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Some people would find the zombies and violence horrific, others would find the hentai horrific, and even some would find both zombies and violence as well as the hentai to be horrific.

I'm good with both and still hope in the back of my mind that they'll continue it. Heard a bunch of different rumors, the most promising being that they can't get a second season airing because of the extreme hentai and all the legal issues that come with it. But I haven't found any official sources stating anything, so we'll just have to wait and see.

I've been following along with the manga. I really hope for a second season. Looking forward to how they're gonna conclude the whole thing, though. It seems kinda...broad, if you know what I mean.

Deadman Wonderland! Awesome! LOTS o' blood! I watch it with my five year old brother!

I'm a terrible person. ^^;

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NOT YET watched anything. I only do some adventurous but a little bloody,

but not really horrific.

I don't know what Horror Anime is good at..

*high fives*

And Horror Anime is good at creeping us out.

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Elfen Lied.

HOTD I've only read the manga.

Gantz I've watched the live-action movie.

Bloody Monday I've watched the live-action too.

Mirai Nikki Im not sure if there's an anime for it.

Deadman wonderland.

Mahou Shoujo madoka magica. Not exactly horror but...

Cage of Eden - This is manga.

Petshop of horrors - also manga.

Berserk - I think manga too...



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School days so count. NICE BOATTTTTT.

Madoka, those stupid dandelion fluffs with mustaches haunted my nightmares for WEEKS.

Do manga count or do you only want anime? Umizaki is a classic horror read (SPIRALSSS). Do manhwa? Lots of good korean horror stuff.

I KNOW! Uzumaki was awesome! And Ibitsu, too~

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I'd recommend Monster. It's not exactly what you call 'horror', but has an amazing psychological effect. ^_^

There's also MPD Psycho. It is very disturbing, gory, and definitely horror, to the point that I wish I had never read it. Not sure if it has an anime though.

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