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Detective Conan World

Leaping Into Detective Conan

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Note: this fanfiction is a half-way collaboration between theownerer and MeitanteiSnow. This story is about us two online friends getting sucked into the world of DC.

Ch. 1

MeitanteiSnow's POV

As I logged in DCW, I saw theownerer had came online too. I quickly went to personal messenger to chat with him.

theownerer: Hey, what's up?

MeitanteiSnow: My day was really bad. Enough said.

theownerer: yeah, me too.

MeitanteiSnow: it would be nice to escape reality sometimes....

theownerer: yeah...

Suddenly there was a bright glow in my room. It got brighter.....And then darkness.

When I finally came too, i was in a park and I saw a figure lying down next to me. I looked at it, or him, i saw he had short black hair and he was wearing a Japanese uniform. Suddenly a small wind came and my legs felt cold. [Cold? I'm wearing jeans today...] I looked down and saw that I was wearing a blue skirt. Somehow, the jeans had been traded for a skirt. I looked at my top and saw that I was wearing a blue vest with a three-quarters white collared shirt. On that vest I saw a logo. A VERY FAMILIAR logo. Teitan High.

Just I was looking at my sudden change of clothes, the boy next to me had woke up. He, too was inspecting himself and was surprised at what he found, too. I turned around. The boy had blue eyes, and was wearing a Japanese uniform I also know too well. It was the school uniform that Heiji wore in the detective battle in Three Days with Hattori Heiji.

He looked me like I had an explanation. I didn't. It was awkward for a moment until he spoke. This time he had a look of recognition in his eyes.


I looked at him. "How did you know? Who are you?" I managed to say.

"I'm theownerer." He replied.

What? It couldn't be.....but somewhere down I knew that it was the truth. I also figured something else. I spoke again.

"Looks like we managed to get sucked into the real Detective Conan world. I can't believe I'm animated."

It's true. I quickly whipped out a mirror from my skirt pocket and looked at myself. I now had waist-length brown hair, and brown eyes.

Just then I heard a voice calling "Yuiki!"

"Kageyama!" Another called. Those voices sound very familiar... As I thought that I heard footstep running towards us. A hand clamped on my shoulder and I spun around. There they were, Conan Edogawa and Heiji Hattori standing in front of me.

"Where were you two, you made us worry!" Conan said. Heiji added "Ya also made us go around lookin' for ya."

Ran and Kazuha ran up to join us. "Yuiki, where were you?" Ran said. [Yuiki? Does she means me?] and Kazuha said "you too, Shiki, where did ya go?" [shiki?]

"Yuiki? Shiki? What do you mean?" I spoke out first. Ran, Conan, Heiji and Kazuha stared at me. Conan spoke first "Yuiki-neechan, don't you remember?

He continued "You are my-I mean Shinichi-niichan and Ran-neechan's childhood friend and Shinichi-niichan's partner. You two are the Detectives of the East" Heiji added "You too, Shiki. You're Kazuha and my childhood friend. And ya are detective partners with me too, we are the Detective of the West"

"We are WHAT?!"

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Theownerer/Shiki's POV


"is there something wrong with you two?" asked Ran.  Kazuha added, "yeah, there must be somethin' wrong with ya two.". I quickly called Meitantei over for a quick conversation. I asked, "hey hey...are we really in the world of detective conan?" he responded "yeah...uh...I think we are." [This is really weird...]

"um...okay, so what are we doing here?" I asked. Heiji responded, "don't ya remember? I came here because I was bored back in Osaka, so I came here to visit Conan."

"Yuiki can you come here for a moment?" I asked, "yeah sure" she responded.

"so what should we do now, should we tell them that, we don't know what's going on?" I asked.

"I think we should wait for now" Yuiki answered. "Yeah I agree" I said


When we got back, I saw another figure speaking to the four friends, and saw that it was Mouri, they were talking about something and I could faintly hear it. "Yuiki I think they're talking about something, I think they're saying,       (hey ................................... someone got ........ , I think the area is........................................should we go now?" Mouri asked, "Well.................it's a ........................ so it's gotta be ........................ we should go!" Heiji said.) ."



"I think it might be serious, let's follow" I said. "Wait...we don't want to get involved in murders, if we solve the case and get the murderer in jail...we might be on his list!" Yuiki said

"But don't you remember, even if we're on his list, we will return to the real world!" I said.

"Shiki, fine, let's go to the crime scene, but ...we've stood here a long time, they already left..." Yuiki said. "oh yeah...I just noticed that...um, yeah we should probably not get involved now" I said.


As Yuiki and I walked away, we heard a scream from far away. I didn't know why, but I had a backpack on me, and somehow it held a kendo sword, so I took out the sword and prepared to fight if he or she had a weapon, we rushed to where the person had screamed, when we arrived we noticed it was Ran, being held captive, but she wasn't using karate.

I didn't know why she wasn't using karate, but Heiji and I got out our swords and started charging at the kidnapper, I noticed that I was extremely skilled in kendo, but didn't even know the first thing about a sword in the real world. I heard horrible singing and looked behind me, Yuiki was singing and Yuiki's horrible singing was making the kidnapper put his hands to his ears and drop Ran. So, Heiji and I charged in and started hitting him with the kendo sword.

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Ch. 3

MeitanteiSnow/Yuiki's POV

After Ran had finished talking to me, Shiki came back with a incredulous face to me. "Do you sing THAT bad?" I was trying hard not to laugh. "I know it scared me too, and it felt weird. Ran was shocked too, she said it wasn't my usual singing voice" I continued. "My real voice is like this: I sung a few notes, but my voice came out horrible again. I tried a few more times, with the same results. I gulped. "That's weird, maybe something happened when we warped." Shiki snickered. [Great, now i'Il have stick with not singing or else I'll embarrass myself. This sucks, I really love singing...] I blushed and changed the subject.

"I saw your face when you pulled out that Kendo sword. You never even touched it before, right?"

Shiki nodded. "Yeah, I never knew, but that was AWESOME!" I agreed. I also had to tell him something too. "I found our school bags near to where we were when we.....uhhh.... warped in." Here's your bag." I handed him a bag with his name on it. I haven't even looked through my bag yet. It's about time anyways. I rummaged through it and found my iPhone from the real world, my agenda, some paperwork, books and some cake coupons. Shiki dug through his and found his iPhone from reality, books, paper and manga.

He looked at me and asked me if I got my real phone. I nodded and started to look through my phone. Shiki did too, but when he got to the contacts, he paused. "Hey, go to your contacts," he said. I went there and all my contacts from reality were erased. In their places, there were:








And other people. Shiki had the same thing.

Shiki spoke first and changed the subject. "Hey, when I was holding the sword, it felt like I did it everyday even though it was my first time. Do we have some talents in DC, that we don't have in real life? I mean everyone in DC isn't normal....." I agreed. "I know we have good memory, because of the detectives having good memory in DC, but I'm pretty sure about one thing. I found something in my sleeve and I think it's a weapon. So, I know this sounds awkward, please attack me." Shiki stared at me and then nodded. He drew his bamboo sword and swung it at me. I dodged his blow and flicked out a small weapon out of my sleeve, and it expanded. It was a light silver staff. I reflexively flipped into the air to counterattack. The look on Shiki's face was enough to stop me. I landed and saw my expression echoed on his face. We didn't need any words:


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Continuation of Chapter 3 - Shiki's point of view


Mouri, Heiji, and Conan had already left.


"Wow you two! Those were nice moves, Yuiki, where did you get that staff from?" said Kazuha and Ran. "I'm not really sure..." Yuiki responded. When I looked in my backpack again, I saw something besides the IPhone, books, paper, and manga, but I was confused, when I looked through it last time, it wasn't in there. What I saw were two tonfas, both silver!

"Hey, Yuiki come here" I said. "Yeah?" she responded, "look at this, I found two tonfas in here that weren't in here last time I checked it, maybe you should check your backpack again too." I said.

When Yuiki came back, I saw his backpack open, but didn't see another weapon.

"Hey, lets fight again, lets test out these weapons, attack me." Yuiki said.


"It feels like I have used these before." I said, "well of course, not everything in DC is normal" Yuiki said. "Lets start!" I said

I charged at Yuiki when I reached hem, before I could strike, from hes sleeve he brought out a weapon.  (Theownerer's note, I don't know how tonfas work, I dont know how to use tonfas, I don't know how to hit someone with tonfas...I'm sorry lol) "Hey...what's with all these sleeve weapons?" I asked. "i don't know...I just like them in my sleeve because that's very cool for it to be in sleeves!" Yuiki said as she was dodging from side to side getting closer, but then she stopped...she needed to rest after doing side hops. "Um, is there something wrong with you?" I asked.

