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Continuation of the continuation of Chapter 12


(fine, this mystery shall end in this continuation.I just wanted to end it, sorry for the bad ending guys...)


(At Danny's)


"Miss! I want curry!" Conan said in his kid voice. "Okay okay, coming right up!" the waitress said.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw 4 black figures in coats and hats. 

"Hey, Yuiki, I just saw 4 black figures in coats and hats, do you think there might be more than 1 kidnapper?" I whispered to Yuiki.

"Probably, hey wait, I think I remember this scenario, remember in that DC episode where Shinichi's parents dressed up as people and "kidnapped" him?" Yuiki said.

"Do you think that...my parents kidnapped themselves and left those notes, to see if I can solve the mystery?" I asked.

I got up and walked to the table those 4 were at and said, "hi Mom, hi Dad, hi Mr.Kudo, hi Mrs.Kudo.

One of the four took off their hat and pulled a gun out of their coat. [definitely not one of my parents or Shinichi's parents...]

"Shiki!" Yuiki yelled, everyone at my table [yeah my table...] stood up to defend me.


All of the four took off their hats and said, "idiot, you thought that we wouldn't have any firearms on us? You thought that we were PARENTS? We're NOT PARENTS we're a group of thugs!

"Shiki, you idiot!" Yuiki yelled [hmm...Yuiki seems to yell a lot...] I brought out my tonfas


i threw my STEEL tonfas at 2 of the thugs and took out another set of tonfas [yeah, I carry 3 sets of tonfas now.] I threw my STEEL tonfas at the last of the thugs, and they were knocked out. When I searched their bodies, I saw a note on them that said: The four of us have your parents, hint: they're in a dark place, with water in the middle of it, water dripping from above, and rats.

"Guys! The note says that they're in a dark place with water in the middle of it and water dripping from above and there are rats." I told the rest of them.

Conan and Heiji did their 'I figured it out!' look, "they must be at the sewers!" Heiji announced.


10 Minutes Later at the Sewers

"Let's split up, there are forks in this place, Conan and Yuiki come with me!" I said, "I guess...this is the rest of us." Sonoko said, (the group was: Sonoko, Ran, and Heiji)

My group took the left fork, there were lots of rats, Yuiki was scared of rats and held close to me, at the end of the fork was a single person,I couldn't see the face of the person, but when I got closer it was my mom, "this means...the end of the right fork has your dad!" Yuiki said.

I untied my mom and asked, "are you okay?" 

We walked back to the entrance and waited for Sonoko's Group.


Sonoko's Group

"It's so scary down here..." Sonoko and Ran said, Sonoko and Ran both held tight to Heiji.

"It feels like we've been walking forever!" Sonoko said.

"Hey look! I see a person!" Ran announced.

Their group untied my Dad and went back to the entrance.


"My uncle is setting up another gala, do you guys want to come? The gala is in...4 weeks." Sonoko told us.

All of us nodded. Yuiki got embarrassed by Kaito last time, she was mad angry to get revenge.

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Ch. 13

MeitanteiSnow/Yuiki's POV

(A/N: theownerer forgot about Kazuha, so I'm going to put her in Heiji's group, so she can watch over Heiji, Ran and Sonoko.)

*Before we met up with the other group*

The sewers were dark, wet and creepy. [Gross] I thought, as I let go of Shiki. I don't know why I clung to him, but it eased my fear of rats and bugs. Shiki's mother looked at me and said "Hello Yuiki-chan, nice to see you again." I looked back at her. "Aunt Kageyama, nice to see you again, too!" I continued. "I would like to know how you got kidnapped." Aunt Kageyama's face turned serious. "I was reading in the living room when I heard a click on the door. I thought Shiki's father had came home, so I went to the doorstep to greet him. When I went there, I saw a masked man on the doorstep, and I started I scream. But then he put something under my nose and I felt sleepy. When I woke up, I was tied up here.

Thank goodness you found me." I smiled. "That wasn't a problem. Shiki freaked out when you guys disappeared." I looked over at Shiki, but he avoided my eye contact. We walked for a couple minutes in silence until we saw a light. "Ah, we're there." I said. We saw other people there. It was Ran, Sonoko, Kazuha, Heiji and Shiki's father. Shiki ran towards them. "Dad! Are you okay?" Uncle Kageyama grinned. "Alive an' kickin'." (Don't forget, Shiki's family are from Osaka, so they have a Kansai accent. Since Shiki warped here, he doesn't have an accent.) Heiji glanced at us and said "It was a trouble findin' him, but we did it."

*30 mins later*

We were at the Metropolitan Police Department. Despite the agreement earlier about NOT going to the MPD, we ended up going, due to my threatening to use my staff insistence and Aunt and Uncle Kageyama's safety. Inspector Megure was furious for us going down, but also concerned for our safety since the culprits didn't know that Uncle and Aunt escaped. He agreed to let them stay at a hotel with bodyguards and will question them later. "Are you sure you don't want to stay at a hotel, too?" He asked. "I'm fine, besides we're all skilled in self-defence of some sort." I added. "Conan-kun and the boys are going to Uncle Mouri's, while the girls stay at my house. We're larger in numbers, too!"

Inspector Megure sighed in defeat. "Well, be careful." He warned. "We will!" I replied. All of us left the MPD and said our good-byes before heading off in different directions.

*Another 30 mins later: At Yuiki's House*

We were all gathered up in the living room, sitting and eating cake. We talked a bit about the upcoming gala again. "Hey, Yuiki. Do you think that Kid-sama will talk to me?" Sonoko asked. I choked on a Chocolate Cupcake, when I heard that. For some reason, I started feeling ticked off and started scarfing down cakes like it was nobody's business. I stopped eating my French Vanilla and looked at Sonoko. "I don't think so, but he might. He flirts with every girl he sees." Ran and Sonoko sweat-dropped. She's still mad about that dance. They thought. Both of them quickly changed the subject. This time I was munching on a Red Velvet when Kazuha asked "What's going on between you and Shiki?" I looked at her. "Huh?" Kazuha smiled slyly. "Ya know.... In a romantic way...." Sonoko and Ran leaned in a bit, like we were trying not to let anyone listen. "I do? Nope. I think of him as a brother....." I tilted my head. "Which is the same for Conan, Heiji and Shinichi. I think of them as my brothers. I also think of you guys as my sisters!" I smiled. Ran, Sonoko and Kazuha smiled. "We think of you as our sister, too!" They said in unison. We all laughed. Suddenly Sonoko stopped. "Hey, if you don't like Shiki, WHO do you like?!?" I immediately avoided eye contact and stared at my cake instead. "Eto..... Nobody." Ran and Kazuha stared at me. "You may be a great detective, but you cannot survive as a criminal. You can't lie properly!" Kazuha exclaimed. Ran, Sonoko and Kazuha continued to stare me down. "Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~" I quickly gulped down my cake and finally said "I like someone else..... But I'm not going to tell you! Good Night!" I ran upstairs and dove into my bed and pulled the covers over me. Ran, Sonoko and Kazuha quickly went to my room to get into their futons/sleeping bag. Let me tell you one thing, I did NOT sleep well that night, because they kept bugging me about the "mysterious person".

Meanwhile, Conan, Heiji and Shiki were talking about something else...

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Special Chapter, Worlds Collide!

My POV of the special Chapter: Worlds Collide!

A/N Yuki asked me to do this...so!...yeah...hmm...okay!...i typed a whole blog just now... this has nothing to do with the story and the story i'm relating this story to, okay?


