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  1. Been grinding Conan episodes, and so stoked about the Ruby/Sapphire remakes :D

  2. Getting ready for day 2 of the NFL playoffs, let's go Bengals!

  3. Hey, welcome back! Hope you log in again.. :P I haven't been on for a few days now, so I wasn't here when you entered again, sorry!

    1. Conan Edogawa415

      Conan Edogawa415

      Haha hey man, been a while, good to see you're still around friend ^^.

    2. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Yep, good to see you haven't forgotten about the place. :P

  4. Hey everyone, still alive :P

    1. Rukia Kurosaki

      Rukia Kurosaki

      Dangit, my unneccesarily elaborate plan must have failed~!

  5. Watching the NBA playoffs

  6. Got a bit of free time ^^ Hello Friends

  7. Its been SOOOO Long since Ive been on, Ive been crazy busy with Life, Work Friends ect, Miss This Place :)

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