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  1. Genderbending like a Sir actually XD It's a rather interesting force of habit. Last night, I drew Hakuba Saemi. She has a braid that somehow makes those bumps on her head look like they belong. Since I'm a thoroughly spasmodic, I have reasons for every single part. Even why their hair is done a a certain way. Oy vey...(Boys are so hard to draw for me; you don't know how much I envy you in that regard.)
  2. YAY!! Thank you! Thanks!
  3. You're welcome~! You MUST make yourself an Art Thread in Drawings and show off your awesome art! And you can post around and I have no idea.... I never know what yo say when people ask what to do... it's actually really hard to think of things on the spot.
  4. Life, love, and the pursuit of happiness

  5. Dear Anonymous, Why am I the one no one tells about the team's plans? I always had a feeling that no one liked me there, but I didn't think it was this bad. I can't believe I thought you guys could change. -that girl that you purposely leave out
  6. I'm on summer break right now!
  7. I want a wacom tablet... I really want one.
  8. Kyun-senpai? Is that you?

  9. Kyun-senpai, is that you? Because I am who I am, I must do this. Enjoy! And now, I give you the Yoyo & Cici Welcome!! 3.... 2..... ......1!! Hello, and welcome to DCW!! I have a bit of advice: Don't be like me and disappear for months the day after you join... whoops... I'm Sherlock Lupin. I'm THE Master Procrastinator and Trickster Extraordinaire, and I'm DCW's Yoyo & Cici Specialist. I have a lovely habit of calling IdentityUnknown Prye instead of Pyre. I suggest you don't do it because it aggravates dear Pyre. Some call me SL, some call me Sherlock, others call me Lupin. A select few call me Lissie. Come up with your own name if ya like. We're not too crazy here, and we love DC. I'm sure you'll enjoy being friends with us, and if you don't... Just kidding~! We're not trying to scare you away...is it working?
  10. I second what AG4E said. That way we can all welcome you properly on your on thread here!
  11. I have a writer's callous on my hand from writing so much.
  12. I smiled when I pegged a violation on FFN~
  13. I was waiting for someone to say that~
  14. Dear Anonymous, Why do you take pleasure in making me feel like a nobody? ~Me
  15. Oh Sherlock, Sherlock! Where fore art thou, Sherlock?

    1. Sherlock Lupin

      Sherlock Lupin

      Details, details...

    2. Sakila


      xP But what do you mean? You're asking Sherlock why he's Sherlock. He's Sherlock cuz he's Sherlock~!

    3. Sherlock Lupin

      Sherlock Lupin

      I was feeling poetic...

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  16. Guess what I'm doing?

    1. Wildheart888
    2. Sherlock Lupin
    3. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      darn! I thought you were covering up a murder. Actually you could still be doing that and are just trying to throw everyone off the trail

  17. Romantic, as in a language based off of the Roman language, Latin. Spanish, French, and Italian are all Romantic languages.
  18. Yeah, life's kinda weird in my family sometimes.

  19. Dear Anonymous, You're awesome, ~Me.
  20. Okay, I'm changing my answer. If you know a Romantic language, it's easy to learn other Romantic languages. If you know a Germanic language, it's easier to learn other Germanic languages, etc.
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