"I'm home!" I said.

"This isn't even your home..." Mouri murmured. "Freeloaders...five freeloaders..." Mouri murmured again. 

"Five?" I asked, " I thought there were only four, Amuro,Conan,Yuiki, and me." I said. "Amuro's got a friend, his name is Sparrow. (...I  typed a whole blog im tired,ill continue tomorrow, for now enjoy the special chapter, as i will be working on more special chapters, i've been reduced, to a writer...now im just...a special writer.

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This ia NOT chapter. This is a note:

I'm going to post Ch. 15 first, theownerer is going to post his part of Ch. 14 later. Sorry for the confusing stuff.... ^_^

XD. THIS IS MY 100 POST! Yay! :D)

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Ch. 15

MeitanteiSnow/Yuiki's POV

(A/N: Yep, me again. I know...Anyways.... It's CHOCOLATE TIME!)

The alarm clock rang exactly at 7:00am. I got up and groaned. Sonoko got up complaining, while Ran just got up normally. Kazuha groaned and got up. "Why do I hafta get up so early? I'm on vacation." I laughed. "It's because you have to leave the house before we go." Kazuha grumbled and got up. Sonoko suddenly jumped. "IT'S VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!" She screamed. [Holu Chocolate] I thought as the volume of her screams rose. "Hey! Calm down! I know you're going to give chocolate to Makoto, today, but SERIOUSLY calm down." I said. Sonoko looked at me. "Fine, but when you make chocolate, save some for me." I smiled. "I always do. I never made those kind of chocolates. I make friendship chocolate." Sonoko laughed. "Friendship? Are you still in elementary? You should start finding a guy." I sighed. "Never mind. I knew this conversation was coming this way." I got up and got ready and went to the kitchen. I started making chocolate pancakes and used a cookie cutter to make them in shape of a heart. I also made toast and poured out milk in a cup for them. When they came down, they were stunned. I guess they were used to eating a traditional Japanese breakfast.... 

After we finished eating, Ran, Sonoko, Kazuha and I walked to Teitan High, dropping off Kazuha on the way at Uncle Mouri's place. I went to my shoe locker and opened it to change my shoes. Instead of shoes a mountain of letters came falling out. "Wha?" I stared at it. Sonoko and Ran came over. "Letters strike again." Sonoko said. Ran looked at me. "You forgot to bring a spare bag, today!" [so, this happens to me every year?] I changed my shoes and neatly put back the letter in. I walked to the classroom and checked in with the teachers and walked out, changing my shoes and taking a couple letters with me and putting them into my book bag.

I took a bus to Ekoda High, and got off. I stopped at the gate and looked at the school, fangirling on the inside. I took a deep breath, and walked in, going to the office. "Ah, Shirohana-san, just on time." The teacher said. "The guest show lockers are over there", pointing me into the direction of a row of shoe lockers. I went over there and changed my shoes. I walked back to the teacher who took me to the classroom and told me to wait outside. She then went inside to talk to the class about chocolate and stopped, when someone yelled at another person calling them "Bakaito" and a the other person yelling back "Aohoko". [No brainer. Kaito and Aoko with the mop.] I thought, as the teacher yelled at them. She then said more about a "special guest" and finally "Come in, Shirohana-san." I walked in and stood beside the podium. "Hajimemashite, watashi no namae wa Shirohana Yuiki. Yorushiku! (Translation: Nice to meet you, my name is Yuiki Shirohana. I look forward to working with you!) a student jumped up. "You're the Co-Detective of the East!" I smiled. "Yes, I am." The entire class "woah'd" while I scanned the room. My eyes landed on a person in the centre o the room. Maki Midorikawa. This was going to be fun....

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Its me now.Anyways...

Chapter 14 



(A/N Meitantei's post was...umm wrong... sorry for the confusing posts.



(When I was telling Heiji and Conan I'm not from here)




"Guys, I have to tell you something, Yuiki and I are not from here," I told Conan and Heiji, "Well of course ya ain't from here." Heiji said, "you're from Osaka!"

"Shh" Conan said. "well, Yuiki and I are not from here, we're from...well...just...a different dimension, one day Yuiki and I were on the computers talking to each other and we wished we were with you guys, then a bright light appeared in both of our rooms and we were warped to the park where you guys found us. I feel that someone is controlling us, walking us into the path he or she wants.


Conan and Heiji both nodded.


"So...yeah." I said.

"Now that we've solved this case, you guys should go back to Osaka." Conan suggested. "Now that I think about it...I got a case back in Osaka, the client asked for Mouri, so...I guess I will have to stay here..." Heiji said. "Hey! While we're here, lets go sightseeing, maybe first to Ekoda High, I heard they were getting someone to teach them how to make Valentine's cookies!" Heiji said. 

"Let's tell some stories! Detective stories!" I decided to say.


"Okay, here's one for ya, there's a slight chance that it was a case that both of us worked together on." Heiji went into deep thought. "Hmmm.... Here's one. There was this poor family with a son in the hospital. The dad kidnapped a rich girl so the son could have surgery, but then we figured it out before da money exchange was made. The dad went to jail and a couple months after the surgery, the son died. The doctors said if it was done sooner, the son coulda survived. The mom had commit suicide one year after the son's death, leaving the brother all alone.

I shot him a look, imitating Yuiki's signature glare. "Maybe. Hey, how old is the older brother now?" The brother was 13 when the younger kid died, and that happened 6 years ago, when we were 11. That was our fist case. So now the brother is 19." I groaned. "Are you kidding me? We have to deal with a 19 year old guy? Do you know those people are unpredictable?!?" Conan sweat-dropped. "THAT'S what you're worried about? What about your other family?" I replied. "Never mind. I'm sleepy. Let's figure this out tomorrow."


(Last parts copied from Meitantei's Chapter 14)



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That last post was short


Chapter 16



6:00 AM in the morning


I woke up to the sound of a alarm clock going off.

"Hey! Turn it offfffff..." said Heiji [who just...like died.].

I yawned, "wake up everyone, its time to go to learn how to make chocolates!!"


"SO EARLY, LET US REST!" Conan and Heiji said at the same time.


1 hour later


"OKAY! LETS GO VISIT EKODA HIGH!" said Conan and Heiji full of energy.

"So tired...so tired." I said to myself.


40 Minutes Later at Ekoda High


Conan and I saw the guest lockers while Heiji was walking around.

We changed our shoes while Heiji was still walking around minding his own business. "So Heiji, what class is being taught how to make chocolates?" Conan asked.

"Class...um, class 2-B." Heiji said forgetfully. "Who's teaching the class?" Conan asked. " I don't know." Heiji said.


We walked in the halls for about 5 minutes and finally reached Class 2-B.

From the doors I could hear words,  "Bakaito" "Aohoko" (Another no-brainer, they're in class, arguing."

Heiji was the first to step into the doors, "Hey is it really okay for us to be doing this?" I asked.

"Probably." Heiji said.


When Heiji opened the door, pencils and erasers flew at him. Erasers hit him in the eye.


[What's with us being HIS special guests, he doesn't even live here. I thought to myself]

Just when Heiji announced that I saw a familiar figure at the teacher's desk, then I recognized the figure, it was Yuiki.

"Yuiki!" I said, "you're the special guest teaching them make the chocolates?!?" I was shocked.

"Yeah, didn't I tell you?" she asked. "Nope." I responded.