I swung the tonfas at Yuiki as she was resting and it hit.

She did a backflip, and we charged at each other, she missed because her weapon is horrible.


"Ran, do you know where Conan and Heiji went off to?" Yuiki asked, "hey! Why didn't you ask me?" Kazuha asked, "because, I could have asked you or Ran, but I chose Ran." Yuiki said. "They went to Osaka for a case, I think they already almost solved it but...you can go if you want, I'll give you the address." Ran said, giving me a piece of paper.

"Thank you" I said as I walked away with Yuiki.

"Okay let's see this paper was quickly written on over and over, Yoko~ Yoko~ Yoko~ Yoko~ Yoko~ " I said.

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Chapter 4

MeitanteiSnow/ Yuiki's POV

As we were walking, Shiki asked me "Do you really put weapons in your sleeve for fun?" I giggled. "No," I replied. "I only put them there because it's convenient. I only use them when I'm in danger or students of Teitan High, because I am a disciplinary committee member. The youngest one at that!" Shiki stared at me. "How do you know?" I smiled "The DC 'Yuiki' types everything in her iPhone. Her password is just like mines. She is the youngest of the group, joining in the first year. Ran taught her a little bit of karate when she was young. She i know some now." By the time, we had reached a park. I continued "I don't like bugs and spiders, which is also true here and in reality." Shiki asked. "Oh, reeeeally?"

[Yikes, I don't like the smile on his face.]

Shiki picked up a worm on a stick and chased me around the park with it. I shrieked and turned to karate-kick him, but he dodged. I flicked out my staff and expanded it. I nailed Shiki on the head.

"OW!" He said. "That's for thinking my weapon was horrible when I missed earlier that day." I added. "I didn't say your weapon was horrible!" he protested. "Yeah," I replied. "But, I could tell that you were THINKING it. You are SO predictable." I pressed a button on the staff that shrunk it back and put it in my sleeve.

We were walking again. "Let me see the address" I said. Shiki gave it to me. "Hey, the station to Osaka isn't far from Teitan High." We looked at each other... "DETOUR!"


We got to Teitan High first. People were staring at us. Mostly Shiki. [Of course, it's not everyday that one of the Detectives of the West came here.] we walked to the shoe cupboard. Shiki took a pair of guest slippers and we walked to my slot. I opened it and.... A pile of letter/notes dropped down. Shiki and I stared at it, then he went to pick some up. "Fan letter, fan letter.... Oh! ~Love note!~" He said. I blushed and snatched it from him. I took all the other notes too and put them all into my bag. Shiki smirked. "Hey, you have them all the time, too!" I said. We walked around, hardly believing this is happening. [WE ARE WALKING IN TEITAN HIGH!!!!!] wherever we go, students would start at us. Girls mostly at Shiki and boys mostly at me. I studied Shiki. [He's kind of cute... That's why girls were falling head over heels to him...] then I noticed that everyone is wearing a different uniform than I am. [it must be the disciplinary thing. We protect the school during class time.]

We toured the rest of the school quickly and changed our shoes. And walked out. We walked all the way to the station and took the train to Osaka. Ran, Conan, Heiji, Kazuha and Uncle Mouri were there. Ran handed a bag to me. "Here." She said. "It's a change of clothes. You can't expect to wear the uniform all day." Heiji also tossed Shiki a bundle. We went to the washroom and changed. I was now wearing a lilac three-quarters fluttery shirt and black jeans capris with black flats. I slipped the staff in my sleeve and transferred my things into a fringe bag and walked out of the girls restroom. Shiki was waiting for me. He was wearing a black t-shirt with dark blue jeans and he was still holding his school bag. "Where's the rest?" I asked. "They went ahead." He replied. "They said they will meet us at the Osaka place." He paused, then added. "The place is near my supposeded school." He grinned. "What do you say if we take one more little detour?" I smiled " I say that would be lovely." I said.

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Chapter 5

MeitanteiSnow/Yuiki's POV

(A/N: Hey! It's MeitanteiSnow again, Theownerer is currently away for now and he asked me to upload for him. He will upload when he has time! I know you people like his side better than mine...XD. This is going to be a long chapter, because I am not sure when theownerer will upload his part and I know it's not going to be soon.)

As we walked in Heiji and Shiki's high school, I felt people's stares boring into me.... [Kind of unsettling...] and some guys from the field called out to Shiki and ran over.

"Hey, what are you doing on a weekend here?" He asked. Shiki replied "I just needed to pick up some stuff." The guy grinned. He looked over at me and did the usual one-two-lookover. "Hey, I didn't know you had a girl friend. (As in, friend that's a girl.) and she's the Detective of the East! Nice going, man!"

I flushed and bowed. "My name is Shirohana Yuiki. Hajimemashite!" I said. (The typical Japanese way: last name, then first name. so the character's first name is Yuiki.) The boy grinned and bowed, too. "My name is Yamazaki Kiro. Hajimemashite!"

Shiki interrupted. "Hey, we have to go, we need to catch a plane to America later. Let's hurry and get my stuff." Yamazaki-kun said his farewell and ran off. We ran into the school and headed to the shoe locker. I just finished putting on my slippers just ad Shiki opened his shoe locker and a bunch of letters fell out. Not missing a beat, I bent down and scooped up a bunch, despite his protest. [Haha, now my turn to make fun of him....>_<] I looked at some and saw that he had a lot of fangirl letters and a couple of love letters. I smirked. "Looks like someone's got a looooove letter!" I crowed. Shiki's cheek turned pink. I gave the letters back to him. He stuffed them in his bag. We quickly toured the school. It was very awkward, students' eyes boring into both of us. We went to the training room. It was empty and Shiki put his stuff down.

"We still have time before the flight." He said. He opened his bag and took out his tonfas. "We can get used to these while we wait for the time to go." He jabbed at the air a couple of times. I looked around the training room. "I'm going to see if I can use these stuff too." I said. I put down my stuff and walked around. I tried the kendo sword and whacked myself with it. Meanwhile, Shiki snickered at me. I shot him a glare and moved on. Darts and a dartboard. I threw a couple at the dartboard and they stuck. It turns out that 'Yuiki' has great accuracy. I moved on. Arrows, bows and a target. I took a bow and notched an arrow through it. I took a shot. It hits near the center! Turns out I do have a second weapon, but I'm not going to use it because the bow is too large. I walked back to Shiki and flicked out my staff. Shiki was ready and waiting. I lunged first and he dodged. He counterattacked with his tonfas and I blocked it. We sparred for who-knows-how-long and finally when we glanced at our watches, our eyes practically bugged out. There was thirty minutes until the flight! We ran out and changed our shoes. We dashed to the nearest taxi and practically scared the life out of the poor taxi driver as we shouted out orders. We managed to get to the airport in time. Our luggage had already been packed in before Shiki and I got transported here. We walked on the plane and say in our destination seats. I was next to Conan. Ran and Kazuha were all the way on the other side of the plane along with Uncle Mouri.

As the plane flew up I leaned over to Conan. "Hey Shinichi, how long until we get off." Conan said "About 9 hours." I groaned. I DO NOT want to stay that long on a plane. Also, I had a sudden realization. [shiki and I know Conan's real identity, and it turns out that we figured it out waaaaay before we transported.] The flight attendant came on the PA. "Welcome aboard Air Japan, we hope you have a great flight. We will be experiencing turbulence soon......" I let out a huge sigh. This is going to be a loooooooong trip.

*** (9 hours later)

The plane was landing in 5 mins. I sat up and opened my window and gasped. I could see everything. It was so nice. Beside me, Conan had been sleeping, blinked in the bright light and yawned. "Yuiki, are we there yet?" He asked. I said "Yep!" On the chairs behind me, Shiki and Heiji woke up because of the bright light of the window. Heiji said "We're landin', right?" I nodded. [Finally, a place where I can speak English again.]

