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Vodka..Lamest of the Black?

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My current theory is that Vodka has an eidetic memory. He isn't exactly a secretary or personal assistant, rather than a compendium of information that the BO can use and call upon. He was placed with the #1 assassin to keep tabs on all the people that Gin has killed in case a problem arises with killing said person and the BO needs to deal with it. If Gin cannot remember the conditions and the reasons and the circumstances of the person's death that could cause problems. He may not see a use for remembering but I'm sure Anokata does.

Consider this... Gin has supposedly killed so many people, and likely Vodka was with him the entire time. We know that a decent amount of time has passed and Gin has killed several people since killing Kudo, and yet Vodka was able to remember the exact moment, what happened, what time of day, and the method of killing Kudo.

Likely it extends past this. It is possible that he has other knowledge as well that would be needed by the BO. He was given a gun, training and placed with the #1 assassin. And the mere fact that we know that Vodka is not always with Gin means that Vodka is sometimes elsewhere on assignment, possibly by Gin's or Anokata's orders. He doesn't seem to have much common sense, but he appears to have an eidetic memory. I'm not sure what else he knows, but it can be assumed that it is more than the average person landing him in his current position.

Further to support this is that Gin does the killing, Vodka does the deals. He did the exchange at the amusement park and he was the person talking with Itakura about the program. He doesn't keep a log of anything it seems and yet he remembers the details and the conditions of all the deals. In this instance, Gin is actually aiding Vodka who doesn't know how to watch his back (like at the amusement park and at the drop off location for the program).

The only problem with Vodka is that he doesn't have as much common sense. But as Chek said, we know he has a good shot. I would say that he was the getaway diver, but that wouldn't make sense since he is always with Gin when Gin kills.

In fact, if he was simply proficient at bartering and making deals that could very well be the reason he gained a code name and was placed with Gin. Gin gets assignments to kill, and Vodka gets assignments to make deals. If a deal fails, it is likely Gin's job to finish the person off (and to make sure that Vodka doesn't expose them). No one else seems to make extortion deals or contact people outside of the Org for things other than Vodka. Vermouth has only been shown killing and assuming the identity of people, Gin has only been shown killing, the scientists only do science, Anokata remains in the shadows and dictates orders, the snipers snipe, so who extorts and makes deals for the benefit of the BO? Vodka. Would make sense.

I have two theories on why Vodka has a codename and yet seems so lame.

1. This is another one of those literary devices and elements that Gosho has thrown in the DC franchise. My theory is that Gosho thought it was fitting to have the two original "bad guys" of DC be opposites. As we all know, in literature, opposites either attract or repel. In this case, they attract. Gin is tall, on the skinny side, has long hair, and is cunning. Vodka is a little shorter, on the fat side, has extremely short hair, and is mentally dull. Gosho probably just wanted to make it a harmless effect of "opposite bad guys". If you look carefully at many other series and movies and books with two main evil antagonists, you'll find that they usually contrast each other.

2. My other theory is that Vodka probably saved Gin's skin at one time or another. I'm betting on this scenario: The two happened to be working together on some project, and they got into a tight situation. Vodka might have either risk his life or sent one lucky bullet into someone saving Gin in the nick of time. The Organization was so grateful for still having a member like Gin alive and promoted Vodka up to his current status. Gin, equally as grateful for still being alive, continued to partner up with Vodka on future missions and became fond of the dull minded man.

If anyone has anything to add, please feel free.

A rep for both of you :D... I used to think that Vodka wasn't talented or anything, but after having read these comments, I think I agree :) And now you've made me sort of like him :mellow::blink::o :o :o

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at least he's the one to supply Gin with information, and does take part in "investigating" around, like  in the Double Mystery Halloween blah blah blah I don't remember the name in vol 42.


And he's got his own codename so it means he has skills, just that we don't know yet :))

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If it was up to me, I think he is less skilled than the others compared to Gin and Vermouth who are high ranking members and are known for their superb skills. But Vodka on his own as a character with no comparison, like mentioned, have an almost accurate shooting skills, can remember faces and names, useful in handing out a trade. seems to have no conscious as he is prepared to kill anyone anytime except maybe for Gin his mentor, a trait that earns him respect I presume. Vodka perhaps is more of the business dealer kind of man, as Gin would probably kill on any little doubt thus Vodka is assigned to work with Gin to smooth up the deals therefore in the very first episode he is the one to trade with the arms dealing company leader while Gin is on the lookout. Wow it just hit me but if you think about it for a second and  that Gin is more of the combatant between the two, have you ever thought that Gin is assigned to work with Vodka as the bodyguard and not the other way around. Vodka is the one to deal with others, but since he have less of a charisma and leader skills and intimidation about him, Anokata assigned Gin to work with Vodka to assure that Gin would handle any situation that Vodka may fall into and that is why they are together. True Gin would not hesitate to kill Vodka as seen before, but perhaps Vodka has some kind of relationship with Anokata but at a disposable range. That is why Gin is the one who is with direct contact to Anokata because he can handle any situation at hand, while Vodka assuming he is more close to the boss is kept at hand so that his dim witted mind will not be a problem.


Remember that even though Pisco was a long time member of BO and was somewhat close to the Miyano's, he was disposed off immediately at the risk of covering the existence of the BO. So Vodka might be in the same situation, if he is also close but due to his slow mind kept at bay to ensure his incapability won't risk the hidden existence of the BO. 

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After going through almost 630 episodes of Detective Conan, i have always wondered how Vodka got into the Black Organisation, taking in consideration his qualities.


Do you think that Vodka is the lamest member of the Organisation, or is he a very important part of the Organisation?

My answer: Yes, he is lame.

He's just a sidekick who is mostly seen with Gin, driving the Porche. Neither is he intelligent(Can be proved if you have watched Contact with the Black Organisation Arc), nor does he have the "BO appearance"(Which Tequila has). If only Vodka and Tequila could switch places. 

He easily fell pray to Conan's traps. He let Ai escape due to distraction. He is nothing without Gin. He is easy going and trusting, bad oberservant and even once goes off-course from the Organisation's orders.

Only positive point i see is that, due to his dumbness, Conan may enter into the organisation in the near future.(Positive Point WRT Conan ie)

Feel free to go against me(which makes it interesting) or with me. Convey your thoughts sensibly if you can.

PS--i dont know why Moonlight Magician thinks that without Vodka, Gin cant kill people as he wont have a driver..Gin knows to drive and he has been shown driving..


Personally, I think that he was supposed to get a bigger role back when the series was meant to be smaller, but was pushed back when it got bigger.  I am kind of hoping he gets captured or something to show some progress against the organization, which really has not been made since Clash of Red and Black arc.  That said, with major thanks to Bourbon, we have had a lot more focus on the organization as of late, which is cool.  So, Vodka might end up getting captured.  Also, maybe he will discover Conan and recognize him as Shinichi, but end up in an isolated situation where they have a showdown.


But otherwise, yeah, Vodka is kinda lame.

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