"Woah look,  it's the Detective of the West and Co-Detective of the West, together in one PLACE!!!" some kids squealed.

"AND LOOK! ITS...HE...he looks so COOL AND CUTE AND...I LOVE HIMMM" some girls screamed and squealed at me.

"It's the Co-Detective of the East..." a boy said.


"Ahem, SO! I am Ms.Shirohana's friend, call me Heiji." Heiji said. "And these are my friends, the little one is Conan, the other detective is...well you know him, he's Kageyama Shiki." Heiji said.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kaito, Aoko, and Maki.


"Do you guys even know how to make chocolates?" I whispered to Conan and Heiji.

"No, we're just here to taste the chocolates the students make." Heiji whispered back.


I could see Yuiki raging at the teacher's desk. "Shiki, can you come outside for a second?" she asked me. I nodded.

"WHY ARE YOU HERE!?!?!" she demanded to know.

"Heiji wanted to come to taste chocolates." I explained. [Man...Yuiki's scary.]

Yuiki pulled out her staff, " I asked why YOU came here" she asked again [sO SCARY...SO SCARED....IM SORRY YUIKI!!!]

"I  wanted to learn how to make chocolates for the person I love." I responded.


5 minutes after Yuiki's Torture Time


"Class, I will now begin explaining how to make chocolates." Yuiki said, her voice was a bit shaky. Yuiki made me stand next to her because this was the first time she taught a class, she was nervous.

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Continuation of Ch. 16

MeitanteiSnow/Yuiki's POV

[sHIKI WA BAKA!!!!!!!] I was so ticked off. He was supposed to be solving that case and instead, he was here. I JUST WANTED A DAY AWAY FROM HIM, IS IT TOO MUCH A WISH TO GRANT?!? I didn't tell him about the chocolate workshop, so he wouldn't come bother me.... But there he is! I took a deep breath and let it all go. I needed to regain my composure. [He's going to distract all the girls from making chocolate.] I thought as I went back into the classroom.

"Okay, class!" I said, smiling. "These are my chocolate tasters for today. As you know, the Co-Detectives of the West, which is Shiki and Heiji. This is Conan Edogawa, which you have seen several times in the news, from the Detective Boys and is known as the 'Kid Stopper'". I paused and waited for the "awwww, how cute" to stop. "Be sure to save a piece for them." Conan grinned. "CHOCOLATE!" He said in the babyish voice, earning more "KA-WA-II!" In return. I laughed and took out bars of chocolate. I have some to Shiki, Heiji and Conan to hand out. I started handing some out, looking up to smile every time. As I handed out a bar of chocolate in the back, a voice said "Nice to see you again, Yuiki-san. I trust that you had a wonderful time back in England?" I looked up in surprise, and saw Saguru Hakuba for the first time since I got here. I had forgotten that he was a student here.... [Oops...] I smiled at him. "Hello Hakuba-kun, nice to see you again, too! I have a great time in England. Do you know what time is it? I asked, teasingly. He smirked and said "8 hours and 45 minutes, 7 seconds and 52 milliseconds." I laughed. "Timely as always." I moved on, handing out chocolate. In the corner of my eye, I saw Shiki handing chocolate bars to Maki, Kaito, and Aoko. He had a weird look on his face. I handed out a bar of chocolate to a girl with familiar long, red hair. "Hello, what is your name?" Knowing fully well what it is. The girl answered. "Koizumi Akako." I smiled. "What a beautiful name!" I said. Akako smirked and flipped her hair. "Thank you." She said, and all the guys around her, including Shiki, Heiji and Conan blushed. [Oh, that's right.... Nobody can resist the charm of Akako, except Kaito....] I thought.... [Yikes, if Kazuha saw this, she's going to be mad....]

After we gave out the bars of chocolate, I turned to the class and said "Okay, turn on your portable stove and boil the water. While the water boiled, open the chocolate bar and DON'T EAT IT. Instead, chop it to small pieces and put it in a metal bowl." A student stood up. "Ms. Shirohana, why do we put it in a metal bowl?" He asked. "Metal conducts heat, so when you put the bowl on top of the water, the heat from the steams heats the bowl quickly and melts the chocolate easily." I replied and smiled. The student blushed. [Oops...] "You all don't have to be so formal. You can call me Yuiki!" I added, to the class. "After the water boils, put the metal bowl on top of the pot....."

*30 mins later, after the chocolate is put into moulds*

The bell just rang, signalling for break. "Hey, come help me put these chocolate into the fridge!" I called to Shiki, Heiji and Conan. They obediently came to help me.

After putting it in the fridge, they went outside to play soccer. I went back to the classroom to finish cleaning up. There were still students in there. The girls were playing a "Guess what song is this?" Game. "Okay, what song is this?" A girl said and she started to sing: (Lyrics don't belong to me)

"Kakeochi nakushiteshimatta

Saigo no KOMPONENTO wo

Sagashite haruka na hoshi wo tadori

Nijiiro ni somaru sora no hate....."

"Oh, oh! I know! 'Zoetrope' by Nagi Yanagi!" Another called. "Yep!" The first girl said. I get a pang of sadness overcome me. Zoetrope was one of my favourite songs. Thinking about songs reminded me about how my singing sounded now. My vision started blurring, because tears were coming out. I walked out of the room, passing by Aoko and telling her "I'm heading to the roof, okay? I'll be back by the end of break.". Aoko nodded. I ran all the way to the roof and found a corner with a view of the city and started crying. Minutes later, the door opened and someone walked out. "What is it, Shiki? I'm not in a mood to talk to you now." A voice replied. "I am not Kageyama-kun." [That voice sounds familiar....] I thought as I turned around and looked at the owner of the voice. It was......


Domo Arigatou, TheLover!

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Ch. 17

MeitanteiSnow/Yuiki's POV (again)

(A/N: There might be a little bit of Hakuba x OC, here, so if Hakako don't like it, you can skip it. It's just a story of how Yuiki got her singing voice back. Oh, if you read it, Hakuba is a bit OOC)


I ran all the way to the roof and found a corner with a view of the city and started crying. Minutes later, the door opened and someone walked out. "What is it, Shiki? I'm not in a mood to talk to you now." A voice replied. "I am not Kageyama-kun." [That voice sounds familiar....] I thought as I turned around and looked at the owner of the voice. It was....

Hakuba. Him of all people. I didn't want anyone to see me cry, least of all, guys. I stared at him in embarrassment and then turned around and continued looking at the city. He stood there for a moment and walked towards me slowly. When he finally reached me, he sat down beside me and waited. "Why are you here alone?" He asked. "Because I want to." I replied, not caring if I was rude or not. "Why do you want to?" He asked. His gentle voice was starting to break me. "I lost my singing and I'm here all alone." I finally said. He smiled and said "If you want to, why don't you cry? Everyone need to let some sadness go." I finally broke and started crying in front of him. He put an arm around my shoulder and I leaned into the crook of his neck. All the tears I held in since I got here came out. The inability to go home, never being able to see my family. The loss of my singing voice. The mysterious person leading us everywhere. The cases happening before us to make sure we can't get home. Everything came out.

