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  1. Dang, Senpai! You're a genius for compressing all of this together!
  2. Since we're clearing the lot soon, so I don't have much time to do it, but I can still examine the pictures and see what I come up with.

  3. Okay, I'm done blowing hot air about this. I've just got to bump up my Japanese learning sessions, and buy every DVD after this. It'll all be okay, right?
  4. I don't have much time to do it, but I do have some pictures of the area.

  5. I wish I could, my parents won't let me near the house without supervision. I feel like Conan...

    Sherlock Lupin at your service! Do I need to steal something or solve a mystery?

  6. There's no official starter because even though the first fire appears to be electrical, the second one is heavily leaning towards arson.

    Sounds like a DC case, if you asked me.

  7. I don't see why Funimation doesn't start subbing DC themselves. Don't they sub every other anime they have control of?

    1. Wildheart888


      But then,what about all the other fansubs??

    2. Sherlock Lupin

      Sherlock Lupin

      I don't know... One of them is Kuroshitsuji, but I know Illumi, the main fansubber for it, didn't go anywhere. Even though the anime is finished, Illumi was subbing it before Funimation was, and they never got canned, seeing as I did download the episodes from their site.

    3. angelranchan
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  8. I'm, holding in there.

  9. Conan-TV got shut down...

    1. kyyo


      It's really stupid. :I They aren't doing dubs anymore, so why shut it down if DCTP is doing a great job at subbing the ones they stopped doing? Anyhoos, I ramble.;;; Hello, you~ 8'D;

    2. MadelineLime


      I understand both sides of this issue. Yes, it is their copyright and it is being violated, however they aren't doing anything with it. Art is meant to be enjoyed. :[

    3. Wildheart888


      WHAT??????!!!!!???? DDDDDDDD;

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  10. I LOVE THIS. I can't really tell what it is about the head, but don't take my words seriously. My heads are hardly perfect. +1
  11. And that, everyone, is skill I wish I had.
  12. And now, I give you the Yoyo & Cici Welcome!! 3.... 2..... ......1!! Hello, and welcome to DCW!! I have a bit of advice: Don't be like me and disappear for months the day after you join... whoops... I'm Sherlock Lupin. I'm THE Master Procrastinator and Trickster Extraordinaire, and I'm DCW's Yoyo & Cici Specialist. I have a lovely habit of calling IdentityUnknown Prye instead of Pyre. I suggest you don't do it because it aggravates dear Pyre. Some call me SL, some call me Sherlock, others call me Lupin. A select few call me Lissie. Come up with your own name if ya like. We're not too crazy here, and we love DC. I'm sure you'll enjoy being friends with us, and if you don't... Just kidding~! We're not trying to scare you away...is it working?
  13. HEY!! Welcome to DCW!! I hope you enjoy your stay here!

  14. I know, right? You can just see it that way. It makes sense! I've got a list of names (English and Japanese), and reasons for the names. Hattori's GB name, Hibiki, was chosen specifically because of the Yuki-onna case and the talk between him and Conan.One day, they will all be drawn... hopefully. This is one of two series that I have planned out a complete GB fanfiction for. I just have to do it. If only it were that easy... (I draw Fem!characters, so I don't have to draw guys. I really need to practice them though) Idea! You should draw a girl from DC, and I should draw a boy!
  15. Dear Anonymous, Thanks for being my friend, even though I'm awkward. ~Me
  16. I think it was KtPT-kun who welcomed me first, but it was either Pyre or Aka-chan who I had a conversation with first.
  17. I drew a picture on my Latin folder!
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