We landed with a thud as the plane went on the runway. I winced. My ears were still popping due to pressure. It took another thirty minutes before we could get off. Shiki, Conan, Ran, Kazuha, Heiji, Uncle Mouri and I went to get out baggage. I had one big lavender suitcase and one small lavender bag. Shiki had a black suitcase and a black bag, after everyone had picked out their baggage, we walked out. We were greeted by the blast of fresh air as we walked out and entered the city of New York. A person was standing and waving to us. It was Uncle Mouri's client and she was calling us over. I nudged everyone and we walked over to her. She started to talk in English until she realized only Shiki, Conan, Heiji, Ran and I understood. Then she switched to Japanese. "Hello, my name is Yamamoto Haruna. We can talk about the case on the way there. My car is over there." She pointed to the black SUV. As we walked over there, Conan shot me a glance and I looked over at Heiji and Shiki. They were looking at us too. We nodded and exchanged a glance. There was something bad waiting for us, we could feel the premonition....

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Chapter 6

Theownerer/Shiki's POV

(A/N i been away so long...well anyways...this is the next chapter...in such a long time...Meitantei did such a long chapter, I can't compete with that.)


"I'm going to go find a bar after I solve this case...and then..." Mouri murmured, then he started laughing.

"Haruna, can you tell us what the case is?" I asked, "sure, the thing is, my sister was murdered, and written on her body, it said, 'I shall come again to murder, there is no one who can stop me because I am, the smartest one of all!' " she responded. "Mouri-san, do you think you can solve this case?" Haruna asked, no response, "Mouri?" she asked again. "He's just sleeping." Ran said. All of our faces went blank.


"Okay, here we are! This is the site of the murder, also this is where you'll be sleeping." Haruna said.

"Uh...sleeping? Isn't this where a murder occurred?" Kazuha and Ran asked very scared. 

"Yeah it is, but you'll be sleeping out back" Haruna said.

Just then I caught a glimpse of a shadow running very fast.

"Yuiki, did you just see that?" I asked her, "see what?" she replied. "A shadow running fast!" I said, "a shadow, are you going crazy now?" she replied.

"Heiji." I said, "What ya want?" he replied.

"Okay lets go in everybody, you'll have to introduce yourself to the inspector and policemen there, they don't know you." Haruna said

"Lets talk later." Heiji said

"I AM THE GREAT MOURI KOGORO!!!" said Mouri as soon as he entered, and then he saw, a girl with no clothes on, his nose started bleeding."Hey! what are you doing! Don't take off my sisters clothes like that!" Yuiki tried to cover my eyes before I looked, but...yeah...Ran covered Conan's eyes as fast as she could. The investigators barely looked up, they didn't really care. "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you the rest of the case." Haruna said.

"Okay, on the night of the murder, it was raining and my grandmother claimed she saw a shadow outside, then lightning hit the electric lines and some other things. The power went out, so I sent my sister to go to the breaker, but she claimed that she heard footsteps other than ours and was too scared to go by herself, so I sent my husband, Jack Kintamaro with her (A/N I forgot to say the sister's name, it's Yuki Kintamaro). They had reached the breaker, but there was a scream, then the power flickered back on, then off, it continued until, there was no power. My husband came back with bloody hands and was carrying Yuki, he claims someone tried to knock him out.

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Continuation of Ch. 6

MeitanteiSnow/Yuiki's POV

Conan, Heiji, Shiki and I looked at each other. We nodded an began invading the crime scene. Conan and I went outside to the scene of the murder, while Shiki and Heiji, the respected Detectives of the West looked at the files, despite the police detectives' angry protest and yelling. We needed to see if anything on the crime scene had changed. But, before we went outside, everyone made is carry walkie-talkies. When Conan and I were alone, I switched Conan's name with Shinichi. "Hey, Shinichi." I said. Shinichi looked at me, saying "What?". I asked "Is there anything new on the Black Organization?" Shinichi looked at me with a dark look. "You know as much as I do right now. Bourbon is Amuro and I'm still wondering why he is still working at Poirot after the Mystery Train incident." I thought back to the manga and said. "Maybe he figured out that you are not a normal elementary-detective-playing kid." Shinichi looked at me, shocked. He started to reply, but we had arrived at the scene. "Ah, we're there." I said to the walkie-talkie. The walkie talkie crackled and Shiki said "Not yet, there's still a little more way to go." I silently groaned. [This house is too big] we walked for around 100 meters, before we actually arrived.

[Yuki must have a loud voice if she can scream all the way to the house] I thought as we looked around. Shinichi took out a camera and snapped a picture of the scene to be later compared with the picture the police has talken. There was the chalk outline of the body along with some blood splatters and the outline of the supposed murder weapon, a sharp knife . Shinichi called me over "Hey, there's a footprint!" I went over to a grove of tree and saw a large footprint. It was about a man's size 9 kind of footprint.

I wanted to investigate more, but it seems like we had trouble. The bush behind us rustled loudly and a twig snapped far back. I pressed the walkie-talkie button. "Omigod, Shiki..... I think there's still someone here." Shiki and Heiji replied. "Okay stay there, we'll be there." Sure enough, less than I minute, they were running to us. Conan waves them over. But just my luck, someone charged out of the bush and attack me, along with around 10 more people. Conan shot out a soccer ball from his belt, Shiki lifted up his tonfas, Heiji unsheathed his sword, while I flicked out my staff.

The people attacked us, and a masked person rushed towards me. He swung a metal pipe at me and I dodged, doing a backflip. I swept out his legs in a low kick and whacked him with my staff. "Yuiki, 3:00!" Conan shouted and I turned seeing someone about to hit me, with his arm raised, holding a sword above. Spotting my chance, I kneed him and swing my staff at him. He collapsed and I ran to help Shiki, Conan and Heiji with the remaining 8 people.

Conan kicked his soccer ball and knocked people out one at a time, but he had to run and get the ball before he could kick again. One of his soccer balls rolled to me and a kicked it back to him, using my accuracy. Shiki and Heiji were fighting two, all with swords. I saw another person behind Shiki with his arm raised, about to hit him and I ran over and using my staff blocked his blade from cutting Shiki. I kicked the person and was shot backwards, his sword spinning on the ground away from him. Behind me, Shiki couldn't keep up with the swords, just by using his tonfas (long range weapons versus short range, yeah...) Shiki was pushed back to beside me, while the guy I kicked was getting up again. "Shiki, trade weapons with me. Use my staff like a sword with no hilt." I said. He nodded and we quickly swapped weapons. We stood of back-to-back and ran at the same time. The guy ran to me and started to punch me, but the tonfas blocked it and the person screeched in pain, having fist colliding hard with solid steel. Over to Shiki, he was winning, too. Conan and Heiji were done and quickly ran to us. The people were quickly overpowered and ran off. As we stood watching them, I was feeling lightheaded and darkness overtook me. I had fainted. (Sheesh, Yuiki is so weak. XD)

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Continuation of the Continuation of Chapter 6!

Theownerer/Shiki's POV (A/N this part will be very funny...Also, I only posted a bit, Meitantei do not post because I will be adding more, I just...have to go for a few hours)


"Take Yuiki to a room." Conan said. I nodded.

"This house is a labyrinth..." I murmured to myself. When I had finally found Yuiki's room, I thought that maybe I should stay with Yuiki, in case any of those thugs were still here.


(10 minutes later) (Sheesh Yuiki, you take a long time to wake up)


When Yuiki woke up, I heard her make strange noises, I then asked her, "do you make strange noises every time you wake up?". "no, it's just when I am very cold, I didn't feel very cold earlier." she replied, then she looked at her clothes, they were different. "Hey, did you do anything to me while I was asleep?!?!" she asked very angrily, "No I didn't, I didn't change your clothes, the maids insisted on changing your clothes while I stepped outside. Yuiki sighed..."So,you're saying, you didn't peek?" she asked, "Yeah,no window on the door, if I were to open the door it would make a loud sound, like a screeching sound, here look." I opened the door a tiny crack and it made such a loud screeching sound, almost like a screaming sound! "Wait, maybe...the screaming sound that Haruna heard was, the door opening where the murderer was hiding, and on the second flicker, the murderer came and hit Yuki!"


"You have a good point, but this is upstairs." Yuiki said, "um, then lets check downstairs for any rooms near the breaker that is like this..." I said

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Continuation of the Continuation of the Continuation of Chapter 6 (I lost myself after the second continuation, I didn't know what to title this) (Um Meitantei, just so you know in Continuation of Ch.6, the scene wasn't outside, it was inside near the breaker...in the house...) (A/N I had to go to school i didn't finish it, MEITANTEI FINISH IT FOR MEEE...)

Still my POV


When Yuiki and I got downstairs, I noticed that Conan and Heiji were already down here.