After minutes of crying, I finally settled down. I pulled away from Hakuba and smiled. "Arigatou, for being here for me. Sorry if I got your uniform wet...." He smiled. "Don't worry about it. Anything goes for a friend." He then frowned. "You lost your singing, you say?" I nodded. "Yes, I did. I can't song another note perfectly." I demonstrated and it came out off tune, just like the time I knocked out that criminal by accident. Hakuba winced and I laughed. "It's bad, isn't it?" He nodded. "Yeah, a bit." I stopped laughing. "You don't have to lie. You can tell me anything." Hakuba replied. "Yes, I can. I can also tell you that I can fix it." I gasped. "Omigosh, really?!?" He nodded. "First, you sing in all the middle and high range, right?" I nodded. . Hakuba spoke again. "I've never heard you sing, but your friend Mouri-san has highly praised you of your singing to me before." I blushed. "S-She has?" He smiled. "Yes, but first things first. Your singing. Sit up straight, take a deep breath and start singing the scale." I nodded. "Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do!" Hakuba winced all the way through. "Uhhh, not bad... Try again." I tried for 4 more times. "Okay, you're getting better." He stopped wincing and started listening. "Take a drink of water and try again." I did what he said.

*10 mins of singing scales*

"Okay, you're back to your singing voice again." He said. "Yay!" I shouted. "I'm going to try singing something. Tell me if it's bad."

I started singing Hoshiboshi no Watadori by Nagi Yanagi (Only doing the first couple phrases. Lyrics don't belong to me):

"Me no mae ni hirogaru hoshi no umi wo watatteiku

Toritachi no kage

Sotto chijou miokuru

Kirei na hako ni gyutto tsumekonda

Kinou made no omoi wo hakonde

Doko made tabi shiyou

Sorezore ni chigau ikisaki wo kimete

Awai kotoba mirai ni kaeru tame no kidou wo sagashiteru

Takaku natta shisen

Kyoushitsu no sumi ni kakushita himitsu no kotoba wo

Oboete iyou zutto

Sou shite natsukashii kioku ni naru made tobou"

After I was done, Hakuba was staring at me. "That was.... Really good." I smiled. "Thanks." I ran over to him and gave him a hug. "Thanks for teaching me!" He blushed and hugged me back. I suddenly pulled away and took a step back. "I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry." Hakuba smiled. "It's okay." The door creaked behind me. "Okay, come out. You've been caught!" I said. Shiki, Conan and Heiji came out. "Oops." They said.

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Ch.17 Cont. (Meitantei, when you read this, I WANT TO TYPE THE LAST LAST CHAPTER, okay? Thank you. Just one question, do you really have a good singing voice?)



"Okay, come out. You've been caught!" Yuiki said. Conan, Heiji, and I came out. "Oops." we said.

"Don't mind the small stuff Yuiki." I told her. "Besides, you've got a great singing voice" Heiji said.

Conan and I nodded.

"I just want ONE day away from Shiki..." Yuiki murmured. 




We heard the bell ring again.

"Guess it's time to go back in, Shiki, Heiji, and Conan help me get the chocolates out of the fridge." Yuiki said.





"Okay class, with your chocolates in molds... 


30 more minutes of explaining and doing.


"Okay class, you've finished making a chocolate heart, now you can decorate with anything you like."

"While you were making your chocolates I made a 'friendship' chocolate for everyone here." Yuiki said.

Yuiki passed one out to everyone.

"Hey Yuiki....my chocolate...it's...a little it different from the rest." I said to Yuiki.

"Well...it's a special chocolate for detectives like you,Heiji, and Conan..." Yuiki said, her voice sounded irritated, like she was mad at me,Heiji, and Conan for coming.

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Chapter 18


My POV (Meitantei told me to post AGAIN, so...doing this at 12 AM july 9th 2013...why do u torture me Meitantei...MOVING ON! Expect updates on my newest story today in a few hours. This chapter won't be long. it's just the start of a new chapter and arc and no murders in the bathroom this time.)


2 months from the last chapter in a car heading to a place unknown to me (the character ME)


"Where are we going?" I asked. "What do you mean where we're going?!?! We're going to see my Kid-sama of course!" Sonoko said.

"Well, what's being showcased?" I asked, "did you forget already? I told you two months ago, it's...(Yuki! HELP IDK WHAT THE NAME SHOULD BE help me please...or if you guys want to pick, msg me!)


10 Minutes Later


"We're finally here. Let's go inside." Sonoko said. "Where does he get the money for this?" I whispered to Yuiki. Yuiki shook her head. 

"Who wants to take a tour of the place?" Sonoko asked once we were inside. No one raised their hands, "okay, let's go to the ballroom first."


At the Ballroom


[Wow...as fancy as usual.]


And...done...I'm too lazy to do more.

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Continuation of Ch. 17

MeitanteiSnow/Yuiki's POV

(A/N: The post above made by theownerer is for a preview of Ch. 18)

[Omigod, Shiki. Just accept the chocolate and not make a big deal out of it!!! It's just a chocolate. For fellow detectives.] I thought as Hakuba called me over. "Hey, Yuiki-san, my choclate is different..." He trailed off. I fought the urge to roll my eyes. "It's a special chocolate for my detective friends. What were you thinking it as? A confession?" I teased and laughed a bit. Hakuba turned to the side and looked away. [Huh? Is he blushing? Haha, he must be embarrassed because he thought wrong.] "Anyways, see you later." I said as I waved as walked away.

I walked towards Maki and asked her. "Do you like the chocolate?" I asked. She smiled sheepishly. "I don't like chocolate." She said. I smiled. "It's okay. I'll give you something else next time." I replied. "ANYWAYS, can you accompany me to the roof? I need to tell you something." Maki nodded and excused herself from her friends. She followed me all the way to the roof. When the door closed after her, I turned around and narrowed my eyes at her. "I know you are not from here." I said. Maki froze. "Huh?" She said. "I know you don't belong in this world. You act like you are trying to fit in." Maki dropped her head in defeat. "Yeah, I don't belong here. I come from a different world. I was on a website-" I interrupted. "A website called 'Detective Conan World' right? It's a fansite where in your world, this world is an anime." I smirked. "I also know that your screen name is Boring-freak!" I 'deduced'. Maki stared at me. "How do you know?" She exclaimed. I couldn't hold my laughter in anymore and bursted our laughing. "Nice to see your anime self." I said. Maki's mouth dropped open. "Yuki-senpai?!?" She shouted. (A/N: Boring-freak is real and she really calls me Senpai on my profile feeds.) I laughed. "Yeah, it's me." Maki laughed along. "So, you're a detective in here? Your wish came true! Who else is here?" I smiled. "Theownerer. He's Shiki Kageyama." Boring-freak's eyes widened. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?" I stopped laughing. "Why?". She replied. "I actually thought it would be Shirayuki." (A/N: That's snowflake, another real member here.) "I actually didn't think of it." I said. "She probably could be here...." I trailed off.

I changed the subject. "I know you are Kid's accomplice. I met you at the gala, remember? Oh! Did you acquire any special abilities when you got here?!? Are you related to Kid in some way? When did you arrive?!?" I rambled on with my questions. Maki held up a am hand to stop me. "Hold it! Let me answer one by one." She said. "I remember you from the gala. The special abilities when I got here was I could shoot a gun and fight using Aikido, like Kazuha. I am Kaito's cousin and his accomplice. I was warped here several day after you went missing." She answered all my questions.

*20 mins later*

We were all caught up with our adventures and we shared our suspicions about the culprit. We guessed that it could be a member from DCW. Maki said she would help is from Kid's side and I would help out from the detective's side and try from the Black Organization's side by getting close to Tooru Amuro. We didn't plan on telling Shiki, because it seemed like he is hiding something from us. I don't think I can trust him.....

