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I guess you could be a little broader than homework, cause a few of us here don't have homework, 'cause we've already graduated and stuff. Anyways...I actually do have some work left over from my job, so I guess that's my homework.

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Calculus - Read lists of problems -> Solve them all -> Study them -> Final test.... *gone insane*

AP Physics - Create/Design your own lab with 3 topics covered in class. Chose Momentum lab including Cener of Mass and Angular Motion. *gone insane*

AP English - Write a Children's book (3rd grade level). Chose Affirmative Action in Education. @_@ dammit. I'm doomed.

Spanish - Write about a ("fictional")trip to a spanish speaking country. IN SPANISH of course... Done, it was only a paragraph + pictures...

AP Government - Create a Timeline based on a topic. Must include more than 25 events. Chose Black History and Civil Rights Movement. Need Pictures....

AP Economics - Reasearch project: How will you save for your future life? (i.e... College, Job, Home, Car, etc) didn't even started...

Robotics - Build a functional robot with limited parts/equiments. Provide a blue print for the model. Sill on blue print...


Tutoring - As the president of Tutoring program, I must give a final speech.

Christian club - ...Basically, write about God....

Chess club - Chess puzzle... I hate this thing... but I'm almost done...

Leadership - Health division - Gardening Project and Filing Student Health check up...

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Around 20 problems for Alg. II

Translate article for Spanish

Worksheet for Forensics

Finish up some stuff for Health

Essay for English

Extra stuff includes: The slideshow/speech I have to create for the 4-H assembly at our school.

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Chinese: Project, forum post

Math: Project, online activity

American History: Facebook Activity, Study Guides, Readings

Chem: Study Guide, Test next class

English: Writing Competitions, Presentation and Independent Reading

PE: Independent Fitness sessions

Drama: Read play and do review

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Filipino(I'm in the Philippines, LOL): Biographies and Works of Filipino Authors

Algebra: Practice for Division of Polynomials and Prepare for MTAP in the next next next Saturday; Math training for Elimination round at school.

Biology: Cells and Structure Handout; Kingdoms(you know, Animalia....) Handout, and prepare for another Module.


Earth Science: Chapter Test, Bio-Geo Cycles

English: Speech Choir Performance on Monday


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