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  1. @perimgui: Changing the wiki to a wiki family for internalization would be a great idea, but the amount of work needed to be done is also great. As far as I know, it's possible to switch to a wiki family without losing everything, but I don't think that the administrators would want to do that. Let's hear what they say.
  2. No problem~ Hope you had fun.

    You too. (=

  3. Thank you for greeting me!

    Have a beautiful day,


  4. Happy Birthday!! (=

  5. Hey!

    Fine, I suppose...


  6. Thank you, Silverleone! I appreciate it.
  7. Well, I am working on a Detective Conan Romanian forum and wiki, but at the moment I don't have money for a paid host or domain, so I'm using free ones. MediaWiki has already been installed, but I'm encountering some problems like showing a white page with the default Wiki text, instead of showing the theme. The problem may be cause by host, or by bad MediaWiki installation. However, until I'll raise some money for domain and host, I can't continue working on this project.
  8. Actually, yes. I find it really funny. And I guess I'm not the only one
  9. Deci? Ce părere ai de Merlin? xD

  10. Mersi ^_^ ma duc sa ma uit

  11. Păi eu mă uit pe vplay.ro

    E gratuit să-ţi faci cont şi poţi să te uiţi la câte seriale vrei :)

  12. Poti sa-mi dai si mie un link te rog?

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