"Took ya guys long enough, we checked and there were no doors that sounded screechy." Heiji said. "This is what I imagine happened, the culprit came out of the door near the breaker, the door made the screech noise, the culprit put his or her hand on Yuki's mouth to silence her, then stabbed her. The culprit then attacked the husband,but failed. The culprit hid until the husband had left, the culprit then proceeded to oil door hinges to make it not seem suspicious that only one was oiled." said Conan.


"Gather everyone, I know the culprit!" said Heiji and Conan at the same time.

When everyone was in the kitchen, Conan knocked Mouri out. "Yuiki and I still don't know what happened!!" I whispered to Conan, he told me. "don't worry."

"So, everyone is here right?" Heiji said.

"No, my mother and father aren't here." Haruna said. "Well,I think I will go get them." I said, "which room are they in?" I asked. "They're in the very first room you will meet." Haruna said.

I went up the stairs and entered the first room and found them. "You have to come downstairs, Haruna says she needs you." I said. (A/N, if any of you guys can figure out why I said this, you get a....um...GOOD JOB, and you get to be called A TRUE DETECTIVE!)


The parents followed me downstairs, when we went into the kitchen, Heiji immediately asked "what are ya names? Where were ya guys the whole time?"

"Calm down, my name is John Walker, my wife's name is Lily Walker." (I will put it in italics every time someone is speaking in English, I'm typing in English so...I put italics!...)

"I see..." the investigator said. "Where were you at the time of the crime?" I asked"I was out in the garden at 2:05-3:05 PM." he said. "You forgot to tell us the time of death." I whispered to Yuki. "The time of death was 3:10 PM." "AND WHERE WERE YOU AT THE TIME OF THE CRIME?!"Yuiki asked excitedly. "I was knitting, in my room from 3:05-3:15. I hadn't even known someone died."

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Chapter 7

Yuiki's POV

(A/N: just so you know, there is a difference in the victim and me..... Don't confuse us...... {looks pointedly at Shiki....})

One more thing, I don't have Italics, so uhhhh..... It will all be in Japanese, because Uncle Mouri would be able to understand.

[uhhhh..... God, I'm probably the worse detective on Earth, and I've watched Conan for a year, and I thought that those things are supposed to rub off on me.....] I thought as I heard Haruna's mother (A/N: the mother's name is Flora) say that she was knitting at the time of the death.

Shiki and I looked at Conan and Heiji, we still had no idea about what was going on, but they just smirked back at us. It was kinda irritating now. Shiki nudged me. "Hey, do you know the answer?" He asked. "No, I don't know." I replied.

"Since we are detectives here, we should piece together the facts and figure things out, after all, it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure it out." I suggested. Shiki looked at me weirdly "Do you think we could do that? I saw those true crime shows before, the police figure it out....... 20 years later, when the innocent guy is in jail."

"We can totally do that. We're are the Detectives of the East and West, for crying out loud!" I told him. "Okay." Shiki said, finally convinced. We wrote down the events and clues, listing them.

1. The culprit pulled the breaker

2. He put a hand on Yuki's (NOT YUIKI) mouth

3. He stabbed her.

4. He brought her outside.

5. He attempted to murder Jack Kintamaro, but failed.

6. Jack picks up Yuki and carries her inside.

7. When Shiki and Yuiki go outside, they get ambushed by people.

8. Heiji and Conan come to help.

9. Four of us defeated the people.

10. Yuiki faints.


1. The squeaky door and the breaker

2. The traces of blood between the floorboards in the breaker room. (The culprit wiped it out, but he/she couldn't wipe in between the cracks)

3. Drops of oil near the door hinges.

4. Size 9 footprint.

5. Reason why Shiki and Yuiki were attacked: to cover up something.

6. The alibis of the parents.

"Okay, I got all of the things down." I said. "Why did you refer yourself as a third person?" Shiki asked. "It's because if our partners read it, they wouldn't understand 'I'". I replied. "Okay," Shiki said. "Let's analyze these." We studied it again and again....... Until the pieces clicked into place. Shiki nudged me (again), and said "I got it!". I nodded. "Me too!". We both stood up, Heiji and Uncle Mouri were about to say who the criminal was. "The criminal is......" Heiji points his finger to........

(Cliffhanger! Please read and review to find out who the criminal is!!!!)

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7. The Alibi of Jack and Haruna (I dont think anyone typed Jack's alibi yet, so, lets see... Before the time of the crime, he was upstairs and downstairs fixing things, there was not a moment where it was quiet. Haruna was in the kitchen the whole time. At the time of the crime Jack was with Yuki, at the time of the crime Haruna was still in the kitchen.


ALSO, I AM SO SAD NONE OF YOU GUYS FIGURED OUT WHY IN THE CHAPTER B4 THIS I SAID, "You have to come downstairs, Haruna says she needs you." I said. TO THE PARENTS!


feel free to pm either me or meitantei about the murderer, cuz I won't continue till someone gets it right or close to being right

also feel free to pm me about the ABOVE thing in all caps. TELL ME WHY I SAID THAT TO THE PARENTS

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Okay...Meitantei and I put our detective brains together and deduced you guys didn't care, so .............................................................im writing the next chapter...in a few hrs, dont post meitantei

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Continuation of chapter 7



 "The criminal is......YOU!" Heiji points his finger to Lily.

"You see," I said, "Lily was in her room from 3:05 to 3:15, from her room it only takes 2 minutes to reach the breaker, it takes 1 min to get in to the correct room, it takes 2 min to kill Yuki, and trying to knock out Jack, it takes 2 min to carry outside, after Jack left it takes 3 min to get back to her room."

(sorry if this didn't make sense, the one who chose the murderer was meitantei. below is what I would have said)

 "The criminal is...YOU!" Heiji points his finger to Jack.

"You see, Jack was with Yuki the whole time, Jack was helping Lily kill Yuki, their motives were, Yuki gambled using their money, she kept using it over and over until they had no money, and with that money, she lost it all."


"Jack and Lily, you murdered Yuki, Jack was next to Yuki while Lily was in the room next to the breaker, when they reached the breaker, Lily came out and put her hand over Yuki's mouth and Jack stabbed her. Jack then carried her outside, while Lily was oiling the doors downstairs. Jack tried to make himself look like he put up a fight against the murderer.

Jack carried her back inside and went to Haruna." Conan said.


The police took Jack and Lily away.

"I can't believe they were the murderers...I can't believe Jack and mom...killed Yuki, but I still can't believe Yuki gambled with their money..." Haruna said.

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Ch. 8

MeitanteiSnow/Yuiki's POV

(This is going to be a loooooong chapter)

"Ahhhhh, that was a sad case...." I said. "The parents killing a child they raised for a long time...". I sniffed back a tear. Shiki, Conan, Heiji, Ran and Kazuha looked at me. "Yuiki, are you crying?" Shiki asked. I nodded. "It's just..... SO SAAAAD!" Ran and Kazuha nodded, while Shiki, Conan and Heiji sweat-dropped.

Just then, my cell phone rang and the piano part of Fuuki Inchou played. (A/N: If you want to know what that is search on YouTube. Unless you watch Katekyo Hitman Reborn, you wouldn't know what it is.... ^_^) I answered my iPhone and Sonoko's voice bursted out and nearly deafened me. "YUIKI!!!!!" She screamed. Shiki, Conan and Heiji snickered at me. They could hear everything from here. I shot them a glare and said "Yes?". Sonoko said "Put me on speakerphone!"

"No need to do that." I said. Shiki couldn't take it anymore and started laughing. I whacked him in the head and told him to shush. Sonoko shouted "BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!! KAITOU KID IS COMING TO THE GALA!!!!!" Shiki, Conan and Heiji's ears perked up and Shiki's laughing died down almost immediately. "What gala?" I said. Sonoko sighed loudly "Yuiki," she spoke exasperated. "Uncle Jirokichi planned this for months, it's another ploy to bait my Kaitou Kid-sama out, but I have faith in my Kid that he will win! I've been talking to you about this for the last weeks before you left! You, Conan, Ran and Shiki said they would be coming!" Shiki looked at Heiji. "You're not coming?" He asked. Heiji shook his head. "Nah, I'll let Ku- I mean, this kid and Yuiki take this. Shiki will be in my place." I nodded, then stopped. "Wait, this means that I will have to dress formal..... ARGH!" I groaned. "Great....." Sonoko laughed evilly. "I already chose a dress for you, Yuiki......"

