls darted through the crowd of heads bobbing along in view of the street cameras. L had gone through her messenger bag and taken a look around after having jolted awake in an alley outside a great-smelling ramen shop, but as it was only the early hour of preparation she had decided to investigate how she'd gotten here. Japan wasn't exactly on her list of locations to visit in her spare time, but for some reason her belongings were packed and she had the proper cash. Perhaps she'd done something stupid and given herself situational amnesia. After all, one doesn't often wake up on another continent with luggage and no clue how they'd arrived there. 


Her phone was where it had always been, tucked into her front-pocket, and she was both wearing and carrying familiar clothes. However, there was no passport among the pencils, booklets and pages jumbled in the bag she was carrying. That was the first odd thing since she'd discovered which country she was in... Raising her cell phone to try and call home, she stared at the black, dead screen and sighed She'd have to find a Verizon store, because once again it appeared she'd forgotten her charger.


Having picked up and joined the pedestrians, L worked through the mass of people to get to a clearer street. Several commuters smelled of damp clothing, and while she supposed it may have rained nearby, she and her belongings were dry. "More strangeness," she mumbled to herself, skipping out of the crowd to check out a newspaper stand. She could at least get the date... not that she remembered what day it had been before this. 


The man behind the stacks of papers gave a dry, friendly laugh and asked in a voice that resulted from too much smoking, "Looking for the comics, kid?" Now, despite her shape L was often mistaken for someone at least three or four years younger, but today the girl wasn't in the mood. "I'm an adult," she sighed, skimming the titles of the newspapers... which she could read. "Possibility one, I got here in the Tardis," she mumbled as a headline about 'Kaito Kid' caught her eye.The paper was crumpled at the edges and had been leafed through by a potential buyer. The newspaper hawker gave a price and with a shrug L waved off the offer, having skimmed the article and forgotten about checking the date.


She moved on toward the more interesting alleyways and buildings on the emptier side of the street and within a minute had stumbled across what looked like a middle school student talking with a floored teenager. The smaller one had said something as she'd approached, but it wasn't loud enough for her to hear. L frowned, studying them for a moment. Even today it was unusual to see a young man lying on the ground under his luggage... and another boy with a similarly packed bag. Jeez, how many people were traveling around here? Unless they were also... "Somethin' happen?" she asked curiously, raising an eyebrow at the younger two.

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Name: Aleksander
Age: 19
Nationality: From Finland
Appearance:Quite short blond hair, normally combed.
Pale skinned tall (185cm) man with green eyes. In speech there is an accent
Personality:Quick temper,but normally happy. Lazy but seriously in the action if needed.

As child of quite poor family nobody guessed that the richest man of his country would pay his dream. To become real racing driver. As he was only 7 years old when he got to track to drive go-cart. There was rich man watching and he got impressed for this young lads driving. He is now driving his first year in Super Formula, highest level of open wheel racing in Japan.


Alexander was bored. He just got out of hospital after crash in Fuji Speedway. He was quite fine. Now he was walking at Tokyo.

Suddenly he heard someone asking "Something happen?". Alexander turned and saw three people. One was lying on ground and other two standing next to the first one.


"Hey! Stop it! Fight against someone bigger than you!" Alexander shouted

Edited by Henry Gordan

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Amber continued walking but some commotion raised her attention. She turned her head to a group of ppl causing the commotion and realized they look like foreigners. Foreigners love to disturb the peace in Japan huh?

Amber followed the Japanese rule of thumb to "mind own's business" and ignored the commotion and tried to walk casually away.

Suddenly a gust of wind blew and the newspaper on her hand was blown away.


Unlucky enough, it was blown into the commotion and slapped right on the poor guy's face who was lying on the ground.

"Ano... Sumimasen!" Amber rushed over to apologise. She didn't really need to get the paper back but she felt sorry for the guy for all his mishaps and had to come apologise.

"...dai...joubu desu ka...?" Amber asked the guy on the ground who seemed to be shriveling up in depression.

'This poor soul...' Amber thought as she bent down to retrieve her papers.

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(Back from the dead hiatus, comrades...)


