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    lol Thanks. (careful, the guy's talking about feelings for another guy). :P

  2. kirite

    oh gawd oh gawd your signature I loves so much

  3. Heiji's bike from manga I believe. Unfortunately not the same as anime in this case.
  4. OMG those are like the coolest things ever!!!!!!! The embroidery looks absolutely amazing<3 hng I can't sow. Love how the whole hat looks^^ KiD shot glass, that...that is genius. Looks brilliant!
  5. Haha I didn't believe it myself but when I went to comic con and watch some of the marvel artist draw they start drawing from some really hilarious places (nose, super detailed arm). It blew my mind stupid until I realized they must have drew this like 100000 times lol. Still I agree, most of my most fav comic artist will start off with a rough figure too. For eye width I found it useful personally. I find it hard for me to tell anime artist how to use it though because their eyes are so strange and varied lol. So I think for artist who think of the real eye when they draw anime the eye measurement is useful. 5 eyes across the head, 5 eyes from the nose to the dip in the clavicle, the 5 eyes down to the end of the sternum. Of course this is just a general proportion, everyone is different.
  6. How I draw with structure vs Draw freehand. This is just something I noticed when I draw with friends who don't draw much. They have a tendency to start with the eyes. There isn't anything wrong with that, however it makes thing harder for yourself. That is unless you're a experience artist in drawing a style, then you pretty much do everything in your head. I know artist that can draw Wolverine perfectly starting from like..the ear xD. The important thing is proportion and being used to them. --- Drawing from the eye: Let's say I want to draw Conan today. Because Conan's eyes are fantabbyabulous I start there. The problem is what I do after. Let's draw the next eye. Hmm maybe it's a bit too close. Since that eye I drew is so pretty I don't want to erase it...let's erase the other one instead. Thank goodness I didn't detail it yet. After a while of trial and error and staring at reference I get the rest of the features down. But hmm how far apart is the face? Where should the line go. I'll just make a rough guess. Hmm it's a bit wide I think, but I'm not sure how to fix it exactly. People should be able to tell that it's Conan though. So maybe I should just continue down. But how wide is the shoulder...? The head is finished so I don't want to move it! And then I get kinda stuck and just leave it lol. /eh it's good enough quit --- Drawing stucturally I'm much better drawing stucturally since I'm not comfortable with Gosho proportions (it's strangeee lol). I still don't really use Gosho's proportions, for Conan I make up my own: I want to draw Conan checking something out at the crime scene. I draw the circle and a CENTER LINE to show which way Conan is facing, then I drop down to draw the chin. I add the rib cage, the neck and the arms. <DRAW LIGHTLY> I very simply put the features down. CIRCLES for the eyesockets, a line for where the hair begine. Simple so it's easy to erase and change. Notice that I don't just focus on the head. The hand and the prop is also important. <DRAW LIGHTLY STILL> I don't like the hand so I change it, I also add eyelid, some expression to the face and hmm I don't like the other arm at all...let me think <Draw slightly darker> I decide that Conan is holding a test tube and a swab. I roughly block in what the eyes will look like though I'm open to change it anytime. I make sure to measure the length of the arm against each other so it's more or less the same keeping in mind foreshortening. Notice that I don't care about detail of the hand too much yet. The head is too small and makes him look too mature. Starting to use MULTIPLE REFERENCES here to fix the eyes the hands the hair etc... Try NOT to copy your reference! Keep to your original idea. <use pencil to draw slightly darker with more precision> Built the hand from self reference (hence why it kinda sucks lol, I don't have a camera atm) add slight detail to suit, use reference for hair. Sign. Clean up drawing if needed. I'm not since this is just a rough sketch. If I decide to build the rest of the body. Adding the pelvis and using cylinders for the legs, it's easy to quickly rough in the idea~ That's my process for sketching. I hope this gave you something to think about~
  7. Oh dear Chek us going to own all of us isn't she xD?
  8. See Chek's first post, she's making a list of sorts for each artist. I believe that's what this sticky is for?
  9. Just curious, are there any Canadian DC fans around here? There doesn't seem to be alot of us eh?

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    2. Sakila


      *slaps forehead* that's right! Forgot the most important person!

    3. kirite


      YAY \o/ not alone~

      Nice to know I'm not the only DC fan in this like...country ;u;.

    4. Ranger


      nope i ate em all

  10. For me I have my tutorials in one thread and my drawings in another thread. What I''m saying is that I don't make 3 new threads for my 3 new sketches that I drew today and another 3 new threads for my 3 pages of tutorial (for example). I keep them in my 2 threads. As for posting only DC/MK work, this forum has no rules against that so people can post whatever they drew. I personally try to only post DC stuff on here but that's simply a personal choice. As for posting fan art that doesn't belong to you, on a forum that I frequent that is a banable offence. In DCTP forum on the other hand sharing of fan art is encouraged. However Artist that strictly say they do NOT want their pics shares online will have those pics protected and if people try to steal art people will call them out on it. People who are sharing should post on specific threads that are for fan art sharing purpose, website and artist should be stated.
  11. If you don't want people to see your old drawings you can just remove them. Just edit or delete the post where the old picture is. My thread over at dctp for example, I would delete the old sketch everytime I update it. I stopped doing that when people asked me not to, but you can still continue to do so.
  12. Explain? (Haven't heard about it since I haven't watched anime in a while)
  13. I'm sure most people are already aware or already do this. Just being redundant and putting it in text :>. Whenever I come here and I want to check out drawings, I find it kinda hard to do so for a few reasons: 1. Images are surprise!huge. Y u no spoiler box and y u no resize ;n;? My computer sucks you know. 2. I'm not even sure what I looked at or didn't look at anymore xD It would be nice if people with large images put their images in a spoiler box (so we don't have to load it if we saw it already) and for people who post multiple drawings at a time to please put it all in one thread instead of making a new thread for every picture (and double posting). For repeated posters they could make a thread for their pics. I notice some people doing that here already :>. It's just so much...neater? Also you can track your progress that way, seeing how you used to draw like 2 years ago and seeing how you draw now. For advance!level: If it's a picture you traced or used a single reference for you should say so, just sayin .

    All it was truly missing was some kirite awesomeness!!

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