*After the phone call, and we are at the airport*

I was in full-on panic mode. I wasn't looking forward to the plane ride home AND I'm still worrying about the dress Sonoko chose for me. [if I refer back to the anime, she always chose skimpy clothes for Ran, like that tennis skirt that looked like a handkerchief during the tennis arc.... I really hoped that she chose something suitable for me...] I thought. The PA System crackled and came on. "Last call for people boarding the plane to Tokyo, Japan!" I groaned, and Ran dragged me onto the plane.

*9 hours later*

We had just got off the plane and I was feeling lightheaded. Shiki looked at me. "Don't faint on me again, okay?" I glared at him and he smirked. "I wasn't planning to! Even if I was planning on fainting, I would faint on someone else!" I snapped. I was still cranky about the plane ride. Shiki backed away, startled and said "Okay, okay.... Calm down, Godzilla." I shot him a death look. "WHAT did you say?" I asked threateningly. Shiki paled and stammered "N-nothing at all." I regained my composure and smiled. "That's what I thought so." Behind me, Ran, Conan, Heiji and Kazuha sweat-dropped. Uncle Mouri said "Come on brats, we haven't got all day!" And stalked off, keeping an eye out for bishoujo. Heiji and Kazuha waved good-bye and went another way, leaving for a train to their houses.

Later, we arrived at the Mouri Detective Agency, where we got ready for the gala. Sonoko was already waiting for us there.

"Ran, Yuiki, there you are!" She said and she grabbed both of us. "S-Sonoko!" Ran exclaimed, while I turned back and mouthed "SAVE ME!" To Conan and Shiki. Both of them shook their heads and shrugged their shoulders as try watched helplessly as Sonoko dragged us off to Ran's house. [Traitors.....] I thought as Ran went upstairs to her room to change while I went to the washroom to change. Conan was waiting for Shiki to finish changing in Uncle Mouri's room.

Sonoko gave me a bag. It was the dreaded dress. I looked at the bag, then back at her, suspiciously. She smiled. "It's not the stuff I usually get Ran so she can make Shinichi jealous." She said. "I knew you would kill me if I got you stuff like that. You already tried to do that before when I gave you something like that. Luckily, Ran held you back." She shuddered at the memory.

Relieved, I went into the washroom to change. After I was done, I looked at the mirror. It wasn't bad, but it was kinda embarrassing.... Ran and Sonoko knocked on the door. "Can we come in?" They asked. I unlocked the door to let them in and they stared at me. "Wow, you look nice." Ran said. Sonoko nodded and started to fix my hair. "T-this is kinda embarrassing. I don't like to wear dresses...." I stammered. Sonoko rolled her eyes. "How is it embarrassing! It's a pale-pink, long-bell sleeve dress that's short in the front and long in the back!" She practically screamed. (A/N: if you want to know what it looks like, refer to the dress Kaname got Yuki for the Day and Night class dance in Vampire Knight.) Sonoko curled a bit of my hair in the front and put a headband with a single star on the side of it on top. "There, you're DONE!" She said. I turned around to look at them. Sonoko wore a strapless periwinkle-blue, knee length dress with a diamond belt, while Ran wore a ruby coloured dress that was knee length also, with a light pink cardigan.

"Wait, why am I the only one wearing a short-long dress?" I asked. Sonoko ignored my question and started to drag me out of the washroom. "H-Hey!" I said. Ran spoke "Hurry up! Shiki-kun and Conan-kun are waiting for us!" The dragged me out and Sonoko hid me behind Ran and Sonoko announced 'Shirohana Yuiki's entrance'. Ran stepped out from in front of me and pushed me forward. I stood there, blushing, while Shiki and Conan stared at me. "What?" I asked them. Shiki shook his head and said "You look.... Nice..." I blushed more, not used to accepting compliments and said "Thank you." Sonoko stepped in and said "Okay people! Let's get going! We can't leave my darling Kaitou waiting!" Shiki rolled his eyes and followed her. He was wearing a really nice black suit with a green dress shirt inside. Conan was wearing the same thing, except his dress shirt was sky blue.

Little did we know that there was another member from DCW at the gala, too.....

To be continued....

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 Continuaton of Chapter 8 (this is the only chapter that I will be naming...we...I mean...unless meitantei wants to name one...) (Meitantei...I want to make a chapter as long as yours.) 



In the limousine, I asked what was being used as the bait for Kaitou, Sonoko said, "a (A/N HELP ME MEITANTEI I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO FOR THIS...-GOES TO CORNER AND CRIES-) is being shown."


1 hour later.


We arrived at the gala, but it wasn't as grand as usual, "I wonder if he's running out of money." I whispered to Yuiki, "just so you know, don't whisper in my ear it tickles, and yeah he's probably running out money." Yuiki said. "So...when someone whispers into your ear it tickles, that's interesting..." I said. Yuiki flicked out her staff, "don't even think about it." she glared at me. I backed away, "lets go inside everyone!" Sonoko said. "Saved..." I said to myself. "So where is this thing at?" Ran asked.

"We can't go in, the entrance is blocked by several inferred lasers, the whole room has traps on the ceiling that if you step into the room in the center or left center or right center it active all on you. The floor has a trap that if you get to the holding place, several swords come out from the back of the room and side of the room, but it won't harm the thing, because 2 swords on the left and right side are not long enough to reach it, plus we can't turn these things off until they're all activated and used." Sonoko responded.

"Sonoko, where's the bathroom?" Yuiki asked. "straight from here." she responded. " Want me to give you a tour of the place?" Sonoko asked. We nodded.


10 minutes later


"Hey, guys, Yuiki isn't back yet, maybe she got lost." I said. "Then go look for her!" Sonoko yelled, "from here, the bathrooms are behind us, we passed it 9 minutes ago." Sonoko said.

I left to find Yuiki, I had reached the bathrooms, and went into the ladies bathroom. Inside, I found feet on the ground in one of the stalls, and I thought that was Yuiki, but when there was no flush, I went into the stall, but before that! I COVERED MY EYES! I DIDN'T WANT TO BE CALLED A PERVERT!

Inside the stall wasn't Yuiki, but some woman. "TO DO THIS I UNCOVERED MY EYES! SHE HAD NO PANTS ON!" I said very loudly. "Hm, guessing from this she's probably 24, rigor mortis started, so she's probably been dead for 3 hours." I felt her arms, her legs, her feet, her face. "Where's Yuiki..." I said. Someone opened the door of the woman's bathroom, it was Yuiki. Her face was stunned, "S-Shiki... what are you doing in here?" She asked. "Ummm, looking for you?" I said. "Pervert. Pervert. Pervert. Pervert. Pervert. Pervert. Pervert. Pervert." She said, she whipped out her staff and hit me 10 times. "Y-y-Yuiki...there's been a murder..." I said, still hurting from the beating I got. I was blocking her view of the victim. so I went out and she went in. "So...did you look at anything on her?" she asked. "Yeah I felt -" I said, cut off by Yuiki, "YOU FELT WHAT?" Yuiki asked, enraged. She whipped out her staff again and hit me 30 times.


"I felt...her arms, legs, feet, her face." I said. "IM AMAZING NOT TO FAINT AFTER 40 HITS COUGH...Yuiki...you fainted so easily -laughs-" I thought to myself, I thought I thought that to myself, but I said it out loud. "Shiki...do you want to die?" She hit me again 30 times. "HOW ARE YOU NOT DYING?" She demanded to know. "Back off, Yuiki..." I said "there's been a murder."


"Go get Conan and Ran and...um, what was her name?" I said, "oh yeah Sonoko!" "They should be up ahead somewhere, Sonoko is giving a tour of the place." I said.

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Ch. 9

Yuiki's POV

(A/N: RECAP: We came to the gala, Sonoko took us on a tour, I went to the washroom, 10 mins later, Shiki goes in to look for me, I come in, whack him on the head because he was in the GIRLS BATHROOM. We see the victim.)

A/N: The Jewel's name is called "The Ocean Princess" It's a valuable necklace with a single jewel with a pearl incased inside

I was super ticked off. THAT NERVE OF SHIKI. I know he came in to the women's restroom with good intentions, but the saw a dead body and FELT her legs. She had no pants on, because she was wearing a skirt, but that was UNFORGIVABLE. I tried to kill him, but he, for some reason... COULDN'T DIE.

