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  1. Sorry guys! I've got an exam coming up, so i won't be on. i'll come back soon~!

  2. Some people are not only in our heart but they are in every breath we take.

  3. Love life with no regrets~ ♥

    1. X-x-chyeah-Kaito-Kid-x-X


      oh. it probably is ^-^

      this was just from the top of my head, so yea~

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  4. Moho's gone... I'm depressed.............

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiOwN1Mf1Rk&feature=channel_video_title , edited it a while ago.. hope I didn't destroy the song, it's the instrumental of kimi ga ireba
  6. Is one of the 3 persons who got the perfect score in our final exam! Very thankful! \:D/

  7. off to a Cosplay competition! :D later guyz! [let this until battery drains]

  8. Isn’t it amazing, when you can look out of the car window and see that half the sky is beautiful and blue, and the other half-- the clouds are grey, stormy, and yet there is a rainbow? ♥

  9. My friend is LEGIT suicidal. She searches up ways to kill herself on Wikipedia. Dreams about herself dying are happy dreams for her. She feels knives slicing her as she falls asleep. And the bad thing is, I'm the only one that knows.

    1. X-x-chyeah-Kaito-Kid-x-X


      maybe call those anonymous helplines?

      or tell an adult....

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  10. Yesterday I got a new computer. I so happy even though I'm not allowed to use it before weekend. (I have too much exams...)

  11. Fairy Tail... Just got addicted to Fairy Tail again... Not better then DC ofc... :D

  12. im spending more time here than on FB and twitter :o

    1. X-x-chyeah-Kaito-Kid-x-X


      hahaa, same here (except for twitter, cos i don't have one..)

      i used to be spending HEAPS of time on fb, now i spend majority on DCW~ xD

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