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Chapter 18



2 months from the last chapter in a car heading to a place unknown to me (the character ME)


"Where are we going?" I asked. "What do you mean where we're going?!?! We're going to see my Kid-sama of course!" Sonoko said.

"Well, what's being showcased?" I asked, "did you forget already? I told you two months ago, it's...(Yuki! HELP IDK WHAT THE NAME SHOULD BE help me please...or if you guys want to pick, msg me!)


10 Minutes Later


"We're finally here. Let's go inside." Sonoko said. "Where does he get the money for this?" I whispered to Yuiki. Yuiki shook her head. 

"Who wants to take a tour of the place?" Sonoko asked once we were inside. No one raised their hands, "okay, let's go to the ballroom first."


At the Ballroom

[Wow...as fancy as usual.]

Just when we were about to leave, someone came to the center of the floor and said " ladies and gentlemen!" the man said. He put his hand on his shirt and ripped it off (literally he RIPPED it off.).

When the man had finished ripping his shirt off he revealed a white top hat and white clothes and white pants [Kid made his appearance already...ugh...].

"Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to witness a trick, the room that holds the Sea Maiden is protected with everything that could stop me, but yet, follow me and see a trick." Kaito announced.


Outside of the room that holds the Sea Maiden


"Watch me now as a float up and into the room not being touched by the inferred lasers!" Kaito said. "Hey! Somebody stop him!" some guy said from the back of the room. "We can't! We can't go past inferred lasers!" some other guy said from the front of the room.


"Hey...look, he really isn't stepping on the ground he's just...floating." people whispered to themselves.


"We'll get him when he is leaving the room" I whispered to Ran,Yuiki, and Conan.

"Tackle him when he gets out." I continued.

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Continuation of Ch. 18

MeitanteiSnow/ Yuiki's POV

[Are you seriously kidding me?!? One heist after another.... *cue irk mark*] I thought as we readied ourselves. Before we could do anything, Kid took the jewel and disappeared, leaving pink smoke everywhere. The infrared lasers turned off and Shiki, Conan and I ran to go check, only for them to run ahead while I tried to with a dress and flats. [sonoko....... ] I thought as I looked down to what I was wearing. Knee length, middle sleeve baby blue dress, with frills that appeared after a belt on the waist and a layer of white tulle that showed underneath. Before we left, she had shoved a package each to Shiki and I and ordered us to go change. She claimed the owner was there and they were extremely special guest. [Well, whip cream that....] I thought.

We went to the case. There was nothing-no evidence at all there. No marks, not even a dust bunny. It was like the whole thing disappeared. [Oh, crud] I thought, until a thought hit me. "Shiki, I'll be right back." Shiki looked at me and asked. "Why?". I rolled my eyes. "I need to go to the washroom." Shiki turned blank. "Oh...." I nodded. "Yeah." And turned away to go to the washroom. After I reached the washroom door, I turned to see if Shiki was still watching (He wasn't) and ran away from the door. I started searching for a teenage girl with a light green dress. That's right, I'm looking for Midorikawa Maki. We had traded numbers the day I revealed myself to her. We had planned to meet here, but we didn't specify the location. I finally spotted that green dress and almost ran there, but then tripped and started to fall to the ground. I closed my eyes, waiting to hit hard ground, but it never came. I slowly opened my eyes to see what happened, but it met blue eyes in front of me. I took a step back and stared. It was a blond, foreign teenage boy and he was very, cute. I blushed and said "I'm sorry." He smiled. "That's alright." [Oh, I'm supposed to look for Maki, I forgot!] I thought as I mentally face-palmed myself. I started to walk away, but then, remembering that Kid was goin to escape, I turned back and said "Sorry for what I'm about to do." And pinched his cheek. "OW!" The guy said. "Sorry, but I have to do this to check of you were Kid, but you're obviously not, because you have no mask." I turned and walked away, heading towards that green dress.

I had finally reached Maki, and we had talked about the "Mysterious person" that sent us here. She had gotten nothing and so have I. "Hey, did you get close to Amuro yet?" She asked. "Nope, I wasn't near the Mouri Detective Agency for the last two months. By the way, can you believe we've been here for two months already?!?" I replied. The kidnapping case was successfully closed and the 19- year old brother went to jail. Shiki's parents gave us a hug and told Shiki to go back to them if he ever needed to quit sleuthing. I almost laughed at that memory, because his "mom" wouldn't let him go. "Yuiki.... YU-I-KI?!?" I heard Maki say, and I snapped out of my daydream. "I have to go, Kaito's looking for me. We need to complete the last part of the heist, which is the end of the gala." I nodded. "Okay, I have to go to, Shiki's gonna wonder where I am."

I went back to the scene of the crime, where Shiki and Conan were. To my surprise they weren't there! Sonoko suddenly appeared beside me. "There you are, where were you? We are waiting for you!" She dragged me to a new spot where Shiki and Conan were standing. "The owner's representatives wants to meet you three, because you guys are famous in here." She said and then giggled and whispered to me. "One of them is quite cute, Yuiki. If you don't want him, I'll take him." I looked at her. "Huh?" She smirked. "Nothing..." She said as she led us to a area, where there was two people waiting. It was a pretty blond girl and I could already tell that Shiki was infatuated with her. The other person was the blond guy I bumped into earlier. I gasped and the person smiled. They were both about our age, except the guy looked older. We walked up to them and Sonoko introduced us. "Yuiki, Shiki, this is the owner's representatives for tonight. The Prince and Princess of Hoseki! The owner is their father, who unfortunately couldn't come today. (A/N: Hoseki means jewels, but I couldn't think of a better name and in this situation, Hoseki is a country.) The Princess curtsied. "My name is Princess Stella. Nice to meet you." Shiki quickly replied. "Kageyama Shiki. Nice to meet you all." The Prince watched me in curiosity. He took my hand and kissed it and said. "My name is Prince Joshua. Nice to meet you, Shirohana Yuiki." [so, the guy I bumped into was the PRINCE. AND I PINCHED HIM!!!!!!! Holy chocolate!!!!] I slowly processed that thought..... "Nice to meet you too, Prince Joshua, but how do you know my name?" I finally said. He smiled mysteriously. He spoke again, and his next question startled all four of us. (Sonoko, Shiki, the princess and I)

"Would you dance with me?"

"EHHHH?!?" (My answer, obviously.)

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Continuation of the Continuation of Ch. 18

MeitanteiSnow/Yuiki's POV

(A/N: theownerer told me to post again, because he wants to find out what happens next.....)

"Would you dance with me?"

My response, along with Sonoko was "EHHHHH?!?" [Yep, reeeal smooth, Yuiki.] I started blushing profusely, while Sonoko pouted and nudged me. "Why do you always get the cute ones?" She whispered. "Ummmm...... I don't know?" On the other hand, Shiki and Princess Stella weren't paying attention to us and having their own really deep conversation. [Wow, way to ignore a friend when she's in need of help....] I glanced back at Prince Joshua with his hand extended to me and just to be polite, I took it and he led me to the dance floor. 