When we came out of the restroom, Sonoko took a look at Shiki (Who had a cut on his face and was grabbing his arm where I had hit him super hard.) and my aura and spoke to him. "What on EARTH did you do to tick her off? I've never seen this aura before, except on Ran...." Ran looked at me "Yuiki, what happened? You are usually so calm and composed...." I glared at Shiki- nope, Kageyama and said "Someone just got murdered in the washroom about 3 hours ago, and KAGEYAMA went in and felt her." Sonoko and Ran paled. When I got mad, I will always go to last name basis.

Shiki gulped nervously. "Now, now. We should call the police here.... Sorry Yuiki, I didn't mean for you to misunderstand.... I owe you something later." I regained my composure and said "Okay, we must call the police and yes, Shiki, you do owe me something later."

Shiki turned back relieved and ran to get the police and Sonoko told Uncle Jirokichi to keep the gala going. No one was to know about this. Luckily there was a second ladies' bathroom on the other side, so we put a "Cleaning, do not come in" sign at the door. Uncle Mouri came in and said "Whaaaaa happennned heeeerreee~". He was drunk and Ran said "FATHER, what did you drink?" Uncle Mouri held up a bottle half-full. "I draaannk thissssh." I glanced at it and said "Omigod, that's a whiskey bottle. Ran, can you make sure that to get him home safely and then come back? Make sure you set the TV onto Yoko Okino's live. He won't go anywhere until it's over, but I doubt he will stay awake by the time it's over." Ran nodded. "Okay."

Shiki came back with Inspector Megure and Officer Takagi and he said "Got them!" Inspector Megure said "Oh, Yuiki-kun! It's been a long time! How was your trip to England?" [My trip to England? when did I go?] I thought. I played along. "Hello, Inspector Megure, my trip to England was great! Although it was cloudy there all the time...." I looked at Takagi and said "Nice to see you too, Officer Takagi." He nodded. "And you too, Yuiki-san." Megure interrupted. "Where is the victim?" Shiki took him to the stall. "Here it is. The victim died about 3 hours ago, I asked the custodian, and he said that the body wasn't there while he cleaned here before the gala. Even though the victim wasn't there, the custodian is a suspect, he could have carried the body there."

*30 mins later*

The victim's name is Sasagawa Kotori. She had died due to strangulation. She was with her two friends, Sawada Umi and Rokudo Naoya. (A/N: I pulled these out of random KHR character, Love Live and Kaichou wa Maid-sama Sorry to make them suspects! Rokudo Naoya is a guy.) None of the suspects have alibis ad they all held a grudge against Sasagawa Kotori. She would always talk behind their backs and she would say mean and nasty things that wasn't true. That had major consequences. They had gotten laid off from their jobs and their friends didn't trust them anymore.

I looked at Shiki "Why did the culprit bring the body here? It's a gala. They could have his it somewhere else...." Conan jumped in and said "Also there is a bandage on all the suspects. The victim must have scratched the murderer, while they were strangling her. There must have been some skin under a fingernail." Shiki added "There was also some water in the stall." I looked at him "Wouldn't that be normal since we are in a washroom?" Shiki glanced back. "Nope, there is one or two drops of weird substance on the ground. I took a swab of it, and it's chloroform." I replied "So the culprit chloroformed Kotori and strangles her, but she woke up, while she was being strangled and scratched the culprit. Later the culprit moved her into the washroom, where Shiki found her..... OH! I figured it out! I ran or rather, tried to run because I was wearing heels, to Inspector Megure. "Inspector Megure! We figured it out! The culprit is...." I pointed to.....

Theownerer finish it for me and then include the plot I told you about in PM!!!!!

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okay...um, Continuation of Chapter 9 And going on to chapter 10!                                                      O   O  ("U-U-us?!?!")

My POV                                                                                                                                                  l     l

                                                                                                             ("YOU TWO!")                O       l     l

"The culprit is...YOU PEOPLE" I pointed to ALL OF THEM!(I pointed to Sawada and Rokudo)     l/


"LEMME EXPLAIN!" I said, "Sawada and Rokudo both killed her, Rokudo strangled her while Sawada chloroformed her." 

Rokudo and Sawada fell to the ground and said, "she...was a devil she was a demon, she always spread rumors and things about us that weren't true, she deserved to die."

"No human deserves to die of a murder, no matter how evil or devilish." Megure said.


The culprits were arrested.



"Hey, let's go see the ballroom next."Sonoko said. We walked towards the room in front of us. "Why is there a ballroom in a gala? What is a gala..." Yuiki asked very...um...curiously.

"A gala, IS A FANCY PLACE PUT TOGETHER BY A FANCY MAN FOR A FANCY REASON!." Sonoko said. "Um, Yuiki a gala is a showoff of many different items, but there is usually a really valuable item. "A gala has a ballroom for people to be dancing and entertained in, and it has the main part, the showcasing." I explained.


When we entered the ballroom, we didn't expect it to be so grand, there were fountains, lots of chandeliers, no one could have described it.

We saw people already there, some guy came up to Yuiki and asked, "hey, wanna dance?"

Yuiki blushed and said "sure."

"I'm gonna keep a close eye on that guy, just to make sure he doesn't do anything suspicious to a person or people..." I said (stalker mode...ON)


10 minutes later (I love going ten minutes later)


I was getting tired of watching the guy, when I was about to give up he did something suspicious, he put his hand into his pocket and his thumb pressed something.

A girl came up to me and asked, "wanna dance?" "UH UH...UH....SURE...." I responded like a total fool. She was so cute and beautiful.

"So, what's your name?" I asked while keeping an eye on Yuiki. "Hey...you're not paying attention to me..." the girl said in a very cute voice. "My name is Midorikawa Maki." she said.

I danced with her, while inching closer and closer to Yuiki, "Yuiki wanna dance?" I asked her. her face went total red, "s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-sure..." she responded. I cut in and took her hand. "So, who were you just dancing with." I asked, "a boy." she responded.

"Well... you were dancing with Kid." I said. We danced for another couple minutes, then Yuiki asked, "who was the girl you were dancing with?"

"Mirdorikawa Maki" I responded.

"Hey, remember the time, when boring-freak said something about always have wanting a name like Midorikawa Maki?" she asked me. "I don't know, I don't stalk your conversations, stalking is a crime!" I said. "But secretly I knew. I knew that Meitantei will want to meet boring-freak, and I will have to tag along..." I thought to myself

"Hey Shiki, let's go find Maki, I can't wait to talk to her." she said. "I knew it..." I thought to myself.


5 Minutes Later                                                                                                                       o  o                                        o 

We felt like we were running around in a circle, "hey look I see her!" I said and pointed.        l    l---                                     l

                                                                                                                                                l    l                                         l






We were running to meet her, but then the lights went off, completely off.

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Continuation of Ch. 10

MeitanteiSnow/Yuiki's POV

(In this chapter, Kid may seem a bit out of character, and Kid fangirls..... Don't take this the wrong way, and remember, he flirts with every girl he comes across. ;))

After the room went dark, a voice boomed out. A voice theownerer and I knew too well from watching many episodes of Detective Conan. Kaitou Kid announced:


Shiki rolled his eyes in annoyance. I guess he wasn't into flashy appearances.

"Tonight, the Ocean Princess would be mine!" (A/N: I know that know that this line is kinda lame, but I don't want to go through the stuff to figure out the trick.) A spotlight appeared [How did they get that up there?] and pink smoke appeared on the display case with a "poof". As it cleared, Shiki, Conan and I could see a silhouette of Kaitou Kid on the case. We pushed our way past the crowd and went to the velvet rope that surrounded the case. 

Kaitou Kid stood up and we could (FINALLY) see him. He looked to the crowd and said "KAITOU KID HAS ARRIVED!". Conan and Shiki sweat-dropped and I looked up at him, in disbelief. [Who wouldn't? IT'S KAITOU KID!!! *inside fangirl scream, but then realizes I am a detective T_T*]. He looked at Conan and Shiki and smirked. "Figure this one out, Tantei-kun." He then looked at me as said "Thank you for that dance." I shot him a "Yuiki-style glare", but despite that, I couldn't stop my blood from rushing up to my face. He smirked at my blushing and went "poof" into the air.

