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  1. I need web developers to make something cool like operating system just on the internet!!! If you are interested mail me kaungmyataung3@gmail.com
  2. I am okay.Because I don't live there but in that earthquake many people died.

  3. If you read this sentence,now you are a fool:D

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    2. Kaung Myat

      Kaung Myat

      Really!!!I don't like being a fool but sometimes fools' talks are right like you.

    3. IdentityUnknown


      Yes, fools can survive. For instance, say they mistake where the battle is. They end up living another day.

    4. DetectiveR-2011
  4. My top manga lists are 1.Kaito Kid 2.Detective Conan 3.Doraemon 4.Death Note I read it from<<http://www.mangareader.net>>There are lots of mangas and you can read it for free
  5. Hi.I am Kaito Kaung and I am from Myanmar.Nice to meet you and I would like to ask you what game do you like the best?I like Bully game the best.It is about a student named “Jimmy Hopkins”. His mother married with his stepfather and they were going to honey moon. So they put their son at “Bull worth Academy”. The students in the school are very naughty. They bullied weak people. So Jimmy wanted to say not to bully to weak people.And I have to do the missions.That is like a real life.You have to sleep,eat,go toilet,drink and more.And what do you like???
  6. I can also speak Chinese but not very well.
  7. I can also speak in Chinese but not very good.
  8. I want to meet ikg Mohorovicic Kid the phantom thief
  9. Hello.I am from Myanmar and nice to meet you!!!Is anyone from Myanmar?I saw Conan animation cartoon in a channel and I like it.And I find in internet and I read it in internet from <http://www.mangareader.net/139/detective-conan.html>.It is very good and I think I like Detective Conan the most.And nice to meet you friends!!!
  10. Tonight I will steal you.(kaito Kid)

    1. IdentityUnknown


      Hmm...I'm still here...

  11. Tonight I will steal you Kaito Kid

    1. Kaung Myat

      Kaung Myat

      Tonight I will steal you. (Kaito Kid)

  12. APTX 4869 The APTX stands for "Apoptoxin", apop[tosis] means "fall from" in Greek, and toxin is the English word for poison. The drug was created to kill people; the drug should attack the cells and kill them, but instead it makes them shrink. Shinichi and Sherry became 6 year olds again, but Vermouth only got 29 old. There are some rumours, that the drug turns people back to the best age of the body. (This is only a rumour, but could be true). So young people become kids, and older people just get younger. Sherry was the creator of the drug. Her parents had worked on it before she was born, but after they died, the Organization forced Sherry to go on with it. The 4869 in APTX 4869 stands for "shiyaroku", 4 = shi, 8 = ya (Pronuced as hachi but there are many ways to say 8), 6 = ro (Short for roku) and 9 which is ku (or kyu). Shiyaroku is the Japanese way to say "Sherlock".
  13. Sometimes Detective Conan is boring but Kid cartoon never boring

    1. ikg


      True !!! ^^*

    2. Kaung Myat

      Kaung Myat

      Thank you for commenting and nice to meet you(ikg).

    3. ikg


      Nice to meet you, too! -- welcome to DCW :)

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