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  1. 1. Do you listen to K-pop~?

    • Yea~
    • Nope.
    • What's k-pop?

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I love Big Bang, Taeyang is my favourite out of the 5, although I love them all. My friend who sits with me in class loves TOP and she can't stop talking about him xD She's the one who introduced me to Big Bang so I'm really grateful to her :P The friends I hang out with like SNSD though xP

PS: I only got into k-pop recently and I mostly follow Big Bang...I also listen to other groups, just not that much ><

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What I don't get is the enmity between the fanclubs. Any clarification?

Well, I think every fan has this question and seriously, I don't get that either... I think it's a thing about their popularity and their fame.

I'm usually or mostly listening to TVXQ...

They're songs are great!!! ^o^

I like them very much too, hell they were my first band, but do you like them as 5 or as 2?

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I don't like KPOP as much as I like JPOP, but they do interest me in some points. The only group I listen to or watch is Infinite and as for the only single artist I like is IU.

First reaction from Can U Smile:

He proposed, she smiled,

No teeth, he died.

lol Kidding xD

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