In the corner of my eye, I saw Sonoko scurry to Ran, Maki passing by and watching me and reporters walking around. [Oh no, I hope they don't catch us dancing, or else we'll make headlines....] I paled as I thought about it: Co-Detective of the East Catches the Eye of a Prince! Prince Joshua smiled at my distress. "It's okay, they won't catch us." I looked back at him. "Why do you think that?" The music started and I couldn't hear his reply. We danced to a couple songs, then we went to get drinks and go to the balcony. We closed the balcony doors and talked for a long time. Prince Joshua and I had similar taste in books, opinion and food. (A/N: Random stuff here) I glanced at the clock and it showed 10:00 pm. "Oh! I have to go!" I said and quickly stood up. "I have to go get Conan and Shiki to prepare for that final show Kid mentioned. Please excuse me, Prince Joshua!" He smiled. "It's okay, be careful. You can call me Joshua, or Josh, because Prince is too uptight." I smiled back. "See you later, Josh!" I ran back to the ballroom. [Now to find Shiki......] I looked around for him, but he was nowhere! [What the cupcake is going on right now?] I spotted Sonoko and went to her. "Where did Shiki go?" I demanded. She smirked. "How was your time with the Prince?" She asked. "NOT THE TIME, I'll tell you later." I replied. Sonoko laughed. "I don't know where Kageyama is. Ask Conan or Ran." I looked for Ran and saw her with Conan. They hadn't seen Shiki, too. Where are you, Shiki? The show's about to start soon! 

All of a sudden, there was a Big Bang and pink smoke came out again. "Ladies and Gentlemen!" A voice called out and somewhere, Sonoko fangirled. [Argh, too late, Shiki's gonna miss it.] I thought. Conan was beside me in an instant and we ran up the stair to the upper balcony. Kaito was apparently standing there with Maki, while the Kid downstairs was a dummy, obviously. Kaito was using a transmitter and speaker to make his voice sound from the dummy. I stared at him, wondering why he would do that. "Is the Pandora here?" I asked. Kaito looked surprised. Conan looked perplexed. "It's obvious why you would do that. You want to lure the people out, right? Or else you wouldn't need to release that dummy." I stated. Kid nodded. "Yeah, this is another candidate for Pandora. There's something inside the jewel, but it doesn't turn red when I hold it up to the moonlight." Conan didn't question me on why I knew that, and something crossed my mind. "Could Shiki have told them about our situation?"

(Finish for me, theownerer!)

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You know what, im bored of saying continuation of the continuation of the continuation of whatever chapter. It will now be known as...CCC18, or if its continuation of the continuation of Chapter 18, it'll be CC18, or continuation of chapter 18, C18.

I'm not able to make long chapters anymore, Yuki does that, I do short chapters.




Somewhere far away from Yuiki.


[ugh, I can't believe I got lost...]

"Yuiki!" I called out. "Conan, Ran!!"


Several Minutes Later of Running Up Stairs


When I had finally come up to the roof, I saw others coming up.

It was Kaito! When I saw him emerge my animal instinct came on and I tackled him.


"Shiki!" Yuiki yelled still chasing Maki. 

"Tantei-kun, good job catching me" Kaito said trying to sound all cool. "Now, if only you could keep me like this!" Kaito yelled.

Kaito's body suddenly deflated and a shadow above me appeared. I looked above and saw Kaito.


"Put down Pandora, Kaito!" I yelled.

"Okay, Tantei-kun" he dropped it, [Kaito's still the same..he can't steal.] pink smoke exploded out of Pandora.

Through the smoke I could see little images in the distant sky flying away.


Yuiki was still coughing.

"Shiki, why are...you up...here?" she asked while still coughing

"I got lost and decided to come up to the roof, but then you guys came up here."

"That was the candidate for Pandora...Kaito must have wanted to take it to look at it more..." Conan said, getting sleepy-eyed.


"Where are the others?" I asked, "downstairs in the ballroom somewhere, we told them to stay just in case Kaito escaped down there again." Yuiki responded.


"What should we do now?" Yuiki asked. "Kaito usually leaves the valuable item behind.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a black and white card.

I went over and picked it up, it said; To:Yuiki. "Yuiki!" I yelled, "you have mail!" I continued, I looked down the paper and saw; From: Maki. "you got mail from Maki!" I said.

She nodded and came over here. I gave the card to her and she read it in her head. "What does the card say?" I asked her when it looked like she was finished reading. "Nothing much." she said in response.


[ Something important is written on that card, important enough that Yuiki wouldn't tell me...hmm...]

[Could she be hiding things from me?!?!]


"Shiki can you come here?" Yuiki asked me, I nodded, "what?" I asked. "Did...did you tell them about what happened to us?" she asked.

I shook my head like I didn't know what she was even TALKING about.



(finish Meitantei!!)

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Continuation of the Continuation of the Continuation of the Continuation of Ch. 18

(A/N: Yeah, I know.)

[shiki, you are an absolute liar. Even Maki figured it out.] "TELL ME THE TRUTH." I demanded. Shiki paled but kept shakin his head. "I swear I didn't!". I sighed. "Well, whatever. We have to go return the jewel, but first..." I went over to pick up the Sea Maiden and breathed condensation on it. (A/N: A reference from DC OVA 10: Kid on Trap Island. Kid explains a way to find out if a diamond is real or fake by breathing condensation on it. If it fades fast, it's real.) the fog immediately disappears, so Shiki took it from me and held it up to the moon. There was a flash, but nothing. I sighed a took the jewel back. "Let's go return it." We went downstairs to give the jewel back. After Shiki went back to Sonoko and Ran, while I stayed behind a took the card out:


Shiki told Conan and Heiji about our situation. He didn't include me, because we didn't meet yet. Meet me at Teitan Elementary beside the animal houses. Change into something less elegant. •~•

Don't tell Shiki. We can't trust him. Make sure nobody follows us.


I folded the note and went back to Ran and Sonoko. "I don't feel very well. I'm going back first." I said. "Huh?" Shiki said. "Awwww..... What about your prince and the dance?" Sonoko said and Shiki looked up. "What prince?" Sonoko smirked. "While you were infatuated with your beloved princess, Yuiki became a candidate for the wife of the crown prince of Hoseki." Shiki dead-panned. "What?" He said, eyes bugging out. I laughed nervously. "Anyways, I'm going. See you tomorrow." I started to walk off and Ran stopped me giving me her key so I can drop off the dress at her house. As I was heading to the entrance, Sonoko screamed at me. "DON'T FORGET TO TELL ME THE DETAILS ABOUT YOU AND PRINCE JOSHUA TOMORROW!" I cringed and walked faster.

Suddenly a hand grabbed my arm and spun me around. "Yuiki-chan, where are you going?" A voice said. I looked up and saw Prince Josh. "Ah! Josh-kun! I have to go. Sorry." I pulled away quickly and ran off, ignoring the calls he gave me. I went into a taxi and ordered him to drive me home. I quickly changed and dropped off the dress I borrowed from Ran in her room and walked to Teitan Elementary. While walking, I thought. [Did Shiki talk to them about everything?]

(Start Ch. 19, theownerer!)

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Chapter 19* typo...i put 9 instead of 19...


[Hmm, I wonder what's wrong with Yuiki, storming off like that.] 

"It's late, I think I'm gonna go back home" I told Ran and Sonoko.

I walked outside of the doors and went into a taxi, asking the driver to drive me home.


When I arrived, I changed my clothes to more comfortable clothes.

I saw Yuiki's dress on Ran's bed in Ran's room, and then I noticed a corner of something...I went closer and took it out and it was a piece of paper! [Hey...isn't this the same note I gave to Yuiki? She tried to hide it...]

I unfolded the note and read it.

(A/N the note is like under her dress, it's ALMOST hidden under the dress.)


Shiki told Conan and Heiji about our situation. He didn't include me, because we didn't meet yet. Meet me at Teitan Elementary beside the animal houses. Change into something less elegant. •~• 
Don't tell Shiki. We can't trust him. Make sure nobody follows us.


