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So this is a thread where you can talk about the hottest games this season!



 1. Piano Tiles/Don't Step on the White Tile


2. 2048


3. Smash Hit (nah, I just see a lot of people playing this) 


  So...talk about the "trending" games (whether a phone game or a video game) here!

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Was thinking of bumping this thread up, before realizing I have absolutely no idea what games are trending right now.


I don't play app games at all, but from what I can gather the hype for 2048 seems to be dying down.  As for actual video games, I can't say there's anything people are getting really into.  E3 wasn't too long ago, and I know a lot of people are now looking forward to games coming out in the future.  I'm a Nintendo fanboy myself, and my profile pic and signature speak for themselves.


We'll see what starts to trend once the holiday season rolls back around... 

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There's an app called '2048 collection'.

And have you heard of this game called 'Another Case Solved'? It's about detective work!


I love this game I was actually addicted to it, though I stopped playing it lately

And I would definitely say fun run although its an old game (in 2013 I think) but I still play it alot

And there is the game mystery word (a word search game ) which have a new idea (making a word out of the remaining letters depending on the clue)

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