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  1. to be honest, i really want to watch detective conan series again, ....i readed them all in Shonen star....which all the coimics...i left them all in myhometown, far away from Netherland :( :(......

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    2. renchien


      yess, Of course! i would do that, it's nice to discuss what we like it together :), btw, do you know what is the site, that you can watch this series???

    3. Hejle
    4. Forever Lost

      Forever Lost

      If you don't want to download, you can watch it all here: http://haibaradaifan.webs.com/episodelist.htm

  2. my name is simple,....it comes from my chinees unofficial name its unly used in the family
  3. i learned Japanese in my senior high school,...but know.....i forget it almost all............i feel a little bit dissappinted. because now i realize it that this language really nice
  4. to : Identity Unknown 9/10 for the lonely hearts club, where loneliness meets friendship really have a deep meaning......i like it,
  5. Hey hey i speak Balinese, Indonesian, English, Dutch, so far.....
  6. i live now in Nijmegen, Netherland, in the edge between Netherland and Germany
  7. hi, I am Suartika from Netherland i am new here Loves Conan much
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