I was still mentally yelling at myself for blushing and didn't notice that Shiki and Conan were talking to me. "Yuiki? Yu~i~ki?" They kept saying, and I couldn't here them, until Sonoko came up to us with Ran and yelled at me in front of all the guest "YUIKI SHIROHANA! STOP DAYDREAMING ABOUT KID! HE'S MINE!". I snapped out of my yelling and said "I wasn't daydreaming about Kid. I was trying to figure out who he disguised as and where he's going." I glanced around and found Shiki. He made eye contact with me and we knew who to find. Maki Midorikawa, a.k.a, boring-freak, my close friend at DCW. I went over to Shiki and talked to him. "Let's find her". Shiki nodded and we began looking for her. Maki had shoulder-length black hair and emerald eyes. She was wearing a black dress pants and a black jacket over a white dress shirt. (A/N: Maki is a tomboy and she was wearing something a normal businesswoman would. This name was not and I repeat, WAS NOT taken from Love Live! This was chosen by boring-freak herself, so she owns that name.) 

As I was looking for Maki, I thought back to when Kid and I danced. 

*flashback start*

"Uhhhh..... Sorry, I know I should have said this when you asked me to dance, but I don't know HOW to dance." I said. "Haha, that's okay. Lucky for you, I know how to dance." Kid said. (Back then, I didn't know that the boy I danced with was Kid.) "You do?" I said. "Omigosh, thank you so much! My friend told me to at least dance one dance at this gala, or else we came here for nothing." *hint, hint: ______ Suzuki* "Okay." Kid said. "Put your right hand in my left hand and put your left hand on my shoulder, and don't kick me when I put my right hand on your waist." I did what he said and managed not to kick Kid as he put his hand on my waist. "Next, follow me and step when I step." He said. One, two, three, one, two, three. We managed to sync into a waltz (I think?) and talking small talk. "What's your name?" I asked. "Takeshi. Mizutani Takeshi." I smiled. "Then, can I call you Takeshi? Since I come from somewhere else, we call people by first name, and I don't like being formal." Takeshi/Kid smiled. "Sure." I spoke. "My name is-" Takeshi interrupted me. "I know who you are. Shirohana Yuiki, Co-Detective of the East with Kudou Shinichi." I laughed. "Yea. Call me Yuiki." 

We conversed a little more and the danced changed to a little slower one. [Just a tiny bit slower, like reeeeally tiny, so fangirls won't get the wrong idea.] I tried to adjust my pace and ended up tripping over the crack between the tiles and falling. I shut my eyes and waited to hit hard tiles, but it never came. I opened my eyes slowly and came face-to-face with Takeshi! Our faces were so close that our nose were touching! I yelped a bit and tried to edge away, only to fall closer to the ground. To other people, it looked like we were doing a dip. Blood started to rush to my face and Takeshi helped me up. "S-s-sorry." I stuttered. Takeshi smiled. "It's okay, you were just a beginner, and you did well." I smiled a bit, still blushing. "And, you look cute when you're blushing." He added. I blushed more, due to that comment, my bright pink tinge turning, red-pink. Just then Shiki cut in and we talked. 

*End flashback* (Hiding behind Shiki in case Kaitou Kid fans were not happy about the flashback. Little REMINDER: KK flirts with every girl! )

Shiki turned to me. His eyes lit up. "There she is!" We stared running towards her and when we almost reached Maki, she turned to a security guard and they walked out of the ballroom and went through a door that said "To the Roof". Conan, Shiki and I glanced at each other. "LET'S GO!"

And we followed them up to the roof.

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Continuation of the Continuation of Chapter 10 (just so you guys know, I am witing three stories at once, this chapter might not be as long) (I'm sorry Yuki! I can't do a long chapter right now! GO TYPE THE NEXT CHAPTER!!...GOOD LUCKKKK ♠) 



I noticed there was a helicopter in the sky, "STOP NOW KAITO KID AND FRIEND!" the guy in the helicopter said. When we finally reached the roof, Maki took something out of her pocket, it looked like a gun, "WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T FIRE THAT GUN, FRIEND OF KAITO KID!" guy in helicopter said. I could see Kaito and Maki clearly now, she WAS holding a gun, I decided the best choice was to tackle her, "you can tackle Kaito, I know you like him." I whispered to Yuiki. "I DON'T LIKE KAITO KID!" she yelled in my ear while blushing. "Just tackle him! Okay, 1...2...3! GO" I yelled. I tackled Maki while Yuiki tackled Kaito was too fast to be tackled by Yuiki, Kaito moved like a panther while Yuiki moved like a frog, I couldn't catch Maki, at least I pulled on her shoes when she tried to dodge, she fell off the roof..."I'm not really sure if she died." and when I look down I see a hang glider and Maki's face, smirking at me.

"THANK YOU YOU TWO!" Guy said. (A/N if you don't know, Guy is the guy in the helicopter or guy in helicopter. I keep shortening his name...)

"Put down the Ocean Princess, Kaito Kid!" Conan said. "Oh? You want the Ocean Princess? I have two! Which one do you want?" Kaito said. "Two?!?!?" Conan, Yuiki, and I exclaimed.

"Yes, two, I picked the other up on the way out here." he told us, "show us both Ocean Princesses!" I demanded. "Sure, look!" he showed us...the real Ocean Princess and...Ran, tied up and unconscious. "Let her go!" Conan lost it. "So, you pick this one?" Kaito asked us, "No...but yes...we want BOTH Ocean Princesses!" I told him.

Conan readied his soccer ball and, wristwatch, while I readied my tonfas and Yuiki readied her staff. "Calm down, ladies and gentlemen. The show is only beginning so sit down and watch." Kaito said very calm and cocky. 

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Chapter 11 

MeitanteiSnow/Yuiki's POV

(A/N: This chapter is going to be a long one....)

[Why, oh why on Earth am I wearing high heels?] I thought. They weren't that tall, but I had trouble walking and especially, running in them. I couldn't take them off, because the ground was hard and would probably hurt I'd ran barefoot. Ran was tied up and the Ocean Princess was in Kaitou Kid's hand. Conan, Shiki and I looked at each other and nodded. Since, I'm practically useless, (because wearing a dress + high heels equals= slow and weak Yuiki.) I would go save Ran. Conan and Shiki will go for Kaitou Kid. Maki..... I would have to go to Ekoda High to talk to her. 

We all rushed at the same time. I sprinted to Ran, while Conan fired his soccer ball and Shiki attacked Kid. When I reached Ran, she was unconscious and the rope was tied only in the arm and waist area. I tried to undo the knot, but it was too tight. I couldn't do anything with a blunt staff. I tried to think of something for a moment, until I heard a "pssssshhhhh" sound. Kid had taken out his card gun and shot at one of Conan's ball, which immediately deflated. Suddenly I had an idea. "Hey Kid!" I called. He turned towards me. "Can you shorten the length of my dress for me? I can barely move in it." I had no idea what thoughts Kid had, but Conan and Shiki were probably mentally yelling at me. Kid smirked. "Of course, my lady." He readied the card gun in my direction and shot two cards at my dress, but I dodged. The cards grazed Ran's rope instead and they cut them for me. I tilted my head and said "Oops, sorry. I was scared of the card and I dodged instead." Kid twitched. He had already lost one princess and he held the jewel to the moonlight. He sighed and looked back at us with a suave smile. "Sorry, Chibi-tantei and tantei-kun, this isn't the one I am looking for. He tossed back the necklace at Shiki and turned to me. "Next time we meet, I expect to steal your heart." I shot him a death glare. "O-or another dance is fine." He continued. "Until next t-" and Kid was shot backwards. A soccer ball bounced away from him as he lay on the ground. Conan had gotten the ball ready while he was talking to me. I smiled and said "Good Job!" And when I turned back to Kid, he had gotten his hang-glider out and escaped. 

"Oh, darn....." I groaned and went back in. Shiki and Conan followed. When we went back to the ballroom, cheers aroused and people were clapping. I ducked my head in embarrassment and Shiki was grinning an Conan was doing his usual annoyance and smile. Uncle Jirokichi was sulking in his little corner, because HE couldn't catch Kid. A reporter came to take pictures but I protested and said "No pictures." I walked away, or, tried to, but Sonoko and Ran, pushed me back in there. A stumbled and almost fell, except Shiki caught me. "Stop tripping all over the place. There's not enough Gosho Boys to catch you." (Yes, he considers himself as part of it.....). "Whatever." I retorted and decided to let this comment skip past for the safety if himself. He already had too many beatings from when he walked into the girls' bathroom. "Say 'Kaitou Kid'!" The reporter say and took our pictures. I have to say, we looked pretty cool on the front page, the next day. 

