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A Dream of Two Souls

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Hiya! This is my first story on the site and it's a present for my twin: Misaki-chan!!!

Misa-chan's b-day is soon and I promised myself that I would write something for her! Well, here it is! And, no, I have no idea why I made the divider below look like that....


Chapter 1

'A little rest is all I need to get back to work,' thought Wataru Takagi as he plopped down on his couch. In his sleep-deprived state, he completely forgot about important things, like, oh, I don't know, locking his front door. But who cares! Sleep before security!

Before he knew it, he had drifted off to LaLa-Land.

"Hello? Hey! You!"

The little boy looked up from the sand castle he had been building. Who was that calling him? A small girl with short hair, standing akimbo-style, stared down at him.

"Jeez, finally! Can you move over? That's my shovel."

Still a bit confused, the boy moved. The girl reached over the sandbox and tried to get the shovel...

...and fell in the process...

...and destroyed the sand castle....

"Wahh!!" cried the boy, staring at the remains of his hard work. The girl got up quickly and looked at him apologetically.

"Oops! Sorry! Haha…I really didn't mean to do that! Hey! Wait, don't cry!"

The boy was on the verge of tears, already sniffling a bit. The girl looked at him and then back at the ruined castle. Then her face lit up instantly.

"Hey, what if I help you rebuild it? We could play a game! I'll be...Detective Saimone! And you can be...."

"Detective Wilder?"

The girl nodded, dimly registering the fact that these were the first actual words she'd heard the boy say. "Sure! You can be Detective Wilder! Now, we're investigating a murder! And we have to rebuild this castle so we can reenact the crime! Got it? Good!"

Detective Wilder and Detective Saimone started rebuilding the castle, unaware of the time passing by. About three hours later, the castle was finished and the two detectives had become pretty friendly.

'Wow,' thought Detective Saimone, 'he works so hard. He just kept rebuilding that tower even though it'd fallen down 4 times."

'Why didn't that stupid tower just stay up?!' thought Detective Wilder, 'She must think I'm so...so...what was that word Mommy used to describe Daddy the other day? That's it! Incompetent! She must think I'm so incompetent....I wish I could be as amazing as her....' The boy looked at the girl with stars in his eyes.

"Honey! We have to go! Daddy's waiting!" Detective Wilder looked up to see his mother waving him over.

"Bye Saimone! I have to go! Can we play tomorrow?"

"Sure! Later, Detective Wilder!" She patted his somewhat spiky hair and laughed. Grains of sand were transferred from her hand to his hair. The boy waved and then ran to his mother.

Saimone heard a few snippets of their conversation before they were out of earshot.

"Honey, why is there sand in your hair?"

"I dunno."

"Who was that girl?"

"My new friend!"

"Oh? And what did you two ta...."

The girl sat in the sandbox alone, watching the mother and son's figures fade. She got up and wiped the sand from her clothes.

"Well, today was fun."

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HOLY---! Forgot all about this story! xPP You know what I should do? Update it annually. On Misa-chan's bday. Whatcha think?

Thank you Twin~ I love it so far! XD

Oh, you're welcome~!! I'm so glad!

Sorry, but I don't really get it. :(

Sorry. :(

Oh....er....k, so Takagi was really tired and decided to go home and take a nap but he forgot to lock the door (this is important to know this later on in the story. He goes to sleep and starts dreaming about a story/memory/something (we're not sure yet) about a little boy, himself, building a sand castle. this girl, obviously Sato comes along and they start playing together. I wanted them to use pseudonyms 'cause i didn't want Takagi to know he was playing with Sato at the time, so I researched a little and came up with their names in the English dub ^^ Get it now?

That was cute For chapter 1 I loved it :grin:

it was a really good story:)especially since it's chapter one :rolleyes:

Thank you ^^

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