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  1. hi! ^^ I saw Yukiko on your profile, so I immediately added you. :D

  2. I'll watch Movie 10 tomorrow ^_^

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    2. Aeyra


      I like that movie! Hakuba-kun!!!

    3. hopes


      I've watched that movie 5 times at least. :D

    4. phantomlady1101


      @Aeyra: I think that Hakuba is Kaitou Kid...

  3. Gonna watch Strategy Above the Depths now :D

    1. IdentityUnknown


      Don't. It's horrible. I only watched about 5 minutes of it, and it was horrible.

    2. conankoibito


      Ahehehe....Movie 9 isn't it...Well,I don't watch the other parts of that movie.

    3. The Night Baroness

      The Night Baroness

      It's okay to me :) lol

  4. Where can I buy DC Manga on Philippines? :/

  5. Well, good for you then :)

    School here starts next week so lol

  6. I'm good~

    Just got loads of homework, but i finished them, so it's all good! (Y) :D

  7. I really really REALLY fin the black ninja man super scary

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