*Time skip: two days before Valentine's Day*

"Alright class, it is time to pick the traditional Valentines Chocolate making instructor for our sister school." the teacher said. Shiki had gone back to Osaka and is currently attending high school. "Any volunteers?" A bunch of girls raised their hand, whispering among themselves about the cute guys at the other classes, if they went. Sonoko raised her hand and also dragged Ran's and my hand up. The teacher spoke again. "This year, we will vote and unlike the years before, there will only be one of us going." She wrote down the names of the people that raised their hand on a piece of paper. She then said "This is not a just a class vote, it is the entire school's vote." The bell sounded and she walked out of the classroom. The girls immediately clamoured together and talked about the chocolate thing. Sonoko looke at Ran and I. "Soooo....." I looked at her blankly. "Sooooo..... What?" I asked. Sonoko looked at me. "Who are you going to give chocolates to, Yuiki?" She said. "Ran's going to give one to Shinichi and I'm going to give one to Makoto." She sighed. Sonoko looke back at me. "Well?" I spoke. "I'll just make friendship chocolate every year, like I do." Sonoko and Ran sighed. "How about Shiki-kun?" I grimaced at the thought. "No way, but I'll send him a friendship chocolate instead." The next day, the teacher came back with the results. "Shirohana-San, you will be teaching class 2-B at Ekoda High to make chocolates. I nodded. [Wait,..... Class 2-B..... Ekoda High..... OMIGOD THAT'S THE SCHOOL KAITO GOES TOO!!!!]

Back in Osaka, Shiki was dealing with a important case.....

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The Ordeal in Osaka

My POV (A/N I will make this moderately long) 


(Osaka 2 days before Valentine's Day)

After the bell rang, I walked home with Kazuha and Heiji, "So..soooo, who are ya going ta give chocolates to, Kazuha?"  Heiji asked. Kazuha blushed, "obviously you, dummy." Kazuha responded. "Sooooooooooooooooo...who are ya going to give chocolates to, Shiki?" Heiji and Kazuha said in unison. "I don't know..." I told them. [The truth is...I don't like anyone...except maybe her...] I blushed. "You've gotta have someone! OH! I know who LOVES you...I also know you love her back, Yu-I-Ki...that's who you like." Kazuha said.

When she said this I ran away as fast as I could to my house. I didn't know it before I came back to Osaka, but apparently I have parents and a house!




"Mom, Dad! I'm home!" I yelled. I walked around, but I didn't find them. "Mom? Dad?" I couldn't find them. [it's! DEDUCTION TIME! I thought to myself] [Okay, let's see, their car is the driveway, so that means they either walked somewhere...or they were kidnapped.] I walked around some more and found a note: Mommy and Daddy have to leave now. [Okay...weird, but this means they were kidnapped, they never referred to themselves as 'Mommy' or 'Daddy']


When I entered my room I saw a note on my bed, it read: You took all that I loved...I shall now take all of what you love! 

[This means that all my friends are going to be kidnapped, that means...Yuiki!!]

[Heiji and Kazuha will be fine] I found all possible notes, i looked everywhere for them, the notes read:

1.First note: Mommy and Daddy have to leave now. 2:You took all that I loved...I shall now take all of what you love! 3. When you find this note I will have already reached a friend. 4. You can find your parents at a place. 5. Mommy and Daddy has left you a message on the phone if you're lonely. 

The message on the phone was "HELP ! HELP! We're in a..." I heard dripping water in the background, rats, and rusty things.


(At Teitan)


"Yuiki! I have a MAJOR problem" I told air, I noticed Yuiki wasn't there walking home with Ran and Sonoko. "Calm down, you look like you've been running, now, what's the problem?" Ran asked very calmly.

"The problem is, my parents have been kidnapped, and my friends are going to die off 1 by 1 and the kidnapper gives me no clues as to who he will kill next. So I thought about you first and came here, I also told Kazuha and Heiji to come." I explained. "Let's go to the detective agency, a place where we can assemble everyone!"



"EVERYONE! WE HAVE A MAJOR BIG GIGANTIC PROBLEM!" I announced. I noticed that one person wasn't here, Mouri.

"He started already..." I murmured. "Okay, there was this person, a kidnapper and murderer who kidnapped my parents, he left notes around the house," I said, I passed out the notes, "he said he would kill my friends and family off 1 by 1, so I came here with Kazuha and Heiji, I noticed Mouri was missing, he's got to him." I also noticed Yuiki wasn't here. "Where's Yuiki!?!" I demanded to know. "She walked home by herself, she said she had a lot of preparing to do." Ran explained. "She's not safe...the killer can get to her any time! Let's go to Yuiki's house, follow me!" I said.



"How do you know where Yuiki lives?" Sonoko asked me.

"Um, because, she um, told me?" I said.

We entered Yuiki's house and we found her there, I sat down on the couch with her and explained what was happening.

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Continuation of Ch. 12

MeitanteiSnow/Yuiki's POV

(I think this mystery will end before I go make chocolate, because we need to get on with boring-freak and stuff.)

When we sat down on the living room couch, I spoke. "Wait, does anyone want some snacks? I made some prototype chocolate for the workshop." Kazuha replied. "Sure, but what workshop?" Ran answered for me. "Yuiki-chan was selected to teach students from Ekoda High to make chocolates." Kazuha nodded. "I see...." I got up as said "Well, I'll just get them." I went into the kitchen to get some from the fridge and put some on a plate. I also poured some green tea in cups for them. I walked back with the tray and served it to them. "Hey, not bad...." Shiki said. I shot him a look. "Is it a good thing or a bad thing?" He looked up to me. "Well?" Shiki couldn't answer, he was full of chocolate. "Ah, never mind." I said, sitting down. "What's the problem? It seems that you guys are coming more often than usual...."

*10 mins later, after explaining.*

"Okay, so your parents got kidnapped and he/she is coming after us." I finally managed to get out. [Wow, life as a detective......] Shiki nodded. "So what do you propose we do?" I asked. Heiji started. "First of all, the girls will stick together." I nodded. "Seems good, we all know self-defence, except for Sonoko." Sonoko laughed. "It's okay, I have pepper spray, remember? Being rich means a high risk of being kidnapped all the time." Conan nodded, and then looked at me. "Yuiki-neechan, what about you? You have to carry a weapon wherever you go, you might forget, though." I smiled at Conan. "It's okay. I know a bit of karate Ran taught me before, and I'm agile, so the culprit will have a hard time beating me up." Shiki smirked. "But you suck at fighting, remember the spar we had at the park?" I glared at him, Yuiki-style. "Hey, I wasn't used to the weapon, since we had just warped h-" I stopped and yelled at myself for slipping up. Shiki paled and I tried to cover up. "I mean, I wasn't used to the weapon, since it felt like I had just warped here. I came back from England recently, okay? I had jet lag." [That was a weird cover, but I think I convinced them.] "Well, whatever." Shiki said.

Heiji then spoke again. "Second, we need ta figure out if we need ta call the cops." I nodded my head. "I think we should.", but Shiki voted no. "Why?!" I demanded. He shook his head again. "I don't want to involve the cops. That might make his grudge larger." I grumbled "FINE."

"Okay, we got those things down, so what are we going to do tonight?" Kazuha asked. "It's already 7:00 pm." I glanced at my Doraemon clock and sighed. "We should go out and eat, then maybe have a sleepover here. Except the guys go over to Uncle Mouri's." Ran nodded. "It might be safer in numbers here, and we can protect Sonoko if the intruder comes here," Heiji nodded, agreeing to the idea. Conan reluctantly agreed and Shiki didn't say anything. Kazuha spoke "Where do you want to eat?" Conan replied in a kid-ish voie that made Heiji, Shiki and I sweatdrop. "Ah, Ran-neechan, I wanna eat curry!" (A/N: Yea, it's the voice when Conan goes: AH-LE-LE? ^_^) Kazuha nodded. "Let's go eat at Danny's! I need ta get more curry for her." Everyone agreed for curry and we walked out. As I locked the door, Shiki stayed behind and spoke with me. "Isn't it strange?" He asked. I looked at him, curious. "Strange, what?" He looked at me, seriously. "Ever since we came here, cases has been popping up one by one. It's like the person who took us here wants us to be always busy..." I laughed "This is DC, Shiki, we run into cases all the time. I've got to admit that I'm getting used to being here....." I tilted my head. "You?". Shiki smiled at me. ACTUALLY SMILED. [Huh? He usually smirks or snickers at me...] "Yeah, me too. But, I miss home, too." I felt a pang of homesickness, but I was determined not to cry in front of my new animated friends.

Somewhere, behind the shadows.... Someone was watching us.......

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