Name: Ari

Age: 17

AKA: Aurum (gold), Avtomatchik

Appearance: He had a black hair and his hair are short. His eye are brown. He currently wears a burgundy hooded shirt, unzipped over an Eat Sleep Race T-shirt. He also had an azure bandana on his neck. His belongings are on a black bag, which contains his gaming laptop to kill his boredom. His cell phone is a BlackBerry Curve with a TDWP sticker on the back.

Personality: His favorite color is azure, burgundy, orange and Tyrian purple. He is a hardcore gamer, active artist and 'complex' writer from Indonesia. He likes rap, any genre of metal, trancecore and dubstep but disliked chorus. His everyday things to do are 'Eat, Sleep, Game, Race and Dubstep', nothing else. He also likes cigarette ads, but he didn't smoke.


(I'll post later...)

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"B-brat?" Warren stammered in a barely audible voice, trying his best to choke down the lump that was forming on his throat because of the pain. His eyes were already moist and stinging from the tears that began to well up, making him look every bit of the 'man' he wanted to be. On a span of just under two minutes, three people have scurried over to the scene and were voicing out their concern. The first two were, at least with the third extremely youthful-looking girl preferring to stay by the sidelines and just spectate. Clutching his stomach, Warren struggled to poise himself up to a sitting position in a feeble attempt to salvage any shred of his quickly disintegrating dignity. But of course, true to the unspoken vow of the universe to humiliate him at any given turn, it wasn't that easy. A lone newspaper fluttered about, seemingly just riding the wind randomly.There was nothing unusual about it. Papers tend to do that. Basic logic, however, dictates that it should have been impossible for the sheets of paper to abruptly halt in midair and dive right into his face. But the newspaper did it anyway, convincing him that his body was now somehow made into a springboard for all intents and purposes. 


For a moment, only the gust of the wind could be heard. Warren bit his lower lip to restrain himself and the subsequent waterworks as he met the eyes of the audience that gathered out of nowhere. Legs sprawled on the dirt-laden ground, he shifted his gaze at the boy who hammered the final nail on the coffin of what should have been a blissful day for anime. He was about to confront him, or in Warren's words talk things through, but a pleasant female voice broke the silence. He wasn't actually sure if he could talk to someone who completely one-upped him without losing his composure so for that, she had his eternal gratitude.


"...dai...joubu desu ka...?" The girl asked, sounding a bit hesitant but genuine concern was still present in her tone.


"B-boku wa... gwenchanayo." He gulped, realizing that he just mishmashed two languages together. He cleared his throat to try again. "I mean I uh... I'm daijobu." He managed a small smile before handing over a loose page of the newspaper. He stood up and dusted himself off, facing the boy once more. "I'm sorry but... could you please tell me why you felt the need to nearly knock me out? Just so we're clear and all."

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"Ah ha... Sou desu... ne?" Amber nodded and muttered to herself as she retrieved her newspapers from the boy on the ground. 'Hey wait.. did he just speak English...?'

It wasn't long before he answered her question.

The boy stood up and turned to some other guy beside him.

"I'm sorry but... could you please tell me why you felt the need to nearly knock me out? Just so we're clear and all."




"Ahhhhhghhhghghghhhhh!!!!!!!!"    'It... couldn't... be!?' Amber turned to the other boy and was shocked. Amber thought that he looked oddfully familiar earlier but she dismissed it as the "Other-Race-Effect". Now that she's directly infront, he looked awfully similar to this person in the Detective Conan Forums which she had acquainted with. He is the real deal!  'Noooooo. If he recognizes me, my private life's over! I...probably need to get out of here!'


"Ahhhh hahaha! I...err... busy... need ... to ... run!" Amber smiles as she pretends to stumble over her English. "Shitsureshimasu!"


Amber turned slowly and unsuspiciously to leave. 

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Ari looked around as he arrived at Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. He mumbled, "Otaku? Meh... They aren't match for a gamer..." Despite that word, he probably needs some holiday right now from some useless political 'campaign' at his home-country. HE saw a commotion right there and he looked at someone in cherry red hair, wearing a flannel shirt with a black tank-top. "This is a guy or girl?"

