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  1. I discovered that Barnes and Noble now lets you look at what's in their stores online. So i could find a store that had the manga in stock. So I'm the only one that like's the random silly stories. I also love the breathing fire. OK you need to start making notes for all the fanfic recs and stuff!
  2. on the anime episode listing why does the English episode numbering continue after the point Funimation stopped the release? http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Anime#Season_5_-_Episodes_107-134
  3. I wear pigtails sometimes. I do tend to wear a banndana over them because them. Mine are much higher on my head than Naeko's but I don't have to wear a hat. There is to much recon going on in Magic Kaito. Poor Hakuba I want to see him too. The chapter with the prime minster was funny because President Reagan and the Soviet leader who's name i can't remember were ready to start WW3.
  4. I haven't been around DCTP that long but they did seem to be slowing down in coming out with episodes. Should I worry that southpaw is conspiring to turn you all into toku fans an then all the fans will ever want you all to talk about is Kamen Yaiba and I will slowly go mad.
  5. well that's ok I love the pre show chat that most livestreams get.
  6. Happy anniversary DCW! I have to say this site has been enabling my Conan addiction for the last year or so. The community has really amassed a lot if information.
  7. On the cellphone thing the writer would make the cell phone crappy so it's out of power or air time or out of range if they are in the woods. so aprove Yusaku just decideing not to reveal the murder and therefor one again tolls everyone. I approve a MST of any of the movies. Oh and you better be good because I know guys that try to live riff Toku and it sucks because they haven't watched the episode yet. Damn lazy "Fearless Leader". Bento Fax machine is like the Heat Guy J (ANNCast)of the DCW Podcast. Please don't ever stop bringing it up I used to have issues with seaweed being chewy when i was a kid. Now I like it as a wrapper for sushi or onigiri. And the only thing that i do Friday's is watch a guy suffer through CLAMP anime so i will try to be there.
  8. I enjoyed the topic of AO episodes they don't all suck.
  9. As a fan of the podcast it pains me to point out that Icka's mike quality is getting really bad
  10. It's mentioned in movie 5 Countdown to Heaven.
  11. I'll have to try reading Yaiba again
  12. This weekend we discovered that Yusaku has an army of clones running around the early anime
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