[...........I know about you, Maki, Teitan...]

I quickly slipped the note back in the dress and walked to Teitan Elementary.



When I arrived, I could overhear talking, I walked closer and hid behind a wall.

"So what do we do now?" Yuiki asked. [it seems the conversation just started.] 

"Maybe we should..." I walked in on their conversation and said "yo." Yuiki looked over and she looked angry, "OKAY... SHIKI HOW DID YOU KNOW?!?!"

"Well, I found a note in under your dress, telling YOU to come here and that You and Maki don't trust me."


"Well, you told Conan and Heiji about the situation we're in." Maki said. "Well...won't we need help to find out about the one who made us come here?" I said.


Meitantei finish for me

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Continuation of Ch. 19

MeitanteiSnow/Yuiki's POV

(A/N: This is gonna be a plot change.)

"You told Shinichi and Heiji AFTER I told you not to!" I started to yell at Shiki. "Why would you do that?!? You going to endanger their lives!" Shiki replied. "What lives? They're anime characters, right?" He said. I was growing increasingly irritated. "In our world they are, but we're in THEIR world. We're also endangered. We don't need to drag them along with us when they have trouble with the BO!!!" I told him. Maki tapped on my shoulder. "I don't think you should yell 'BO' that loud, senpai." I looked at Maki. "Oops." I turned back to Shiki. "Shiki, I trusted you not to tell them. Why would you do that?" Shiki was at a loss for words. "I-I... Uhhh." I looked at him straight in the eyes. "That's enough. I think we should work alone. I'm going to try and get information out of Amuro, while you work under your influences as the Co-Detective of the West. I think it's best for us." Shiki was stunned. "Wha?! Wait, what do you mean?!?" I turned away and walked out of Teitan Elementary. [Maybe I shouldn't have done that, but it's for the best.] I walked all the way to Beika park and sat down on a bench. [Now I'm all alone.... Maki's with Kaito, Shiki's with Heiji, and I can't work with Conan and Heiji.] All those pangs of homesickness and loneliness finally got to me and I started to feel tears coming out. "What? Tears? Why?" I whispered, astounded. I finally realized the situation around me and I broke down, sobbing silently. 

** From the criminal's POV**

Typing on the computer, he watched as Yuiki yelled at Shiki. He watched as she walked off to Beika Park and started crying. "Hehehehe, everything's going along the plan." He said. He suddenly stopped, watching the screen as a person walked towards Yuiki. "Wait! What? That wasn't along the plan. What is HE doing there?" 

**Back to Yuiki's POV**

"Yuiki-chan?" I heard a voice say. I turned around, with my staff in hand. "Whoa! Wait.... Yuiki, are you crying?" It was Josh. "Wait, Josh?" I said. "How did you find me?" I asked. Josh smiled. "I have my ways. As in I saw you on the park bench when I was going back to my hotel room." I laughed. "Yuiki, if I may ask, why are you crying?" I smiled through my tears. "Just a little argument with Shiki." He nodded. "Ohh..... I see.... Do you want to come with me?" I nodded. "Sure, but why?" He smiled. "My sister wants to meet you. She never had a chance to talk to you after being occupied with your friend." I smiled again. "Sure, why not?" Josh smiled back. He led me to his car, and his security guards braced themselves, looking at me. i looked back, intimidated. Josh held up his hand. "She's a friend." He said and the guards relaxed. He helped me into his car and then went inside an sat next to me. "Stella's waiting back at the hotel room. We'll be there in 15 minutes." He said. The car drove off, while my thoughts were still lingering about the fight with Shiki.

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Continuation of Ch. 19

MeitanteiSnow/Yuiki's POV

(A/N: SQUUUUUUUEEEE! Over 1,000 view! Thanks for reading this. This chapter is super important and looooong.... :))

*15 minutes later*

"We're there." A voice called out. "Yuiki-chan, Yuiki?" The voice called out again. I snapped out of my stupor and looked for the source. There it was. "Ah, Josh, sorry, I wasn't paying attention. What were you saying?" He smiled, not bothered by repeating the sentence again. "I said, we're here." He got out of the car first and held out his hand to me. I took it and he helped me out of the car. I looked at the hotel and was in shock. The hotel was the most expensive one in the city. Being here in Detective Conan for two months, was surprisingly easy to get used to fast. I went to school, ate dinner at home, did homework , and investigated about our situation at night. Even with most of the investigation, Maki, Shiki and I were stumped. Then came the fight. I didn't know that Shiki told Conan and Heiji. I had felt something was weird every time they looked at me, like they were sad, and determined. [Yeah, right. They were sad that I wasn't real and determined to get me out of here.]

Those things were only a bit of my thought when I walked into the hotel. The people at the front desk bowed at the Josh when he walked in, and stared at me when we were walking away. [Oh, yeah, he's wearing something fancy, and I'm wearing casual clothes.] I glanced down on what I was wearing. Capris, t-shirt with Kuromi on the corner and converses. A problem in a high-class hotel. Josh looked at me and saw me staring at my clothes. "Don't worry, you look fine." He said and led me up to the penthouse. His sister was sitting on the couch in the living room. She smiled at me and motioned for me to sit beside her. I took off my shoes and sat next to her. Josh also took off his shoes, but he went somewhere else.

Stella started speaking. "Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Stella de la Diamante. Nice to meet you." I smiled. "Hi, my name is Yuiki Shirohana. Nice to meet you too, Princess Stella." Stella held up a hand. "Please. Call me Stella, and in return, I'll call you Yuiki." I grinned. "Okay, Stella-chan!" Stella grinned too. We started talking about a lot of things, such as girl stuff, food, and cute stuff. Josh joined us later on, which made us change the subject to less girl-like, to the dislike of Stella. I smiled. "We can talk about it later." I turned to Josh. "So, Josh-kun, how longer are you two staying? Are you leaving soon?" I asked. "No, we're staying for a month. We'll be leaving a month and a week later." I nodded. "Then, will you two be sightseeing here?" Stella nodded in earnest. "Yeah, I can't wait to eat lots of sushi, ramen, taiyaki, takoyaki and look at anime stuff!" I raised my eyebrow in amusement. Stella stopped and laughed sheepishly. "Haha, I watch.... anime?" I laughed, too. "It's okay, I watch anime, too." She looked at me. "Really? Cool! Do you watch Kamichama Karin and Shugo Chara?" I nodded and then said. "Don't you think Tadase looks like Kazune?" I asked. Stella nodded and squealed. "I KNOW! They're so cute!" I smiled, while Josh got up and walked to their balcony, shaking his head and saying "Girls...". Stella and I talked about Reborn, Love Live!, sailor moon, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Soon it was late and I glanced at the time. "Well, I have to go. See you soon." I said and exchanged my cell phone number with Stella. I put on my shoes while Stella opened the door. "Thanks for coming. Nobody's never really talked to me like that. They're always nervous around me because I'm a princess. I really had fun." I grinned. "Me too." I started walking out, when Stella grabbed my arm and whispered something into my ear. I felt my face heat up and I looked at her. Just then, Josh walks to the door and says "Leaving already? Do you need a ride?" I squeaked. "No thanks, bye!" I ran to the elevator, leaving Josh confused and Stella smirking. "What was that?" He asked. Stella's smirk grew wider. "No~thing~" she said and skipped inside.