(Otaku... Otaku...)

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"Daijobu, gaki?"

She recognized the two words: one from basic Japanese, and one from the constant annoyed word that spurt from Kogoro's mouth when Conan interferes. "Are you all right, brat?"

"B-b-brat?!" The knocked-out guy seemed older than the knocker-out, so she could see why he was shocked.

It was already weird enough, but an unexpected guest crashed in and added more to the weirdness: a random newspaper. It showed off first, doing a somewhat-gymastics routine before slamming in the boy's face.

"...dai...jo...bou...desu...ka?" A familiar voice was heard. It was the girl she had bumped into in her mantra-chanting daze.

"B-b-boku wa... gwenchanayo...."

She narrowed her eyes at the boy. He had invented a new language, which she dubbed "Japanean." "I mean... I'm daijobou." he followed up. Now it's Japanglish? Wait..."

"I'm sorry but... could you please tell me why you felt the need to nearly knock me out? Just so we're clear and all."

That confirmed it. These two boys were English-speakers. Just what she was looking for.

The other girl seemed to reel back. "I-errr...busy...need...to...run!"

Her narrowed eyes switched to the girl. She didn't sound Japanese, and there was a high probability that she knew how to speak English properly. She also acted like she knew the boys, but that was very unlikely.

The other spectators turned around and left, now that the issue was over, but she remained, silently staring at the two boys smooth things over.


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Aster Lawrence had knocked down one person on impulse and the universe had transpired all foreigners in Japan to stumble upon him. A girl with red hair came up behind him.
"Somethin' happenin?" She asked. Her question was quickly followed by a "Hey! Stop it! Fight against someone bigger than you!" wearing down his patience because '1. Obviously! 2. He's taller than me damn it!' And suddenly a newspaper floated out of nowhere and stuck the face of the boy on the ground.
"...dai...joubu desu ka...?" A girl popped up soon after. "B-boku wa... gwenchanayo." The boy replied. 'Mianhae- ya chaku man!' (Sorry- wait a moment!) Aster slapped his palm against his forehead, the entire language of his thinking automatically switching to Korean after the last word. 
"I mean I uh... I'm daijobu." The Korean-speaker-turned-English-Japanese managed a small smile before handing over a loose page of the newspaper to the girl. 'Huh, that much chopper merchandise would make Neechan drool.'
He stood up and dusted himself off and faced Aster. "I'm sorry but... could you please tell me why you felt the need to nearly knock me out? Just so we're clear and all."
"Pardon my rude behaviour good sir but anyone would be put on high alert if they heard such heavy steps coming from the other corner of the street. I'm not one to shy away from danger; I'd take it head on.  And I didn't have time to stop when I had already executed my Spinning Sonic Kick.
"Ahhhhhghhhghghghhhhh!!!!!!!!" The girl looked at Aster like she had seen a ghost. Actually she'd seen something much worse but Aster wouldn't tell her. She began mumbling in broken engrish before a "Shitsureshimasu!" and was about to take off when Aster grabbed her shoulder and turned her around.
"Doko de... konshyou shima...sshita des..ka?" (Where did you buy that?) Aster pointed to her chopper pouch. Hey for her Engrish it was a fair trade to be able to get away with broken Japanese. But it seemed like the girl was not listening to him, doing her best to hide her face. Aster let go before spinning around her with the same speed he knocked the other stranger down and stood in front of the girl.


'Let's see, less than 160 centimetres with reference to my own body, petite body frame, loaded with chopper chemise. Who does that remind me of?' He seemed to hit a realization and smiled at her like a chesire cat. Blood slightly drained from the girls' face.


"I have no idea who you are." He threw his hands up. The girls' frame relaxed slightly and she quickly took the opportunity to brush past him. 'On a scale of one to bananas, today I slayed...


"So boy, what brings you to Japan? And what's with the huge bag? Know how to read Japanese? Buy me something for breakfast though, I can't read and I don't want any meat. Fish is bearable but no meat." Aster began to fire questions and switched the conversation to both the boy who had yelled, the boy he kicked and the girl with the red hair.



That is Heksu, Niichan and Rukia respectively in the last sentence.

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