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Leaping Into Detective Conan

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Co-Author's Note: I haven't had time lately so, I'll post in a few hours-ish. I also have no ideas.... -_-

^ If you look at the post above made by theownerer, Shiki has gotten a message from Sparrow, so it means Leaping into DC is linked with Sparrow's World. (For some reason I didn't know about. *looks pointedly at theownerer*)

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Continuation of Chapter 20

Yuiki's POV

I punched the hospital bed in frustration. "Curse you, Shiki. Why didn't you tell me what you knew about this world before you were sent home? We're investigating this together, right?" I said. Maki shrugged. "Man, this is so annoying. I can't figure out what happened to us. I've barely even discovered any key factors about us being here." She paused for a moment and suddenly brightened up. "Hey, senpai. Have you tried to go on DCW Forums ever since you got here?" She asked. "Psssshawww, of course I did- wait, WHAT?!? That's a genius idea! Why didn't I think of it? Must be because I was around Shiki." I said. Maki sweat-dropped. She still has a grudge about him... She thought.

I turned on my phone and typed in the DCW website:

The website you typed in is invalid. Please check the spelling or grammar before pressing enter. 

"What. The. Cupcake." I said. "This isn't happening." I shook my head. Maki shrugged. "I guess it doesn't work because we're in the DC world and it's not an anime here." She said. I started to say something, but then paused. Footsteps were heading our way. A few moments later, the curtain swung open. It was the doctor. "Shirohana-san, great news! You can leave the hospital this afternoon! You just need to come back next week to check your wounds and such." He said. I raised both of my hands up. "Banzai! Banzai! Thank you!" I said. The doctor sweat-dropped and left. Maki shook her head. "Sometimes, I wonder who you actually are, senpai." She said. "What?" I tilted my head slightly confused. Maki laughed. "Sometimes you personalities that change in a snap of a finger." I nodded. "I see..." 

*Later in the afternoon.*

"I am SO glad to get out of there!" I said, walking down the street to Poirot's. My cell phone rang and I picked it up. "Hello?" A voice on the other side replied. "Yuiki-chan? Are you okay? I've heard that you've been attacked! Oh! It's Stella." She said. I smiled. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just got out of the hospital. I'm going to check the SOC." I said. "Oh, okay! I have to go now, so see you later!" I voiced my agreement and hung up. I walked to the park, where I saw Officer Sato and Inspector Megure there. They spotted me and came over. "How are you?" Inspector Megure asked. "Just a little sore, but nothing can stop me from finding my attacker!" I said. Officer Sato and Inspector Megure frowned. "Sorry, Yuiki-kun, but you cannot participate on this case. This is too dangerous. You might get attacked again." I stared in disbelief. "I gave up my safety the moment I decided to solve my first case. Why?" I asked. Sato just frowned. "Sorry Yuiki-san, you can't solve this case." I sighed in defeat. "Okay. See you soon then." I said and left." I walked all the way to Poirot's and went in.

"Ara, Yuiki-chan, I haven't seen you in a long time." Asuza said. "I've heard you've been attacked yesterday, shouldn't you be in the hospital?" I sighed. "I just came out of the hospital. Is Amuro-kun here?" I asked. Asuza nodded. "He's here, I think he can take a break to talk with you-as always." She winked at me. [What kind of relationship did Yuiki have with Amuro Tooru? Ugh.] I thought as I sat down on the table by the window. Asuza put down a cake parfait and milk tea on the table. "And here's your usual. Oh! There's Amuro." Amuro walked over. "Hey, Yuiki-chan, how are you? I heard you were in the hospital yesterday." He sat down and watched me. I put aside my parfait for now and put my hands to my face and groaned. "How does word travel so fast? Gahhhhhh... I'm fine. I just came out I the hospital." I said and Amuro chuckled. "Cute as always." He said and I blushed lightly. [What? Why is he doing this to me?] Amuro grew serious. "Okay, seeing that you have no cold case files to investigate with me, you don't look like you came here to visit. What do you need?" I smirked and leaned closer to him. "I need a favour... Are you good with sneaky stuff?"

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Chapter 21

(This has been going on for about 4 months.... Hehehe, thanks for reading!)

***At the Scene of the Crime***

**In Narrator's POV**

Officers were patrolling the area where Yuiki has been attacked. Inspector Megure and Officer Sato were talking at the side. "..... Should we get a lower officer to watch and follow her?" Sato said. Megure nodded. "She'll be safer that way, until we apprehend the culprit." Sato sighed. "Poor girl, she's never been targeted before, and such a dangerous person, too." Megure stared up into space. "I remember the first time Kudo-kun was targeted. It was nowhere near this violent, though, so he wasn't that scared." He guffawed. "Although he-" Megure stopped in mid-sentence and turned around to look at the forest area of the park. There was nobody there. He sworn that he had hear that bush over there rustle. Sato didn't seem to hear it, so he must be imagining it. But little did he know, behind the bush was...

**End of Narrator's POV**

**Yuiki's POV**

Amuro sighed and moved from the bush to deeper into the forest. "Geez, the things Yuiki-chan make me do...." He sighed. "HEY! I heard that!" I said. Amuro sighed again. "You owe me. BIG TIME." I sighed too. "Yeah, yeah." I said. "But still, I don't get why you're making me do this. Why can't you do this by yourself? If I recall, YOU were the one that was under attack." I rolled my eyes. "I can't do this because they know I'm persistent, and they'll probably be on the lookout for me. So instead of me collecting evidence, why don't you do it? It's help your skill to become a better detective!" I retorted.


"Are you good with sneaky stuff?" I asked. [What'll he say? He's a member of the BO, but he's also trying to blend in...] I thought, as he replied. "Well, you could say I learned some tricks from my friend at the security company... But why?" He asked. I tilted my head, thoughtful. "Well.... I'm gonna get straight to the point. The truth is that I want to find out who attacked me, but the MPD (Metropolitan Police Department) won't let me because it's too dangerous, sooooo......" I trailed off, dragging the 'o' really long, hopin he would continue on. And he did. "Sooooo, you want me to help you investigate the crime scene so you can avoid being caught." He playfully mocked my long "so". I nodded. "Yep, although you could have said that without mocking me." I pouted a bit and he laughed. "Just teasing." He said and I smiled. Amuro grew serious again and he leaned in a bit more. "Okay, what do you plan to do?" He asked and I replied. "Well, I was thinking that you could sneak into the crime scene at night and try to find a bullet that the officers probably missed. I need to know the caliber first. There might also be footprints from where he ran away and into the forest. Amuro raised an eyebrow. "That's all?" He asked, surprised. I nodded. "He only shot at me and didn't touch me or anything. So, that's probably the only evidence we can find for now." I concluded. I paused. "Oh yeah!" I threw him a small object and he caught it with excellent finesse. Amuro opened his hand and looked at the object. "It's an disposable mini walkie-talkie. (A/N: Think of it as a small, round thing that works like a Detective Boys Badge.) it can only communicate to it's other pair, which I have." I explained and he grinned. "When do we meet?" He asked. I have him a small smile. "Right after your shift and then we go." 

**End Flashback**

(A/N: I think I only did two of these before.... :P)

Amuro sighed. "If only I knew what you're making me go through now...." I snorted. "Yeah, right. You should be happy, because this probably makes you feel like a spy mission, right? I promise I'll get you lunch tomorrow." I said. Amuro snorted, too. "Spy mission? Yuiki-chan, I'm 29, not 6." I could tell he sweat-dropped on the other side. I sighed. "Okay, okay. Chatting done, let's focus."

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