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  1. Alright, who gave my reps? I know who one is from, but who's the other from?

    1. Sherlock Lupin

      Sherlock Lupin

      Thanks for that one!

      I still wanna know who the other is because I have no idea what I did...

    2. AiSuigetsu


      dont know, but i just gave you one XD

    3. Sherlock Lupin
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  2. KID shimeiji are attacking my screen!

  3. Do you like waffles? Yeah we like waffles!

    1. Sherlock Lupin
    2. IdentityUnknown


      Waffles...haven't eaten them in ages...no, not really...

    3. Sherlock Lupin

      Sherlock Lupin

      Then are you a pancake person? or a French Toast person?

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  4. Today, I don't feel like doing anything... except go on DCW

    1. Parkur


      good way to spend the day!

  5. Victoria Justice just ruin Michael Jackson(R.I.P.) and the Jackson 5 for me.

    1. Sherlock Lupin
    2. Parkur


      <3 Victoria Justice

    3. Sherlock Lupin

      Sherlock Lupin

      I've got nothing against her, it's just that... I was hoping for something a little better.

  6. I just saw Winnie the Pooh!

    1. Parkur


      i'm so sorry

    2. Balthazar Manfredie
    3. Sherlock Lupin

      Sherlock Lupin

      I went with my three sisters. It lasted an hour, and the basic plot was Pooh trying to restore his stock of "hunny."

  7. Hi, and welcome to DCW!!!

  8. Hiya! Welcome to DCW~!!

  9. It's not childish to be a DC lover! Who told you that?!

  10. Hiya, and welcome to DCW! I hope you have fun here!

  11. Hiya, and welcome to DCW!

  12. HEY HEY HEY~!

    Welcome to DCW! Have fun here!

  13. Hi! Welcome to DCW! I hope you have fun here!

  14. Welcome to DCW! Tell us more about yourself in an intro!

  15. My high school must be crazy...What school has a legit photo shoot for their volleyball team? We had team pics, and then all these lights, cameras, and makeup people walk in. All the Freshmen are like, "WHAT?!"

    1. hopes
    2. Sayomi


      Must be a scary experience... makeup O___O

    3. Sherlock Lupin

      Sherlock Lupin

      It was veeery scary. I am NOT a makeup person whatsoever.

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  16. I'm soo sore! Frog Jumps = torture

    1. Parkur


      Oh man those are killer on the legs

    2. Vi Graythorn

      Vi Graythorn

      those r hard i had a swimming teacher who made us do those

    3. hopes
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  17. Hi, and welcome to DCW! Post an intro, and let us get to know you!

  18. Do you like Kaito? Yeah, we like Kaito! Do you like KID? Yeah, we like KID! Do you like Conan? Yeah, we like Conan! Do, do, do, doo; can't wait to watch another heist!

    1. Cindy-Chen


      Me love Kaito Kid!!

    2. Cindy-Chen


      Me love Kaito Kid!!

    3. hopes



  19. I hope you had an awesome birthday!

  20. Happy Birthday, and nice to meet ya!

  21. Iyaa... I'm attempting my first DC drawing... I'm kinda scared.

  22. I haven't been here in a while... Anyone remember me?

    1. Amaranth


      Never met you but hi!

    2. Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief

      Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief

      I... er... don't think I've met you? :P But erm... hi! :)

    3. Kiel95


      oi oi.... why did everyone copy me? =__= hahaha jk xD (or am i? O_o)

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  23. Shimeji's are attacking my screen!

  24. is singing "Shed a Tear"

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