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  1. happy birthday!!! :D

  2. Happy Birthdaaaay! :)))

  3. You're welcome!! :D And I'm fine too!! :D

  4. I'm fine, thanks for asking. :)

    How about you?

  5. I'm fairly certain the whole thing was just a creepy half-hour advertisement for sandwiches.
  6. It'll be all moldy by now. He'd need to make another one..
  7. I hope it's a cool dark song like "U" or "picture of world". Judging by the cover and descriptions of it on the GC site, it probably is/ I'm also really excited for the coupling songs, too. GARNET always have awesome coupling songs. And that is an AWESOME wolf.
  8. I'm really scared of dogs. If I see someone walking with any dog taller than my knee, I'll cross to the other side of the road to avoid it.. I also hate lifts (elevators). I always take the stairs. Strangely enough, this fear only developed in the past few months because of some awful dreams I had. Fireworks also scare me.. I like to watch them from inside at a very long distance. But if they're anywhere near too close I freak out more than a little. Recently a big big fear of mine is low-flying planes. I always stupidly assume they're going to crash into my house. Something else I don't like is wasps. I've never actually been stung yet, fortunately. Wow.. looking back, I have a lot of stupid fears.
  9. 1: Detective Conan 2: Detective Conan 3: Detective Conan 4: Detective Conan 5: Detective Conan To tell the truth, Conan is the only anime I actually like. I have tried to watch other series, but I really don't like them that much.
  10. Sounds like good fun! Although, I don't really know anyone here well enough to do such a thing.
  11. Thank you! :D

    It's nice to meet you too.

  12. Oh, good movies: Amelie La Vita e Bella Minority Report Juno Les Choristes Scott Pilgrim VS The World These are good movies. I recommend them. I'd like to watch the new Sherlock Holmes movie, too.
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