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  1. There are many reasons I hate Genta. 1: He is a glory hog. Conan deserves nearly all the credit if not all of it. 2: He is an idiot (more then the others, its even mentioned he messes up simple writing and language). 3: He got Conan shot. 4: The quirks that made him funny got old. 5: Out of all the DB, he is the worst investigator. Mitsuhiko is somewhat better then him. Ayumi is better then both of them. Then it goes Haibara (If we count her as a DB). And then Conan is obviously on top. Well, that said, one of my "Boss of the Black Organization" suspects is Genta's dad (He runs a liquor store, has appeared with his full name in the manga/anime, and explains his existence), so I guess there is that. Its not a strong suspect, mind you, but its a suspect. Just something to keep in mind.
  2. Superintendent Kuroda. Already confirmed Non-BO. Already knows Conan is Sleeping Kogoro. Is bad ass. He is totally going to learn about the BO first. If not, I think Takagi and Sato will learn about the BO together, and then tell Kuroda. Maybe Megure afterwards then sees the photos of Gin and Vodka on accident, and remembers them from that first case. However, I think Takagi and Sato will also learn Conan's true identity either during or after they learn about hte BO. If it happens during one of the Metropolitan Police Love Story parts though, I am laughing to death.
  3. Okay, so its time to open this Can of Worms. Does Ran know currently Conan is Shinichi? I can think of some cases that make me believe she does, some with explenations: Kudo Yuusaku Cold Case: She clearly recognizes him as being identical to Shinichi when he was seven years old. She is also recalling a memory at the time, since her seven year old self is also seen. If she is recalling a memory, then this implies she knows Conan is Shinichi. She also seems to cover for him by reminding him he is Conan, suggesting she might understand Conan is doing this to hide from people who want to kill him, and is supporting his secret. Kazuha's Charm Case: She notes that the charm with "Shinichi's" finderprints had only been touched by Conan, yet it was used to clear Shinichi. This implies she suspects Conan is Shinichi, by confirming with Kazuha that Shinichi never visited and touched the handcuff in the charm. DNA Case: She mentions about how no matter how much someone tries to disguise as someone that DNA will always prove their identity to Conan. The voice she uses is more like her "Suspicion" voice then her "Casual Conan" voice. Mystery Train Case: When Conan shouts at them all, Ran does not wonder why he is acting like that, nor does she try to pull him away. This implies she realizes how serious the situation is, and instead of argueing with Conan/Shinichi, follows his word. She also doesn't bring up that Conan is a kid too. Conan vs. Heiji: East vs West Case: if you pay attention, there are a number of hints. The biggest hint though is that Heiji blatantly says Sera is investigating Kudo, when Sera has only mentioned and asked about Conan really. The fact she not only doesn't correct this, but doesn't even find it strange, implies she knows Conan is Shinichi but thanks to Heiji not realizing Sera is a girl at first, it gets overlooked. Even so, she SHOULD have said something. Behavior: Ran has notably been interfering less and less with Conan's investigations. This is not without exception, however in these exceptions it should be noted she has often given a key hint that helps Conan solve the case. And even then, she might be doing it in hopes that to get her to stop he will admit the truth, or on the flip side, it helps protect him from whatever is causing him to keep on lying to her. Ran has used words such as "Sheesh" and the like with Conan in her more annoyed voice, which is often reserved for her father or Shinichi, while when Conan does something off she either mentions he is amazing, a weird kid, or wonders innocently about Conan in her head before. She also has been asking these questions less frequently. Particularly when around Sera, her thoughts mirror more like those she thinks towards Shinichi. The Red Woman Case is a good example. She knew Conan would be interested in Shinichi's father winning the award. I am sure I missed a few others as well, but what do you think guys? Any additions or counter arguments people have?
  4. Personally, I think that he was supposed to get a bigger role back when the series was meant to be smaller, but was pushed back when it got bigger. I am kind of hoping he gets captured or something to show some progress against the organization, which really has not been made since Clash of Red and Black arc. That said, with major thanks to Bourbon, we have had a lot more focus on the organization as of late, which is cool. So, Vodka might end up getting captured. Also, maybe he will discover Conan and recognize him as Shinichi, but end up in an isolated situation where they have a showdown. But otherwise, yeah, Vodka is kinda lame.
  5. Its non Canon though, so it could be possible. That said, I don't think its him either. He makes more sense as a Rum suspect though. I actually am suspicious of a few people, ever since I learned the full name of the boss of the BO has already appeared. Here are my suspects with some reasons why: Yoko Okino: She randomly comes to Kogoro, BEFORE he is famous, for help. A top idol like that going to Kogoro first? Unlikely. It could be that she went there to investigate if Shinichi was there, assuming that this is after Sherry had checked out the house for the first time (Which is likely since it seems like they checked it out before he even told Agasa, since it was mentioned his primary school clothes were not missing the first time). Additionally, she said she did not smoke, yet there is an ashtray in her room. Given the fact the series was originally not thought to last long, its possible the boss was introduced that early. A member of the Suzuki Family: It explains the BO's seemingly limitless resources, why Jirokichi, despite planning to use the train to lure out Kaito Kid, was not on board (And supports why he told it to keep going, since it would keep Sherry trapped aboard), has all that power and influence, and many other things. Though, Jirokichi could also be Rum if an accident/prostetic eye is ever confirmed. He certainly can be described as a well built, old, and effeminent (via obsession with jewels) man. This would support the boss being a member of the Suzuki Financial Group even more, such as Sonoko's mother. Genta's Dad: He is mentioned to own a liquor store. Its a little too coincidental for comfort. His name has also been mentioned and he has made an appearance. Just a few of my suspects. I would also be suspecting Agasa if it wasn't directly stated that he was not the Boss. (despite knowing the tune, convincing Shinichi not to go to the police, usually stating not to investigate things, and at one point tried to have his parents throw him off the case completely).
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