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Found 4 results

  1. So did anyone know about the collaboration of Granblue Fantasy game (GBF) and Detective Conan? April 2018 in GBF, they collaborated with Detective Conan, where you can play the event story "Detective Conan: Gears of Conspiracy" featuring characters Conan, Ran, Kogoro and Amuro. In the gacha or premium draw, you have a chance to collect Conan and Amuro as SSR characters. And I so regret that I did not know about it. XD My friend is not a fan but he got to collect Amuro. https://gbf.wiki/Detective_Conan:_Gears_of_Conspiracy
  2. Who, in your opinion are the smartest characters? I would like to believe that conan is the smartest as he seems to know everything, however in Yusaku's Cold Case (ep 690-691, chpt 812-813) it seems like Subaru Okiya was able to solve the case before Conan and even had to give Conan the hint to solve the case! Does this indicate that he's smarter than Conan or it was more like Conan was caught off guard by Sera asking him "Isn't that right?" regarding a question about Shinichi that he was unable to catch onto Sonoko saying "Ninja", the word which first gave Subaru the clue to solving the case?
  3. During the story it seems like Bourbon is very courious about Conan. As an undercover policeman from PSB it could be easy for him to find out that 'Edogawa Conan' doesn't exist. If he did research on Kogoro Mouri, which he most likely did, since it was his mission to watch him, he could quickly realize the difference in Mouri's business before and after Conan moved in. And when Conan said 'Liar' and Bourbon responds 'You are the one to talk', it sounds like he knows that Conan isn't who he say he is. So do you think there is going to be a part where Bourbon investigate more in Conan? Will he figure out his real identity?
  4. CarpetCrawler


    Discuss Bourbon in here. What's your theory on this person? My theory is that "Scar Akai" is Bourbon, and he's trying to lure out Shuu, who he knows is still alive, by pretending to look like him and hoping that he'll notice. Now, this may mean that Okiya is... the real Shuu? I don't know, that's just what I think. What do you guys think?
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