I was walking through the park when suddenly a hear a cocking sound behind me. I spun around and there was a person in front of me, pointing a gun at me. I flicked out my staff and held it front of me in a defensive position. "Hello Yuiki, or should I say MeitanteiSnow? he said. "I've been following you around since the Shiki or theownerer's fake parents' kidnapping." I glared at him. "Stalker much? And how do you know who I am?" He smirked. "I work for the boss, who sent you here." He replied. I ran towards him, starting to swinging my staff. He started shooting, but I flipped in the air, barely missing one. "So, you're also the one that sent the group of men after us in America?" I said. He smirked again, shooting more bullets. A bullet grazed my cheek, and the others grazed my arms and legs. I recoiled in pain. [Ow! I didn't know bullets hurts that much!] I thought as I came closer to him. I kneed him and he hit me on the head with the butt of his gun. The world spun around me and I hit the ground.

He came closer to me and leaned down. "Any last words, princess?" He snarled. I tried to speak and distract him, while my still good hand crept into my pocket for my phone. I random pressed the screen without looking and inwardly sighed in relief when I felt vibrations which meant that the phone was calling someone. Suddenly the vibration stopped. [someone picked up...] I thought and I whispered "Help me." The guy laughed. "Help me? Is that your last words? Say sayonara to the world, girl." He pulled the trigger and I braced myself for pain, but it never came. "WHAT THE -? NO BULLETS?!?" He cried. I heard footsteps. "Hey, what are you doing?" I heard a voice. The guy swore and ran off. The footsteps stopped near me. "Can you hear me? Hang on there, miss!" The voice said. Another voice said. "Hey, isn't that Co-The Detective of the East?" The same voice spoke again. "That's a lot of blood.... There's bullets! We hae to take her to the hospital!" The first voice spoke. "We're security guards and we're going to take you to the hospital. Hang in there, miss!" The voices grew fainter and fainter and my final thoughts were: "Who did I call?" And I fainted

**In Narrator's POV**

Ran's phone rang and Ran picked the phone up. "Oh, it's Yuiki-chan!" She cried and Conan and Sonoko looked at her. She picked the call up and said "Hello, Yuiki?" Ran said and froze as she heard Yuiki say "Help me." Another voice came on. Help me? Is that your last words? Say sayonara to the world, girl." Ran heard a trigger being pulled but no bang. She heard the same person swear and run off when people came. "YUIKI?!?! YUIKI!!!!" Ran cried. There was no answer and the phone was cut off. Ran looked at Conan and Sonoko. "I think Yuiki's been attacked. I heard a trigger and Yuiki's "Help me." I have to call Shiki." Conan started running to the exit with Ran and Sonoko following. Ran's phone kept dialling for Shiki. "Shiki, please pick up!" She begged....

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Co-Author's note: theownerer is inactive recently and he PM'ed me about not wanting to finish, so I don't think that there will be "Shiki's POV" anymore unless he wants to post. I'm going to say after the fight, he blacked out and got sent back to reality, so Yuiki's the only one in the DC World for now with Maki. I feel like Maki is a semi-character, so I'm going to try and include her more.....

I really hope to finish it before I leave DCW.... ^_^

Thank you for reading. I really appreciate it.

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Chapter 20 

Yuiki's POV until the end

"Ugh...." I groaned. Bright lights shined into my eyes. I squinted, then realized that I wasn't at home. All of a sudden, all the events that happened last night came back to me as I looked at my arm. It was all bandaged. "Gahhhhhh!!!!" I shrieked and a voice beside said "What?!". It sounded a bit sleepy and I turned to look at the owner of the voice. It was Conan. "What are you doing here? I was at the park yesterday." I said. Conan looked at me all serious and told me: "You called Ran yesterday. She heard you getting shot and beaten up. We ran off to find you and when we finally reached you, an ambulance already came and they were loading you on a stretcher. You lost a lot of blood and they had to do a blood transfusion for you." He said. "Oh, wow. That all happened after I passed out. Hey, where's Shiki?" I asked. Conan looked at me blankly. "Who?" He said. I looked at him, all confused. "You know, Shiki Kageyama? Black hair, blue eyes, annoying the chocolate out of me? Co-Detective of the West?" I described him. Conan stared at me worried. "Are you okay? You're hallucinating. There's no Shiki Kageyama. Hattori is the only Detective of the West. You are Co-Detective of the East with Shinichi Kudo." He said. "WHAT?" I screamed. "Pass me my phone." I said. Conan handed me my phone without complaint and I flicked it open and scrolled through my contacts. No 'Shiki Kageyama'. It was like he never existed. "Hey, do you know that I came from another world?" I asked. Conan nodded. "You told me yourself. You also included a girl named Maki Midorikawa." He said. [What? It was Shiki that them. Maybe it was changed because he's not here anymore.]

"Oh yeah, I should tell Ran and Sonoko that you're awake." Conan spoke and hopped off his chair and walked out. A few moments later, footsteps ran to my room and my curtains flew open. Ran ran in, followed by Sonoko. "Yuiki!!!!" She said, tears coming out. "You're okay!" She screamed. "Haha, yeah." I said. "My arm just hurts." Sonoko came forward and asked me: "Did you see that guy that attacked you? I'm gonna beat him up for hurting you." She said, getting riled up. I laughed. "Don't worry, the police are getting on the case, right Conan?" I said looking at Conan. He nodded, confirming what I said. Sonoko suddenly snickered. "Oh yeah, that prince and princess were all worried about you, too. I think you should pay your boyfriend and your friend a call." Sonoko teased. "He's not my boyfriend!" I yelled. [but it wouldn't hurt to pay them a call, right?] I thought. Ran spoke: "Oh yes, Amuro-kun was also worried. He said that you haven't been to Poirot's lately and he was worried. You would always go there after school to work on homework or look through cold case files with him." Ran said. [Well, that was before I was warped here and it doesn't seem like I need to get close to him because I already did before.] I thought. "I'll go there when I get out of here." I said. The nurse came in and barked. "You people are too loud, Ms. Shirohana needs some rest. Please leave." She said. I waved as they left. "Bye!" I said.

When they all left, I called Maki and she picked up. "Hey, I heard what happened to you in the news, are you okay?" She asked. "Yeah, just lost blood, no big deal." I replied. "Oh, do you remember Shiki?" I asked. "Yeah, why do you ask?" She said. "Well, I think he disappeared and left DC world, because Conan and company don't remember him anymore. He's even been erased on my contact list. It's like he doesn't exist." I explained. Maki frowned over the line. "That's weird... Let me ask Kaito and Aoko about him when he barged in during the chocolate class. They should remember..." She said and a few moments later, she came back on the line all shocked. "They don't remember anything at all. They only said Heiji and Conan were there." Maki said. "Okay, that's all the proof I need. The person that sent us here sent Shiki back. It was like Shiki knew something we don't and that's why he was sent back." I concluded. [but what was it?]

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Special Chapter ONE

Just for the sake of continuing because Meitantei wont continue...i came back for a bit.

Shiki's POV


In my room

"Huh? What...what happened?!" I said to myself as i looked around. [it looks like my room...in the real world]

[Yuki needs my help...she can't possible figure out the person who sent us there...She won't know what will happen...I need to get back to the Detective Conan world...but how...]

[A whole bunch of murders are about to start...I NEED TO GET BACK]



"This is.........." I said out loud, I checked my phone. It didn't say "Yuiki". [Where am i? Is this the DC world...?]

I looked further down the list in my contacts it said: "Sparrow"

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